Any recommendation for gynae in the west?


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Do anybody has any recommendation for any gynae in the west (Jurong - clementi area)?

New dad here.


Can share more about him? Is he patient? 1st time so may hv a lot of questions to ask the gynae. Lol

He's nice, patient, although many comments were he's very quiet..... my experience with him were otherwise, he was able to crack small jokes with me. Package wise he's reasonable, from 12weeks onwards. But per visit rates can be quite high so advise to visit from 8 weeks so won't have to pay much.
He schedule my visits every 2 weeks, so 1 month I spent close to $500 already. That's inclusive of medication. 1 thing I didn't like was the receptionist/nurses, can be very rude. My husband nearly quarrelled with them a couple of times.

Other then that if you're lucky, waiting time can be fast. Or unlucky, then 1 hour plus.