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Sex Advise

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by dyingmum, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. dyingmum

    dyingmum New Member

    hai all,

    I married mani yrs le. whenever we wan sex always not much foreplay, go straight to mission.. finish so sleep.. veri boring.. how to improve.. I want to make my hubby feel gd in bed...

    I also like to go on top of him but duno how to. he seem his thing canot go in lei..
    beri sad. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I would like to hear advise on the above..

  2. ozlee

    ozlee New Member

    watch porno to get ideas...

    the whole sexual experience can start when you start "seducing" him... over dinner, watching TV...

    not necessarily only after you take off your clothes in your bedroom.
  3. dyingmum

    dyingmum New Member

    I dun like watching porn.. cos they just do it for the sake of doing.. also no foreplay..

    I follow the porn, go on top n jus rock, for awhile onli, my hubby change to the normal post. duno is it bcos I duno how to rockā€¦ [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I duno how to seduce him lei.. everytime I try to he laugh then ignore mi lei..

    I heard ppl saying some kind of medicine can help.. do u know?
  4. ozlee

    ozlee New Member

    laughter is part of it...
    medicine? erm... even worse... no foreplay at all! seriously, dun go for that if you can help it.
    aphrodisiacs - food/aromas that can induce the desire - chocolates, champagne, oysters... its also how you eat it...and for aromas - i think it was ylangylang (something like that).

    ultimately, seduction is not what you do... but creating the mood.. light, music...

    some porn show more foreplay than actual action... also find out your erotic/sensitive spots and zones and tell him to stimulate those before you give it to him.
  5. dyingmum

    dyingmum New Member

    My hubby is a shy n quick guy.. I duno how to say about him..

    He feel paiseh [​IMG] when i want him to touch or stimulate me.. Even I want BJ for him, he also [​IMG]...

    Sometime duno If I am reali not tooo good in doing it or he too tense.. [​IMG]He says pain will I play wif his balls.. say ticklish when I lick him, sometimes say pain.. haiz.. [​IMG]
  6. ozlee

    ozlee New Member

    haha... sounds like he is a shy guy... some men are more ticklish that way... and they say that ticklish men respect their wives more... you could be happy!

    what to say... try and try and try... hopefully you do not create a sex-addict! haha
  7. dyingmum

    dyingmum New Member

    ( some men are more ticklish that way... and they say that ticklish men respect their wives more... you could be happy! ) - meaning?
  8. shyna

    shyna Active Member

    It is an old-wives tale that men who is easily ticklish love their wives more.
  9. nelle_nelle

    nelle_nelle New Member

    Feeding him some alcohol may relax him. Generally, humans are less inhibited when there's some alcohol in their brain and bloodstream.

    Make sure he is not allergic to alcohol though. You don't want your raunchy plans to become A&E plans...
  10. poopoogal

    poopoogal New Member

    Sex doesnt begin 30 min or 1hr before the event.
    Can start in the morning.

    Maybe morning, on the way to work, u disturb him say tonight free?
    Then lunch text him say eat more oyster ah.... LOL.
    Then dinner time say something like i buy new lingerie, want to see.

    Drop hint here and there to cultivate the moods lor.
    The sexy lacey growns works haha.
  11. eric_80

    eric_80 New Member

    wow are you doing that to yr hubby? yr hubby must be loving alot. my wife never do tat to me wan.
  12. poopoogal

    poopoogal New Member


    Once in a while will do lor.
    Coz spice up the sex life ma.
    I think it works 2 way so much do my part also lor.
    I read this from a website then try to learn and follow.
    Lucky my hubby responded well hehe
  13. eric_80

    eric_80 New Member

    good for you. do you noe how to try it out of woman
  14. poopoogal

    poopoogal New Member

    erm.... do the same way?
    I really forget where i read about this thing.
    The idea is just to make both of u excited about the event.
  15. eric_80

    eric_80 New Member

    huh the same way? wat m I going to wear for her?
  16. Ital

    Ital Member

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to get pregnant if ejaluation is near to the viginal or just a bit in during ovalution period.
    I have penetration problem and my hubby cannot seems to go in.
    We are trying this method to try our luck.

    Is there anyone out there sucessful using this method?

    pls advise
  17. mschan

    mschan New Member

  18. Ital

    Ital Member

    HI Mrs Chan,

    Thanks for your encourgment [​IMG]
  19. littledumbwife

    littledumbwife New Member

    hi ital23
    so did u get pregnant... i m having same prob too
  20. beatrice_chua

    beatrice_chua New Member

    i suggest you try to watch porn video..try to read cosmopolitan women magazine..
  21. babyjoanna

    babyjoanna New Member

    I usually touch and oral for my hubby and he enjoys it. I lick it like it is so delicious and that arouse his desire to have sex. [​IMG]

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