Failed IVF, Crinone and AF

Mrs Jacobs

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hey guys,

I just had a failed IVF first cycle. Had a day 5 blastocyst implanted, and i got flu straight after implant unfortunately. I had spotting 6 days after transfer, followed by 3 days of heavy bleeding, more like 4th-5th day of menses that type (if u know what I mean?) and back to spotting. I called KKIVF and mentioned that it's still too early for AF to come, so they said come for blood test at 11dpt instead of 14dpt.

Sadly, the test came back negative but didnt say what's the beta count, just said negative and was told to stop the crinone gel.

When does AF come for u after stopping the crinone gel? I stopped for 5 days already since monday and only got 2 days of spotting. Am already looking forward to try again so i started temping. But my temp for the past 2 days has been on the high side, that is after ovulation temps.

Deep down in my heart I hope that there's still a chance for me to be pregnant this cycle :(
Sorry to hear of your difficulties. The ivf will affect your cycle on AF, ovulation and bbt so I would suggest to not bother monitoring so closely for awhile. Every person reacts differently and each cycle can also be different. The beta hcg is the most reliable method to measure a pregnancy anyway.
Take the time now to recover both physically and mentally.