Help! Private Gynae Recommendations

Hi Guys, really need help as i am a bit overwhelmed with all the info!

I was actually considering private route but the prices quoted by some private clinics are really high.

I am about 7 weeks pregnant EDD should be mid Sept, have not gone for my first consult yet as i thought need to go through GP or poly to get a referral to go to private, however after reading some blogs, i realise this is not the case? Is this true mummies? Do you directly call up the clinic?

Would really appreciate if any mummies can give their thoughts cos i'm still considering either going to a PEH/TMC or NUH/KK/SGH private. I am actually trying to go for a drug free vaginal birth as much as possible with no epidural (crossing fingers) and a gynae who is pro natural and kind, and if possible hoping i dont need stitches also if all goes well. Dont really care how many beds post delivery but just need my husband to stay over (cos im scared to stay alone haha).

I've asked these gynaes/clinics recently and this was the figure i got: (can anyone give a rough gauge if it is accurate for your stay and if you have any reviews on the gynaes below or any other gynaes you can recommend?)

Dr Dharsini from Kieraniv (delivery at Mt E):
Doctors chargers: $3500
total for anaesthesia, paediatrician and labour and delivery costs: $22000-27000

Dr TC Chang (TMC):
First consultation is $150 – 250+gst
Ultrasound scan is $150 – 200 +gst
Normal delivery or caesaerean in single room:
$15140 to 24800 +gst.
The figure includes the fees for the Paediatrician and Anaesthetist.
In the event complications arise, the fees will be higher.

Dr Lubna (PEH)
First consult: 250-$350
Normal: $3500
Twins: 4500
(have not received figures for PEH)

The figures look a bit scary for me as i was prepared to set aside 10k and below.
Ive had friends recommend Dr Rajeswari K (KKH) and Dr Citra (NUH).
Anyone has any thoughts on them or even other gynaes? I'm crossing my fingers that PEH (Dr heng or Dr Lubna) would not be as ex.

Congratulations on your pregnancy :) based on my own experience of an unmedicated birth, the choice of doctor and your own prep are key.

Although many doctors appear supportive, they end up changing tunes and imposing conditions at a later stage. But people feel stuck if they have signed a package. So please do the due diligence before committing to any gynae. Question their usual practices for various situations as well as rates for induction and c section. Red flags include mentioning 'overdue', 'big baby', 'small pelvis' etc. I highly recommend my own gynae, Dr Paul Tseng. Best things about him are he doesn't support any intervention unless medically indicated, and waits even up to 43 weeks for spontaneous labour if baby and you are well.

Secondly, please invest time and energy to prepare for the birth and cope without medical pain relief. I hired a doula and practised hypnobirthing, best investment I made.

Regarding budgetary concerns, I suggest the following:
- Do most of your prenatal visits and scans at a subsidised rate under public hospital.
- Switch to Dr Paul in the third trimester (he has no package and he accepts patients at 30+ weeks too)
- Hire a doula, at least for birth. The longer you can labour at home and progress, the lower the chance of intervention. I treated it as a cost to avoid epidural and c sect.
- Choose a 2/4 bedder room. You will be home the next day and nurses will be available through that one night. Visiting hours are also long enough for your husband to stay until past dinner time. You can consider cutting costs here. I chose 2 bedder at TMC and paid about 8-9K all in (after medisave deductions).

All the best, have a happy birthing experience :)
Hi! Can I know which gynae you went with in the end? And if you went public then private route? Just found out I’m pregnant and looking for a gynae who is pro natural too. Thanks!
I had a bad experience w Dr TC Chang. I find him rude and dismissive. He wouldn’t really listen to my concerns. I went to him twice thinking he was just having a bad day the first time but second time he was just as cold. Hope you find a doctor you feel comfortable with! Fees are one thing but if you and your doc not on the same page can cause a lot of stress during an already stressful period.
In contrast to the previous poster, we had a great and positive experience with Dr Chang in 2023 till now during the course of pregnancy. He is pro natural birth (a good thing) and is open to listen to your birth plans and preferences. Monitoring the baby's progress alongside the mom's progress is vital and he does it well every visit with clear explanation and assurance about progress. If there's anything to flag out, he does so in a gentle manner and advises the best steps forward for the best interest of mom and child.

For those interested, you can also review past experiences here.