2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

Hi, anyone interested to send their child for music appreciation?
I'm hoping to sign my child up for a Sunrise class (for 2 - 3 yrs old) at MYC @ Jurong East. Class time is tentatively around 4 or 5pm on Sundays. Currently need one more child to sign up(making at least 3 students) before they start the class.
Anyone interested?
Can contact Ms Sannly at Tel: 6100 1316 / [email protected]
She's a helpful lady.
Can also visit these websites for more info:

Hellooo moms...
nice to know you...
I am actually not new to this thread...
I had been away for sometimes

I am staying at Clementi Ave 5
My son is 2.5 year old.. also SAHM
Would love to have a playdate...
Let arrange... I dont mind to go to Ghim moh or anywhere...

Lets have a counting for your DD or DS which school/kindergarten are they going to at the moment.... this will really help my decision on my boy's new school

He had a very bad experience with his old school that made him kind of traumatise with school
after talking to him alot about school then he is now keen on going to OTHER school (hehehe not the old school that is)

Hello Sandra,

i am staying at clementi ave 5 too. near Botak jones. My son is 29 months now. Going to 2.5 years old.

He joined MMI beginning of the year for 5 months. Quite good. Can learn much more compare to staying at home. Good environment. But due to his health, i withdraw him from the centre.

He is with nanny now. Have already enrolled him for PNPG at St James' Church kindergarten. Session 3. I felt that he cn learn much more at school. At home, he is too restless. and too active.

Hope to see you one day!
Hi Stary
wow we live nearby...

are you working at the moment?
we can meet up some times so our son can play together... he is now also not in any school actually...

St James, is it good..?
it is near glen eagles hospital.. is there any bus taking your son? Session 3 is what time to what time? is it late afternoon?

I have seen the st joseph Kindergarten
his class teacher ratio will be 1 to 10... isnt that alot..? what about St James...?

Thanks alot for your insights

where do you stay? nearby botak jones too?

yes, working. I am not sure St james good or not. but pretty popular annd long queue. So, since got the place, just go for it lor! Y, pln to use chool bus as the timing is inconvenient. 2.45 to 5.30pm. late afternoon. not too sure about St james teachr ratio. may be other mums can advise. But i hear their teachers have their way to deal with children. So far quite some good review from other mums.

i also not too sure. Just take the risk and go for it. One bad thing is that they do not have enrichment class due to late afternoon session. So, need to go outside for enrichment.

What is yr plan for your son?
hi hi...

I stay at the block beside the police neighbourhood, infront of Pei Tong school

My plan is initially to look for childcare since I might be working part time ... however after some considerations... I might want to get a kindergarten instead... it is more affordable and he would be able to socialised as well.... I am actually SAHM and no helper at home.. so he has been interacting w me and my hubby most of the time...

Thanks for your sharing Starry...
I might want to call them and view the school and see how it goes... (maybe it will be full as well)

What about other mothers...??

Thanks so muchhh
Hi Sandra,

St james is pretty popular here...think for their session 1 and 2 , queue super long liao. got to wait for few years...for session 3, also got queue till 2011 already...
Dear Starry,

I called earlier this morning... and as you said ... loooooooooooonggggg queueeeee....
lucky you had slot for your boy boy....how long ago did you register him..?

they are planning to expand the kindergarten ....
so Anyway... I want to see the place... buttt... I can only go 17 Nov... they are fully booked till then only for viewing that is... wow.....
The more I want to seeeee.... heheheheh

They said even few of parents registered they unborn babies...

Thanks so much Stary for sharing...
Hi mummies, I'm looking for you ladies, who staying near West Coast Drive as I has a 23 mths old toddler girl & would like her to social with other toddlers as to let her not feel scare scare when she going to playgroup next January. We can arrange a short play time for them to get around near playground.

Btw any recommend of playgroup around our area which operate flexible hours as i would like to start off with 1/2 day first b4 settle her to full day.

P.S. where is St. James, any website to browse?

hey there mummies,

anyone interested in having playdates classes for their group of friends?

i run a playdates program that comes to a location of your choice if you can get 5-8 kids of the same age group.

if interested please email [email protected]
hey there mummies,

anyone interested in having playdates classes for their group of friends?

i run a playdates program that comes to a location of your choice if you can get 5-8 kids of the same age group.

if interested please email [email protected]
hi mommies,
I'm also staying in clementi ave 5 and have a 21 year old daughter and a 5 half boy. Been looking for good music programmes since my boy's time but was not able to, so decided to start one at Turf City since I'm a teacher and a drama-mama. Now there are quite a number of similar schools springing up. Anyway, I have a business thread below, if you are interested. Another option for you to explore
It's hard wanting to meet mommies, and with a new classroom to manage...supposed to complementary but can be quite conflicting at times too...

hi Sandra,

you dun accept pm so i post here not sure u will check this thread.
I believe we stay at the same blk! Blk 323 clementi ave 5.

maybe u can pm me and we can bring our kids to play at my place or urs.
Hi Mommies .... MindChamps PreSchool has just opened in Jurong (JTC Summit). Very near Clementi and West Coast. I would recommend you check them out. They have a great curriculum that includes enrichment as well.... They are probably one of the more premium preschools in our area.

I am so sorry... I have been missing for so long... and I just checked this thread today...!!! Oh my ... Apologized for this...

I am still looking for playdates near my place...

We can be in touch through Email [email protected]
Hi mummies,

Looking for female aged 30 to 45 years old who has at least 1 kid aged 4 to 12 years old and purchased &/or consumed diary products like milk, cheese, butter etc for the household.

Group discussion on 24th Nov (2.45pm & 5.45pm) or 25th Nov (2.45pm & 5.45pm) depending which criteria you fit in. 2 hours. Location in Orchard Road.

$100 cash incentive. Must speak good english. Interested, please sms me at 98530915. Hope to hear from you!
hi all, you guys can consider playing boardgames with your kids. Excellent for family bonding time, and it's excellent for keeping the kids off the tv and handheld games and ipad! :D

We often play boardgames with my oldest boy as well as my nieces. We get most of our games from www.myfirstgames.sg Delivery is often free in the West half of the island. Check it out!
Hi Mummies

I am staying at ghim moh..looking for K1 this year. Any comments on Buttercup Rochester? Does the school prepare kid well for primary one? Thanks so much. :)