Nativity Church Kindergarten

Is ur a gal?? If it is, then I know who she is liao cos after the march holiday only one new gal join the class.

As for the H2O, my gal got no problem lah.. everyday, she almost finish her water. I think it up to the individual kid cos the teacher cannot force the children to drink mah
Whoever ask for the fee abt the nativity church, for pre-nursery, 1 term (10 wks) cost S$380.00

Nativity have their own playground. Tt one of the reason y I choose the school as well. I dont like those downstair the flat one, scare someone throw thing down and hit my gal.
For those who want to send ur child to Nativity, as long as ur child turn 30 months can liao but must have space for ur kid lah.

Janey & residentevil,
I heard they going to have another one more student in term 3. Then will have a total of 16 student in a class.

My gal like Mrs Hutchinson very much.. and chen lao shi. If I not wrong, Mrs Ng is the assistance. Chen lao shi is the chinese teacher. I'm so impressed when my gal talk to me in mandarin.. haha

Have u saw them doing chicken dance b4 on every wed. I happened to see it once, so funny..

They are going for their outing on 09 May 08. Feel so happy for them, can go outing.

Thanks so much for your reply! Looks like my choice is clear now.
hi Dearie_e,

Wow!!! its been awhile since we chat :p YES! Thats my kiddo!!!! Bingo!

She came back speaking a few mandarin words too!!!! I think Chen Lao Shi must have speak to her more :p

They going on outing? Is it confirm? I am so excited then! It will be a great exposure for again.

Let's meet during the Parent teacher session in May!

hi Vader,
think Dearie-e has answered your queston, sorrry i didn't check tis forum regularly...the schoool playground is indoor and with shelter which is good
rain or shine, no need to worry :p
When the term start, my gal told me abt ur gal. I ask ur gal got cry a not, then she told me, Yes. A few days later, ask her again, she say, No. so cute right.

Dont think I will go for the parent teacher meeting. Tt day not free leh. But I have spoken to Mrs Hutchinson, she will arrange a separate for me.

Janey, u got MSN a not. PM me ur address, then we can chat there.
I think the outing should be confirmed. But not to worry, nearer to the date, the school will inform the parent again.
Cutie Cute,

How about Upper Thomson Rd (opp Thomson Plaza). Is it too far?

There's a Church of the Holy Spirit Kindergarten there. Not sure if they have pre-nursey but you may wish to call them at 64536330 to find out more.

This is the location of the church:
hi dearie,

hahaa...its really sweet of your girl to noticed mine :p thanks for letting me know she stop crying now

i have PM your the msn id. let's chat whenever possible

Does anyone know if Nativity Kindy is affiliated with Nativity CHIJ Pri? If so, then I don't have to worry about my girl balloting for P1 :p
Hi Janey & Dearie_e,

our kids will be going for their 1st excursion this Fri..feel so exciting for them..I'm sure they'll enjoy. Btw, did any of your girls got any bites on them which seems to me the culprit should be boy had a few of it last week and apparently he got a few more after attending mass @ Nativity which my in laws attended and thats when i realised he must have gotten all this sting from nativity compound. And yesterday he got 2 more!! I'm wondering if he's the only one..?? I'll probably call up the church or school admin to feedback on this. Hopefully they can do smthg abt it.
Hi Residentevil,
No, my girl dont have any bite on her. When I was there the whole of Monday, I didn't get any bite as well. So I think might not be from the school.

My son also have a bite and I thought it was due to mosquito. Keep telling me it is very painful.

By the way, where are they going this friday? Can't remember cos don't have the letter with me.
this fri outing issit for the whole school? was thinking of going this fri to check out the pre nursery class.
Hi! Red Tulip,

They'll be visiting Jacob Ballas Garden @ Botanic boy keeps scratching until it bleeds..and it doesn't seems like is mosquitoes bites...sigh..

Hi! Ann

Think the whole school will be going even though is not, the admin should be able to assist you in showing you around. better call and check 1st.
Hi! Dearie_e,

You mentioned that you were there on you mean we can actually stay around during the school hours..???
Hi! Janey,

Did your ger just got bitten recently?? Cos mine is within the last & this week. maybe i will call the school now and keep you mummies updated..
Hi Ann,
Only Pre-Nus & Nus will be going. The school will be closed on this Fri as all the teacher need to go for the outing to look after the kid. I'm not sure whether there will be any admin staff to show u ard. Better call and check.

I celebrate my ger birthday on Monday so they allow parent to stay thru out. But I only stay in the classrm for half hr and wait outside the classrm till class end. Dont want to distract the kid.
Hi! Dearie_e is yr ger's b' the goodie bag is from yr ger nor..

Btw, dear mummies from Pre-N Joy B,

did any of you received any circular from the school with regards to the Parents-Teachers session? I understand from "Chen Lao Shi" that our kids class session is scheduled on next Fri. but I have not received any notices about this yet leh..hmmm..wonder why so last min?? cos mus apply for leave.
Hi Residentevil,

They gave advance notice previously about one and half month ago. But have not received any details.
hi mummies,

I recieved the letter today abt the PTS nxt week, for Pre-N is 16th May, there is different time slots, you can chose
I bet tonight you will see the letter.

hi residentevil,

ya, she kanna the bite last week, she keep telling us about the red patch, its abit swollen and looks like mosquito. So far, no more bite.
Hi mummies,

Just to keep you informed that I spoke to "Chen Lao Shi" yesterday with regards to the insect bites issue..she said that she'll help to monitor and has also assured us that every Tues, there'll be some kind of prevention taken e.g. those "chemical" dripped into the drain to prevent mosquitoes breeding.

Tks Janey,
for the updates. Yea..received the letter liao.
Hi mummies,

I would like to register my gals in this kindergarten. Is there any mummies know if there is anymore vacancy for pre-nursery and nursery?

I called the school but no one pick up the phone and I'm looking for school for my gals coz I'm moving to that area in July.

Thanks for the help..
Hi! Dainel,

You may like to try calling them again on Mon cos the teachers were all out on an excursion today..not sure about the admin staff though.

Other than Nativity, you can also check out St. Anne's kindergarten. Depending on where you stay or if happened that Nativity does not have any vacancy.

Good luck!

Registration is around April every year. They can go to the pre-nus once they reach 30 months.

You can give them a call most likely will be on waiting list if you want to sign up for next year.
I wld like to enroll my son in Nativity for next yr Nursery.

Hope there is still vacancy...called the sch but I think now hols, no one pick up the phone.
Not sure able St Anne cos Naivity was choosen by my MIL as it is very near her place. So did not explore other alternatives.
Hi adora, try calling them in the morning.

I called them and was told that my son would be put on waiting list for next yr (pre-nursery). There are 10 on the waiting list.

Forgot to ask when to enrol for nursery for 2010. Guess hv to enrol him early next time. Tink nursery for next yr should be full
Hi Blueblue
Aiyoo Nursery Full arrr...ok I try calling again Mon morning. Tks!

If really full dunno where to entrol him...there isn't much choice near by.
Wow the Nursery Class for morning session is indeed FULL & there are abt 10 on wait list.

For mummies whose child are in Nursery PM session (11.30am-2.30pm). May I know what is the timetable like? Will there be any snack time for the children? If I put him in this session means he needs to eat lunch at 11am.
Hi adora

I also find the afternoon session inconvenient. (Like nowhere near and there)

Are u looking for a Catholic education or a kindergarten near yr place? Like others mentioned, can try St Anne or Catholic Kindergarten? I like the idea of them bringing kids to the church compound and saying prayers.
Hi blueblue

I am just looking for a Kindy near my place...there is not much gd kindy around Hougang.

So your son is not on wait list for next yr? Did u do any registration? Actually my DD born yr 06 can also attend Pre N but I am only letting her start daily sch in yr 2010.
Hi adora

My son also born in 2006. I prefer him to start early. Can mingle with other children plus I can hv more free time to myself.

Do any of your kids have mosquitos bites recently? My son has been coming home with quite a few in the past weeks.
Red tulip,
Nope. My gal didn't come back w any bites but got quite a few "ba lu gu". Ask her, she says she knocks on the playground while playing.
Hi Blue Blue

Do u know when is the sch orientation? When I registered they told me is in Oct but I have not receive any update from them since then.

Nativity Church Kindy orientation for pre-N is on 1/11/08 at 8.30am. I'm not sure if the rest is at the same timeslot.
notice that nativity kindergarten did not offer phonics as part of their cirriculum for N2 classes. But they have Readers program ... can any mommies out there comment on the readers program - does your child learn to read and converse better after attending nativity ?

Anybody enrol for their enrichment classes like speech and drama ? I need to urgently enrol my gal to a kindergarten - as pretty late now for next year intake. Any mommies staying in Sengkang enrol in navitity ? Thanks !
Hi Mummies

May I know what's the fee is like for the school bus? I intend to sent my kid to Navity but distant is a issue....