1. M

    Failed IVF, Crinone and AF

    hey guys, I just had a failed IVF first cycle. Had a day 5 blastocyst implanted, and i got flu straight after implant unfortunately. I had spotting 6 days after transfer, followed by 3 days of heavy bleeding, more like 4th-5th day of menses that type (if u know what I mean?) and back to...
  2. I

    Infertile & Bitter

    Hi all, Just found out after 5 years of trying that I'm no longer entitled to IVF treatment. Infertility is one of the most isolating health problems anyone could ever have. We've got our own little community which still needs further support and are often faced with statements like 'well...
  3. A

    Gender selection bankok support for singapore people

    Hi, we are trying to find people who have already done the gender selection in bak or any other country since some of people from singapore and india in our group going for it shortly. Hence we need advice from who have already done and help who is planning or already undergoing. We discuss on...
  4. W

    TTC,IVF preparation

    Yallo! going for my 1st IVF consultation next week. What to expect during consultation and process? Any other suggestions to getting prepare ? I saw from other forum stating supplements to order from iherbs -CoQ10 -DHEA -prenatal -raspberry tea -folic acid or folate Fertility massage A lot...
  5. C


    Hi everyone. I am 31, PCOS and have been TTC for 5 years now. This is my first cycle of FET after I suffered from OHSS late last year right after ER. Had my BT on 17 May, HCG was 32.6 and was told to come back again in 2 days time. No idea if the number was good, the nurse said it's kinda...
  6. C

    Trying IUI but husband has low morphology...

    Hi all, This is my first time posting and would really appreciate if I can get some advice here. We've been trying for 2 years and finally got the diagnosis from KK last week that my husband has low morphology for his sperms, 1% to be exact, when the normal rate should be 4% or more. Was...
  7. O

    IVF at 42 or over

    Anyone here around 42 or maybe older going for IVF? Since no more govt grant or subsidy, which IVF centre are you using, what's your costs like? Any success stories? Any docs to recommend? Am really desperate for a 2nd child. 1st was an IVF child born in 2013, done at KKH.
  8. Nadw

    Earliest positive on HPT post ET

    Hi guys. Just wondering when was the earliest any of u had a positive on a home pregnancy test after your embryo transfer? Understand that HPTs are not very accurate for those going through IVF, but just curious if anyone at all had any luck :) Thanks in advance!
  9. L

    progesterone pill to induce period

    anyone took this to induce your period? i was told to take 5 days of pills but the prescription was 7 days. called the nurse to ask and the nurse ask me to follow the prescription. now im wondering if i can stop at 5 days otherwise, i might not make it for Jan IVF since they will close on...
  10. mariaPT

    Recommendations needed for IVF clinic in Singapore

    Hello, I'm new to Singapore and need recommendations on the best place to do IVF treatment in the country and the best doctor. I'm on an employment pass, so I don't get any government discounts. What's the main difference between the private and the public hospitals? Is it better to do the...
  11. N

    Conceiving as a single woman

    Hey All, Am stepping into my 32, no luck on a happiness marriage life. As such, I am looking for an option to conceive through donor sperm. Know that Singapore is not assisting on single mother IVF or IUI. Anyone know where can I do it in Asia ? And can the child still holding same passport...
  12. I


    Hello ladies, Anyone planning to do an IVF/IU or TTC and need info/support? I’m trying to reach out for ladies: > with failed IUI/IVF > who are TTC but no results > who may be interested to join a support group ( #MeetGreet - #ChitChat - #womensupport - all welcome to join ) Story of my life...
  13. D

    IVF/ICSI result in more boys or girls?

    IVF/ICSI result in more boys or girls?
  14. L

    November 17 IVF

    Anyone gg for ivf in November slot? Just had my final consultation with Dr Jessie Poon (KKH) and its confirmed we will go for IVF in November. The nurse will be calling me around Oct to go for counseling and briefing. Lets share our journey and emotions And BABY DUSTS TO ALL!
  15. I

    IVF at NUH with Prof PC Wong

    Hi mummies/ mummies-to-be, I'm in the midst of my IVF journey with Prof Wong at NUH. Currently on Gonal F and Centroid jabs for evenings and mornings. Tentative egg collection next Wed. Anyone on a similar journey?
  16. D

    Baby boy for adoption

    I have a babyboy for adoption who is in Malaysia. Pm me if you would like to adopt him.
  17. V

    IVF at TMC JB

    Hi everyone Me and my Husband were trying to conceive for three years. After Two failed IUI's, we thought of moving to ivf. We thought of going to TMC at JB. Any suggestions about the hospital or Dr. Fabian.? Me: 26 years Hubby: 30 years Right tube blocked. Had laparoscopy and tubal...
  18. babydream23

    CARE Novena is back in operation!!

    Dear all, I would like to share that Care is back in operation. I am happy to be able to get preg with my 1st baby after 5 attempted failures of ivf with various clinics. Care has not given up hope on me. Constantly giving me and my hub encouragement. Trust me that they have the best lab and...
  19. Y

    Supplements for sale: Coq10 (Ubiquinol)

    Hi ladies, I've recently purchased two bottles of Ubiquinol from iherb (USA), in a bid to improve egg quality for my ivf cycle in Feb. Unfortunately I seem to have a reaction (headache) to this product even though most of my ivf friends do not encounter. The bottles are almost brand new and...
  20. Y

    Supplements for transfer - Ubiquinol (coq10)

    Hi ladies, I've recently purchased two bottles of Ubiquinol from iherb (USA), in a bid to improve egg quality for my ivf cycle in Feb. Unfortunately I seem to have a reaction (headache) to this product even though most of my ivf friends do not encounter. The bottles are almost brand new and...