2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

Hi Amanda,

Emailed u my no. Ryan's much better now but Darran is still Quite sick...still vomiting n fever n can't hold down his food. If still bad tom..will bring him to KK just to b sure. Last time he was admitted for 4 days 4 same thing.Sigh....

Hi zanadu...

Hope to arrange a playgroup once my kiddos r all ok. My girl is turning 1 on 25 Aug...so same age group...

Harlo everyone,

Anyone keen for private swimming lesson in west?

My fren and I have 2 babies are ready to learn swimming. Wanna to having private coach in weekends since both of us are FTWM.
Hi all,
am glad to see so many mummies around this area.
Count me in for play dates
i am at Hillview
1) 3 year girl
2) twins boys, turning 10 mths soon.
Currently on no pay leave- is consider a SAHM?lol
hi, my boy is 13 months now...staying at clementi ave 5..count me in if there is any gathering

currently, my boy is down with fever...as high as 40 degress...3rd day now, seems no improvment...nly controlling with paracetamol and bifen...hai! low appetite too...so worrying!
Hi stary,
have you brought him to the doctor? that time my girl also had high fever,i'll wipe her body every 2 hours or when needed then moniter the temp. also put the kool fever on her head.
hi amanda,

Thanks for youe concern. Ya, we did thT TOO. Today his body with lots of rashes. We brought him to KK for blood test. Luckily, it is viral infection and not dengue...So, got to suffer for few more days before he can fully recover...
hi mummies, i am a FTWM with a 13+mth baby girl, staying at Bt Panjang.

Is anyone interested in going for a trial class for 12-18mth babies at Playdays? It's located at sunset way (near clementi).
Details at http://www.playdays.com.sg/programmes.html

If interested, do drop a post at the following thread started by another mummy:-

Hoping to round up enough babies (need 10) for a trial class on a saturday. the trial class is free. thanks!
vinny: I have put my son's name down for a trial class on the 22nd. Can let you know my feedback after the class if you're interested.
wow nice to see so many mummies ard clementi area. i am staying @ clementi ave 1... my gal is now turning 18 mths soon

an update of the mummies profile:

(a) Fion - Clemeneti Ave 1 - BBgal born in Feb 07
) Fion - Clemeneti Ave 1 - BBgal born in Feb 07
(b) langlao - Dover Rise - BBgal born Nov 07
(c)Amanda Ow -ghim moh - bbgal born in sept 07
(a) Fion - Clemeneti Ave 1 - BBgal born in Feb 07
(b) langlao - Dover Rise - BBgal born Nov 07
(c)Amanda Ow -ghim moh - bbgal born in sept 07
(d) Angelsky - Dover Rise - BBgal born Jan 08
i am working near dover area. normally goes over to dover for lunch if got car.

(a)Fion -Clemeneti Ave 1 - BBgal born in Feb 07
(b)langlao - Dover Rise - BBgal born Nov 07
(c)Amanda Ow -ghim moh - bbgal born in sept 07
(d)Angelsky - Dover Rise - BBgal born Jan 08
(e) Starystarynite - 323 clementi ave 5 - BBboy born in Jun 07

for those staying in e west and wan a place to chill out for mooncake festival with your family may wan2 consider this...


hi all mummy,

Looking for suggestions of montessori or preschool of my baby...thought of sending him for those half day class when he turns 18 months. Any idea???? Hopefully nearby like clementi, ghim moh, holland, jurong east or ulu pandan area.
hi stary,
there's a little skool at ulu pandan cc (ghim moh)
appletree at clemanti..dun know gd or not??south buona vista has white lodge,thinking of calling them as they offer 2 , 3 days pg .
Hi Starystarynite,

i am oso looking for half day class to send my boy when he turn 18months. i know justkids nt bad as according to my colleague. mayb u wan check it out. is at jurong east. ;-)
Me too i stayed at bukit batok area, am looking for class for my gal. she will turn 18 months in 2 months time. any good recommendations at that area or upper bukit timah. I saw Montessori near Hillview, not too bad... but still looking around.
i am quite surprise to find out that some of the montessori or pre-nursery already have one whole long waiting list. Just quite quite a number of them. So of them are for 3 years and above, and is already open for registration even though class starts on jan 2010 (For 2007 baby).


I have the following pre-nursery/montessori/kindergarten that i am considering:

1. Caterpillar's Cove (Ngee Ann)
2. Buttercup Montessori kindergarten
3. The Experiential Learning Centre (SIM)
4. Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten
5. Lorna Whiston (Alexandra)
6. St James Church kindy
7. St Joseph Kindy
8. Glory kindy
9. Justkids Learning Place

Thought of registering him for 18 months old (child care/pre-nursery/playgroup) program. Meanwhile also add my name as waiting list for some of the more popular kindergartens for nursery program.

Anyone has any info on the above kindy/pre-nursery? Any feedback from colleagues? neighbours etc??

I have compiled a spreadshet based on some of the basic info (fees, address, timing etc) on these centres. Once shortlisted, will go visit them before decide.
meg - u can try glory kindy/ arise kindy they are all along upp bt timah..
i have given up on st james / nanyang the waiting list is really far too long!
hi stary,
i went down to st james to visit the school . it's actually quite gd , and also recommended by my cousin.We are also on the waitlist for the pre-nursery 2010.For nursery 2011 , my daughter and my nephew have a confirm place.I've also just called Modern montessori at holland grove. it seems quite good and they have 3 , 4 or 5 days i'm looking at 3 days .
Hi sghlynn, i have a gal born on april 07 : )

I visited Little wonders Montessori and Chidren's world. They are ok so far... have you been to glory kindy?
hi meg..
i hvnt visit glory kindy cos im a full time working mom and when i knock off they are closed already and they dont open during wkends

it's next to peihwa sch and very near my place so most likely will just sign my son there...
it shld be quite gd since it also instill christainty
me working mum too.. i tried google Glory Kindy but found nothing..

my fren sent her son to Chiltern, at turf city, she said the teaching is good and her son progressed very well. Another recommended one is Learning Ladder (near to Signature Park)... thought you might like to know..

Yes instilling the religion is important too..
wow u mummies so on... me yet to plan for my gal. actually I was hoping she only goes school after 2.5 yrs old.. u think wld be 2 late?
think is ok! me currently putting him with nanny which doesn't teach him much! i think he can learn much more if he is with nursery! He is absorbing things like a sponge this days..but some mum also think that too young, body resistance not veryg ood, so easy to get sick!..
i can't find glory kindy and arise kindy in the internet...tried googled up, but can't find....anybody has their contact? They have pre-nursery? or only nuirsery onwards?