New mummy to be with no idea what I’m doing

New mummy 2020

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Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and am still working out how to use it. I’m just wondering if anyone can guide me to a page/list of some sort that has all the basic essentials a new born will require. As this is an ivf pregnancy (after many years of ttc), we are trying not to get too excited and go overboard with purchases till baby comes out safe and healthy.

I’m open to buying 2nd hand items off Carousell and have started researching on baby carriers. I’ve also just signed up for free samples which was pretty exciting (I welcome all free things ). I’ve also got a few friends passing me their baby things... but in general... I’m pretty lost with no direction as to what to do now. I don’t want to buy too much.. cuz I don’t want to jinx anything. (We are paranoid because this is an IVF baby).
But a list of what I shd prepare/have by the time baby is born will be good. Any help/advice/direction you guys can give me will be really good :)

Thank you all and stay safe during this crazy covid period

New mummy 2020

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hello and congratulations!

How many months are you into your pregnancy?

For a start, you need to take care of yourself first. Check out

Another good read to your question could be
Thank you Bee Lee :) I’m 22 weeks now... so past the half way mark :) thanks for the links, I’ll have a look through!


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Congratulations! Agree with bee lee. You are heading to a good start of doing your research now. It’s easy to over buy items as new parents. I am a new mother too and was trying to keep my finances to a budget. Some basic essentials for my baby which I definitely need are:

1) Baby cot
2) baby bedsheets (to reduce risk of SIDS, you don’t need baby pillows or blankets in their first year)
3) baby change mat (some parents buy a changing station but I put the change mat on top of the waist height cupboard so it’s cheaper and saves space.)
4) diapers (decide if you want to use disposables or washable ones. Changing diapers can be quite overwhelming in the first few months, so I used disposable ones for the first 3 months then gradually change to washable ones.)
5) swaddle cloth and/or swaddle bags (in my opinion, swaddle bags are more convenient. I use swaddle cloth in the mornings and swaddle bags at night as swaddle cloth sometimes come undone at night. That could cover a newborn’s face and pose as suffocation risk).
6) breast pump (can assist in relieving engorgement especially in the first month when your milk supply comes in and is not so well regulated yet. Also helpful for maintaining breastmilk for baby if you go back to work)
7) milk storage bags (to keep excess milk)
8) baby rompers 5-6pcs
9) baby washcloths 10-12pcs
10) baby towels x 2
11) scratch mitts x 2-3 pairs
12) Nursing bras (for yourself - get it well fitted as your breast size will change)
13) baby nail clipper
14) baby thermometer
15) baby hairbrush

Essentials but vary according to individual:
1) milk bottles (if you plan to introduce bottle feeding. My baby never used a bottle as she feeds exclusively straight from the breast. I have a flexible working schedule hence able to do this. However, if you are planning to go back to a full time job, it is better to introduce bottle feeding earlier)
2) pacifier (if you plan to introduce pacifier. I have never introduced a pacifier to my baby and till this day, she does not need one and refuses one if given)
3) baby shower tub (depends on individual. I find it easier to handle when I shower my baby on my lap. My baby only started using the tub at 6 months)
4) baby car seat (if you drive)
5) bottle sterilizer (if you use milk bottles and pacifiers)
6) baby detergent (for sensitive individuals)
7) baby soap and lotion (I only used water for the first month, then started with soap and lotion in the second month)
8) nipple cream (if you plan to breastfeed directly, a good lanolin nipple cream can help with sore and cracked nipples in the first month)
9) baby nose digger (oogiebear). Some parents leave their babies’ noses as it is, some use their mouth to suck mucus, some use an attachment tube to suck nose mucus. I prefer to use this tiny digger from oogiebear to remove any unsightly mucus in my baby’s nose. Of course be gentle.

Every parent probably have a little bit of a different list. I hope my list helps you out a little. You will find that you will keep buying baby items along the way as your baby grows. All the best in your pregnancy and take great care of yourself and your little bub!


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Forgot to add in... I have experimented with a few baby carriers as I believe in baby wearing.

I found that the soft baby wrap carrier (I use the one from cuddlebug) are great for newborns up to 3 months. They are comfortable for both mommy and baby. It’s just that the wrapping and tying part can be a hassle when you are out.

The ring sling type (I use the one from soul sling) are more convenient to get your baby in and out of when you are out and about, but it can get uncomfortable for both you and baby if worn for prolonged periods.

The soft structured carrier (I use the ergobaby 360 carrier) is the safest and most convenient carrier. You can wear the baby facing you, facing forwards and also on your back. However, for newborns up to 4 months, you need an additional newborn support and even with that baby doesn’t fit in very well as the carrier can still be too big for the baby. I find that my baby fit into this carrier much better from 4 months on.

I think it also depends on the size of the baby and mother. So all the best looking for the right carrier that fits for both you and your little bub too!