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Hi Mommies,
If you plan to place your child in ifc. Please check how the teachers interact and take care of the babies during school tour. Also check on the hygiene how often they disinfect the area.

I have a very bad experience as the school tour was on Sat with no trs and students around. We are allowed to accompany our child during first 2 days.

To my horror:
- babies crying on tummy time for hours. Since the time they check in, cry non stop. Trs just pat their bum but left them crying till they KO still on tummy position. Babies at that age only supposed to have tummy time 5 or 10 mins max. Ask the tr abt it, "they have been here 1 month already, they are face down sleepers, we let them self regulate."

- babies need to sleep outside on the floor with lights on then they can be carried over to cot. As it's nap time for my child I carried over to the sleeping room but was rejected by the tr. She said usually we let them sleep outside first then carry in. Who on earth sleep with bright lights on. Even adults don't sleep in the living room then fall asleep go inside bedroom zzz?

- while feeding milk, the tr probe a stuff toy to alleviate baby head on floor. It's not proper feeding position.

- ask about what menu they offer for solid food. It's cereal this week then fruits next week. Everyday eat cereal? They don't have proper menu.

This is very new school for ifc. And they just opened in 2023. Pls consider carefully when choosing ifc. I have since withdrawn my child wasted 2 week fees.
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Just wanted to share some good reviews for posso, and i'm totally impressed by the school's efforts in making the ceremony/concert such a successful one. My girl's in PG but appeared on stage 4 times to perform, never thought a 2.5 year old could have such exposure in a pre-school. Been with the school for a year now and I have only good things to say. Let me know if anyone needs more information at 93373616, happy to share more information as reference point!
also able to provide referral code.