Quitting job while pregnant


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I was about to quit my current job without another job due to the high level of job stress .. but suddenly I just found out that I'm pregnant. I know i should be happy but it adds on more stress to me now if I should quit my job? Can tide through with husbands earning but will not have enough to save every month. Plus will be forfeiting my 4 months ML benefit. Cant imagine 1 year without my income while pregnant. Had a miscarriage in the past while working for the same company too (though not sure the reason of the mc).

For experienced people here, will work stress affect foetus growth and all?

Need some advice here. TIA!
I have no personal experience. But I do know stress is not good for preggers. I know of a woman who got pregnant and quit her job cos her pregnancy is giving her very tough time. She has no choice but to quit and stay home focus on her pregnancy until she give birth then she come out work again. So far so good.

Maybe you may want to do some sideline.


Probably can have a talk with your hubby about it.
See if you are out of job, will he be able to support the family for a least a year (or more) as depending on if there's someone whom will help take care of your child after maternity.
Next also can try to talk to your boss about it, to see if can let you have lesser work during this period. Or maybe internal transfer or something.