Doctor Tan Kai Lit - Gynae reccomendation

Ann Kay

New Member
We would recommend Dr Tan Kai Lit from Thomson Medical Centre. My pregnancies are managed by him, with 2 c sections.

He is a confident & assuring gynae with vast experiences and often share his knowledge with us. His recommendations are great when it comes to many different methods for test or solutions. For example, he would explain to us the different types of instrument & methods for testing Down syndrome during the first trimester, what are the risks and what are the advantages.

Dr Tan is patient towards answering our questions & doubts especially when we became new parents for my first pregnancy. For every session before we head home after the consultation, he would never fail to ask us if we have any questions for him.

The assistants & nurses over at the clinic are very welcoming and friendly. They made the clinic lively!

My husband and I have positive and pleasant parenting and pregnancy experiences all thanks to Dr Tan and his team!