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When to stop waering mittens and booties for babies??

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by huiqi16, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    Mummies, care to share when did u stop wearing mittens and booties for your babies??

    My bb is 3months old and Im still putting on mittens n booties for him, but my MIL asked me to stop waering them for BB.

    Any advise??

  2. jeng

    jeng New Member

    She is right. After 1 mth you can cut baby's nails so it is safe to remove mittens. I m told by pd that bb need to know they hv fingers n toes so let them explore. HTHs.
  3. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    I see...

    but i tried to cut baby's nails, but they are still very sharp. That is why i still put on mittens for him.

    There was once I didnt put on mittens, he scratched his face...

    But now that baby is beginning to suck his hand and with the mittens on, he sometimes rub his face and causes rashes on his face.

    Really dont to continue or to stop wearing mittens ;(
  4. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi, i stopped when my son was 3 months old. Abit too long i guess cos it took him quite awhile to open his fists cos he has clenched it for too long.
  5. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Just to share.I stopped my baby wearing mittens when she's 2mths.Reason is the same as 'jeng'. Bb need to explore their fingers.However, I still put on booties/socks on my bb.Only during playtime will take them off..
  6. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    my girl was wearing mitten too until 4 months.. i checked with PD then cos i was worried that she will not open her fist but my PD reassure me that she will and that i can stop using the mittens. we were also afraid of her scratching her face, etc. that's why drag until now. anyway,my girl slowly open up her fist. she's now going 17 months. no problem at all [​IMG]
  7. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member

    Stopped at 6 weeks. Have to stop mittens early for them to explore earlier. Else they think they've fists, not hands with 5 fingers each.
  8. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    i disagree with mashy..baby will know their fingers when the mittens is off for sometime. it's not a permanent thing..

    i have checked with my PD and was worried we made my girl wear the mittens too long but my gynae reassure us it's not and it's ok and that my girl will know how to explore and use her fingers.. true enough, after sometime, her fingers open up. now, she is 17 months, she has no problem with her fingers at all! she can self feed when she was 10 mths?? can pick up gerber stars, etc..

    if you're really worried, then take out the mittens when you're around for them to explore so that you're around to watch your baby from scratching his/her face. when you're away, then put it back..
  9. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    Hi all,

    I have stopped wearing mittens for my son since 2 weeks ago as MIL wants me to stop wearing mittens for bb as she thinks my son is big enough. So far, so good, just that have to be hardworking enough to keep trimming bb's nails weekly. Nowadays bb wear mittens only when I on aircon at night. But then, now that I have stop wearing mittens for BB, he is still clenching his hands, only once in a while, he do opens his fingers :p
  10. joshjoshmummy

    joshjoshmummy New Member

    i stopped wearing mittens for my son 1 month ago as i started to cut his fingernails and now he is beginning to grab things like his blanket and rattles. he is 4mths now. babies' nails grow quickly so have to cut 2-3times a week.
  11. 8011122

    8011122 New Member

    Experts advises no more than 4-6 weeks. Your baby need to know that he has hands and fingers. If you keep the mitten on, he'd keep clenching his fist.
  12. bluethornsilver

    bluethornsilver New Member

    Anyone here uses mittens for their toddlers to prevent thumbsucking? Just curious...
  13. yanni

    yanni Member

    I was told in the class to stop wearing mittens when baby is 6 weeks old. To allow fingers movement development.
  14. mermmy

    mermmy New Member

    I took the mittens off immediately after her first month.
  15. babynme

    babynme New Member

    I stopped wearing mittens for my son @ 2 months coz i don't feel confident trimming his nails back then. I agree with josh babies nails grow so quickly that we have to trim it 2-3times per week. My baby is 3 months now and starting to grab and hold on to things.
  16. mstan8888

    mstan8888 Active Member

    Btw, any advise on how many mittens & booties we need to prepare ?
    Thanks !
  17. cactus_79

    cactus_79 New Member

    mstan8888, I used alot of mittens.. fewer booties. cos my boy was touching his face and mouth constantly, I had to change mittens many times in the day cos didn't want milk rash to develop (milk in mouth gets on mittens. mittens get onto face. may cause rash). I had probably 12 pairs of mittens.. and I washed them daily. Cos need time for the mittens to dry, so factor in 1 day down time. 12 pairs were just enough for 3 days and nights.
  18. goma

    goma New Member

    Hi mummies

    My boy is 3mths old and i only put mittens on him when he sleeps at nite, otherwise its off. However, he likes to rub his face n eyes quite often and recently he has gotten the habit of sucking on his fist. I would rather he suck on his fist without the mittens thou.Booties wise, he only wears it when i bring him out and when he sleeps at nite.
  19. lynfam

    lynfam New Member

    Hi mummies,

    6 wks of wearing mittens is sufficient. As what some mummies have said, they have to explore and work on their sense of Touch.

    As for scratches, my DD also always get them and sometimes so deep that she bleeds. However, I'd juz apply some BM to the scratches and even if i don't, they will recover very fast.

    Scratches (whc will heal fast) VS not being able to develop their sense, i guess it's quite clear cut.
  20. seeseelooklook

    seeseelooklook New Member

    Heng, I found this topic!

    Is past 60 days and he is still on mittens.

    I guess my wife have no confident in trimming his fingers nails that why she left it there.

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