1. S

    Recommendation Gynae

    Hello! 6 weeks preg and thinking whether to go with Thomson Medical or Mount Alvernia for my delivery and checks. Some Gynae I got recommended are Doctor Benjamin Tham from TMC and Doctor Kenneth Ed Lee / Adrian from Mount A, will appreci
  2. P

    Gynae recommended ( Dr Tan Kai Lit )

    Hi, I would like to recommend my gynae (Dr.Tan Kai Lit) He delivered 3 out of 4 of my children (3rd baby was delivered in KKH with another gynae as Dr Tan moved to Thomson and we decided to engage Dr Tan and therefore went to Thompson instead.) Doctor Tan is someone who tries his best to help...
  3. A

    Taking hospitalization leave for sciatica

    Hi, anyone ever had to take hospitalization leave for sciatica? Been having it since end of 2nd trimester. Now in my 30th week and I have already utilised most of my MCs. Was wondering if gynaes would be able to give HL for this because my job requires long standing and a lot of walking.
  4. C

    Need advice - hyperthyroidism, need recommendations

    Hi , anyone here got hyperthyroidism before pregnancy? Now I reduce 15mg per day, any gynea recommend as I prepare to join motherhood next year ? What I should take note while I got hyperthyroidism? Can I continue the medicine once I know I’m got pregnant while I not yet find gynea ?
  5. M

    Dr Sim Lee Ngor

    Anyone seeing Dr LN Sim? Thinking of seeing her. This is my first pregnancy, any feedback is welcome!
  6. A

    gynaec / Hospital suggestions

    recently found out im pregnant, im hoping to give birth in singapore general hospital. any reviews on this hospital. i stay in farrer park, any affordable good gynaec suggestion also welcome.
  7. F

    Hospitalization leave - KKH

    Hi All, Any good gynae in KKH to recommend who is not stingy on HL? Previous gynae moving to private hosp, thinking of getting a new gynae. Work can be pretty labour intensive and coming to 3rd trimester so planning ahead now. Hope to get recommendations from your guys! Thanks!
  8. S

    Anyone have feedback on Dr Qi Maili?

    My gynae Dr Khoo Chong Kiat at KKH is leaving for Mount A. I’m being transferred to his wife, Dr Qi Maili, as I want to continue at KKH. I can’t find any info on her though. Just wondering if anyone has been under her care before? Thanks!
  9. Sandy_0210

    Which female gynae at Mount Alvernia Hospital recommended?

    Hi all moms, I'm having 1st baby, going to delivery on 29 March, 2019 Anyone can give me some advise which gynae good at Mouth A Hospital? Do he/she has clinic? and check up monthly package? Thanks so much. Very confusing now.
  10. Tiffany Wang

    Mixed feelings about this gynae. Should I visit him?

    Hi fellow mummies, Just found out I am pregnant again. My friend recommended this gynae (Peter chew) to me, but unfortunately I saw some bad reviews online. Any mummies can please share some thoughts? Thanks all.
  11. M

    Friendly, Helpful and Caring Gynae Dr Liana Koe

    Hi Ladies, I am writing this thread to personally recommend my awesome Gynae Dr Liana Koe. Honestly, i didn't have a gynae before i got pregnant. I had to handpick one at Mount A due to urgent condition. From my personal experience i learned 1 thing, the gynae i found at Mount A i didn't quite...
  12. 2

    HK Ho Review

    I wanted to share my experience with Dr. HK Ho who delivers at Mt. Alvernia hospital in the hope that it will help others make a more informed decision. The post with my experience is a bit long, I would recommend concerned mommies read it, but I have summarized my 2 cents base for anyone who is...
  13. M

    Any recommendations for baby shower venues?

    Hoping to recommendation from fellow mums :) Also please share some motherhood tips if you're experienced! Will really appreciate it :)
  14. W

    Any Recommended Gynae in Bishan?

    Any recommended gynae in bishan? We are currently visiting Dr Vincent in Bishan 8 for our 1st BB, he is a very nice & experienced gynae, but we have concerns about his delivery and stitching. Mainly because he seems rather old. We are considering whether to continue with him or to seek for...
  15. T

    Fibroids, Miscarriage~ Need Recommendation for Gynae good in C-sect

    Hi hi I'm 8 wk, looking for Gynae with good experience and track records for c-sect delivery. I have multiple fibroids and miscarriage recently, thus very worried about complications. Any recommendations? Will prefer private practice. Thanks v much :)
  16. J

    Dr Theresa Cheng (AMK Clinic): Good or Bad; Your Views?

    Hi mummies-to-be I'm an expecting mother, with EDD in Jan 2018. The first and only gynae I consulted so far is Dr Theresa Cheng in AMK. I'm not sure if anyone might still be seeking latest reviews about her (since I've been reading a fair bit of rather negative ones from years back as early as...
  17. M

    Dr Hong hze ching review?

    Hi mummies, I'm a first time mum, and have been seeing Dr Goh Shen Li (who is wonderful btw). However, I found out that she will be away in the week leading up to my due date, and I understand Dr Hong hze ching will be her cover. I am, however, unable to find any reviews of her- does anyone has...