IVF Gynae Recommendation


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Anyone has any recommendation for gynae specialized in IVF? Looking to consider doing it at kkh or NUH. If private clinic isn’t that expensive, I don’t mind too.


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Anyone have experience with DR jessie phoon from kkh?
Yes, did my 1st cycle with Jessie Poon. Not great, she’s impatient, lacked compassion when we asked questions. My batch of embryos were not great and instead of giving me the option of a Day 3 transfer (we didn’t know better), she waited to tell me on Day 5 that I only have one that went into blastocyst and even so, it’s not great. She wasted 3 of my precious eggs and was really not very nice when I was already a ball of emotions after hearing the bad news. Please ask for Dr Sadhana, I just did Day 3 transfer with her. Her explanation was clear, and she’s really nice and helpful. Although all my scans and reviews were done by other Doctors, she actually personally reviewed after every scan and made modifications according to how I reacted to the medication. No doubt a longer waiting time, but I rather have a Principle doctor who checks in on my progress.