Non compliance with divorce court order


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We have finalised our divorce. We are still pending on realisation on court order for HDB matters.

We are not able to come into agreement on HDB. Thus, the court had to d side. We got our court order. In the court order mentioned I have the right to buy over the share of flat from my ex. We have not met MOP yet. I wrote to HDB to appeal to buy over his share. HDB only process the appeal after receiving consent from both parties. My ex doesn’t want to sell his share to me. He is not happy with the % of share granted by court. In his view, he supposed to get higher %.

I’m in dilemma now. If we are not able to execute court order due to 1 party is non compliance with court order, what will happen with our HDB? Will HDB ask 1 party to take over or surrender the flat? In the event of the last two options, how will the cpf to be refunded? Based on % granted by court or contribution?

If anyone heard or face similar situation before, please share with me. Appreciate it. Thank you.