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Nativity Church Kindergarten

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by janeybb, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi mummies,

    May i know if anyone has send their kid to this church kindergarten for pre-nursery classes?

    I am planning to enrol my kid to this church school next year, wonder if the teachers are good? If anyone can share their experiences, it would be great [​IMG]


  2. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    Hi, I heard that the school environment there is very warm. However, school premises not that new.
  3. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    yes, just ceiling fan [​IMG] school is not new, but i hope the teaching methods and staffs quality are good [​IMG]
  4. sassymummy

    sassymummy New Member

    my niece has been there for nearly a year. she is happy and the staff are friendly. they even have computer lessons even though the premises is old. going to send my boy there next year and the going for the orientation this sat...
  5. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi jojo!!!

    i went for the orientation too!!! how old is your boy? Mine will be going to pre-nusery. Yes, my feeling is the same about the friendly and loving staffs. Most importantly, the principal seems kind and nice [​IMG] I got a neighbour who send the kid there and its already in K2.
  6. sassymummy

    sassymummy New Member

    hi janey
    my boy is going to nursey next year. the friendly staff is definitely a big plus point...
  7. dearie_e

    dearie_e Member

    Hi Janey,
    My gal is always going for pre-nursery next year. You enrol your child in the morning or afternoon session?

    I heard ppl saying that the teacher is good and caring.
  8. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    Hi Hi Dearie_e,

    My child will be going for afternoon session at 11.30am.

    What about your kid?

    I heard good comments about the teaching staffs there and find the principal very nice.

  9. dearie_e

    dearie_e Member

    My gal will be in the afternoon session as well.. lol.. they will be classmate then.
  10. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    Hi Dearie_e,

    serious????? Orite! Perhaps we can meet one day! [​IMG] Cheers!
  11. dearie_e

    dearie_e Member

    I'm accompany my gal to school on the first 3 days in case she cry.. R u bring your child to school during the first 3 days, then we can meet each other.. [​IMG]
  12. fatmtb

    fatmtb New Member


    I would like to ask about the computer lessons, are the monitors using LCD? or the traditional type.. have some concerns with myopism.... :p


    How are your kids doing in here now? Thinking of enroling for my girl next year.
  13. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi Dearie_e,

    Have your girl started the PN class already? Mine will commence after March holidays.

    Is she coping well? How do you feel about the school now?
  14. dearie_e

    dearie_e Member

    Hi fatmtb,
    I didnt go to the computer rm to take a look, so not sure whether the monitors are LCD type or traditional type.

    Hi Janey,
    My girl has started attending the lesson liao. So far so good. I think the teachers are very good, almost all the children stop crying after the 2nd weeks of school. My girl stops crying after the 1 wk so I suppose she is coping well.

    The first 3 days when I was there, the teacher didn't teach them much. They only teach them how to eat, sit and how to hold the bottle properly. But I think it good, cos they afraid the children might hurt themselves so teach them the proper way of eating, sitting, etc.

    By the way, my gal is in Grace class under Mrs Hutchinson.
  15. adora

    adora New Member

    Hi Gals

    I like like to find out more abt the school. May I know how much is the school fees?

    My boy is currently attending Pre N & plan to entrol him there for K1 & 2.
  16. jkcy

    jkcy New Member

    Hi. I have heard that for pre-nursery, can only enroll when the kid is 36 months? Janey, is that why your child is only starting in Mar?
  17. red_tulip

    red_tulip New Member

    hi all,

    Received a letter from the school a few weeks ago that say there will be Chinese New Year celebration on 5 Feb. The kids are strongly encourage to wear their new year clothes. what does it mean? Everyone must wear? Don't want my son to feel left out.

    He is in the nursery class first year. Thanks in advance.
  18. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    No need if you don't have the traditional clothing. My son wore his own clothes only. If you are too worry, you can check with the teacher or call the school to check.
  19. byihui

    byihui New Member

    hi understand the youngest age to enter is 2.5 yrs old. what is this level called? pre nursery? also, wants to check if students under the kindy will have priority in the pri school. i mean the chij girl's school. thanks.
  20. bbrooster

    bbrooster New Member

    Anyone can advise the fees for Pre-Nursery and K1 please?
  21. fatmtb

    fatmtb New Member

    yup yup...

    can anyone advise the fees? if my girl turning 3 this year, can she join this year or next year? If so what programme is that?

    if so, when to start the registration?

    cannot find useful information from the website. Haiz

    Thanks Dearie_e for replying. [​IMG]
  22. mrs_chew

    mrs_chew Member

    Hi fatmtb

    You can call them at 6487 6757. Ask for Irene; she's the principal.
  23. bbrooster

    bbrooster New Member

    <font color="0000ff">fatmtb</font>
    If your girl is turning 3 this year that means she is born in 2005. For those born in 2005 registration started last year. My girl is born in 2005 June and she started pre-nursery this year. We registered her somewhere in July last year.

    I think they go by the year you are born irregardless of whether you have touch 3 yrs of age. And if I am not wrong registration start earliest June for some schools. But every school is different. Got to look out for the banner all call the school to ask.

    For me, I want to know the school fees to make a comparison. But so far no one can advise yet.
  24. bbrooster

    bbrooster New Member

    <font color="0000ff">fatmtb</font>
    Alternatively, you can see if the school still have vacancy. If don't have then waitlist. Or she can start next year at another level which is Nursery.

    Hope the info helps.
  25. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi Dearie_e,

    I am so happy to hear that the teachers are good!!! Thank you thank you!!! I am prettty worried about the feeding actually, cos' my kid does not self feed well at all..

    Do we need to bring our own water bottle?

    Btw, i think there is only one pre-nursery class right? so Mrs Hutchinson is a english teacher?

    hi JkCY,

    my girl has to be 30mth and above, 2.5years old to join the Pre-N class. The principal told me to come after March holiday [​IMG] You can call to check the vacancy.
  26. mayneberlin

    mayneberlin New Member

    I've visited the school and quite like it. The school fees for PN, K1 &amp; K2 is $430 per term. Registration fees of $50 and annual miscellaneous fee $180.
  27. mayneberlin

    mayneberlin New Member

    Just curious, do you mummies mind abt the obituary room at Nativity that is on the side entrance of the school? I know that the school bus will bypass it.

    I want to send my daughter to Nativity but it will be an issue to convince my hb and mil on that.
  28. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi Berlin,

    I don't think it bothers me [​IMG] I know about that when i visit the school on 2 occasions.

    My kid will take the school bus too [​IMG]
  29. mayneberlin

    mayneberlin New Member

    Hi Janey, I will not get bother but it's my hb and mil.

    I'm now looking at Yio Chu Kang Chapel Kindergarten as my 2nd choice.
  30. fatmtb

    fatmtb New Member


    Thanks Mrs Chew, bbrooster, Berlin. [​IMG] Guess I will call them tomorrow... I did not know that they have PN too! wow...
  31. slushy

    slushy New Member

    what is in the obituary room?
  32. residentevil

    residentevil New Member

    Hi! Dearie_e

    My son is in the same class as your ger. I was there the 1st day. is you ger taking the sch bus?? my son is. maybe we have met each other when i was there..
  33. Hi, I'm thinking to send my 05 boy to Nursery in Nativity, Catholic Kindergarten at Kovan or Kinderland Serangoon in 09 Jan.

    Visited all three, Kinderland is of course much newer and full air-con. Both Catholic and Nativity are very old and non air-con. and for the fees, Nativity and Catholic are charing rather cheap less than $500/term where Kinderland is charging abt $1200/term.

    Wondering if teachers/principal in Nativity speak proper/good english (where no singlish AT ALL)?
  34. residentevil

    residentevil New Member

    Hi! Little Precious

    I agree that the building is old and non air-con but I do not think that the place is hot &amp; stuffy as they have ceilings fans installed hence is pretty cooling. My son speaks pretty well after attending Nativity and he's always looking forward to sch so guess he's enjoying the company of his classmates &amp; his teachers which is Mrs Hutchison &amp; Chen "Lao Shi'
    (Mrs Chen).

    Well..I guess appearance of the sch is not important at all as long as you know that your child is comfortable and is learning well there. And his form teacher is always willing to share his progress with me whenever i call to enquire.

    Hope this helps.
  35. residentevil,

    thanks so much for sharing.

    btw, how big is the class?

    do the teachers/kids speak proper English.

    understand that they have 2 readers/language/term. are the kids (generall) be able to read after the first term?
  36. mishasha

    mishasha Member

    Little Precious,

    You may wish to find out more on Marymount Kindergarten. Though a bit old, very good teachers and environment.
  37. residentevil

    residentevil New Member

    Little Precious,

    My boy is in Pre-N and he's not able to read on his own yet but he loves to pick up books and do his own "reading" and yes, both his English &amp; Chinese teachers do speaks proper language.

    e class strength is abt 15 if I do remember correctly.
  38. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi residentevil,

    Same here! My kid is in Mrs Hutchinson class, i think the chinese teacher is quite good, is her surname "Mrs Ng" and one more assistance, also quite kind but i didn't catch her surname, she worn specs.

    But i find my kid is not drinking enough water, not sure if the teachers are monitoring their water intake and making sure they drink enough? i find the water level is almost the same when i check it back home.

    Do you call up and talk to Mrs Hutchinson? I also feel like calling up and chat on my kid progress, just to make sure everything is ok since i don't go there myself.

    My kid is also taking school bus! [​IMG] Are you taking Mrs Peh yellow bus to go?
  39. vader

    vader New Member

    Hi all,

    Just like to check with you, how many sessions are there for the current pre-nursery classes? And what are the timings like? How many hours per session?

    Thanks for all your answers!
  40. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi vader,

    there is currently 2 session, one in morning 8.30am, one in afternoon 11.30am. For afternoon, there is 2 classes, not so sure for morning.

    so far so good, they teach music and movement, story telling, art and craft, both english and chinese lessons conducted.

    2.5hrs per session, usually my kid will come back by 2.45pm, she goes to school at 11am cos' of school bus.
  41. residentevil

    residentevil New Member

    Hi Hi Janey,

    yea..i agree on the water issue..e h2o level doesn't drop much everytime aft he returns home. Guess e teachers doesn't want e kids to frequent e washroom too often bah...

    Yes, he takes Mrs Peh's bus..I've called Mrs Hutchinson twice so far..and she's happy that parents actually call to check on their child's progess so I guess you can just give her a ring soon..Do you happen to know abt e Meet the parent session in May? Guess from there, we'll have a much better understanding on our child's progress &amp; development..
  42. residentevil

    residentevil New Member


    just realised that yr ger just joined e class recently..tink I saw her name on e recent "newsletter"..Hope she'll enjoy herself like my boy..
  43. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi residentevil!

    So glad to hear from you [​IMG] Yupp, she just joined 2 weeks back [​IMG] Btw, what time can i call Mrs Hutchinson? Is it normally after 3pm? I didn't wanted to disturb their teaching.

    Ya..the water intake is really one major concern i keep feedback to teachers:p

    Yes, the May session is really wat i am looking forward to! I just want to make sure she enjoys and really love the school everyday.
  44. residentevil

    residentevil New Member

    Hi Janey,

    U can actually leave a msg with the admin during their lesson, she'll definitely return yr call aft it. But remember to catch her b4 2.30pm cos I tried calling her @ 2.45pm..apparently she left 4 the day aldy.

    Hopefully can get to catch up with you during the session..
  45. janeybb

    janeybb New Member

    hi residentevil,

    Yes, i tried calling at 2.40pm and she left already :p OK, i shall leave a msg behind nxt time..hahaa..

    Thanks thanks.

    Maybe we can meet during the Parent teacher sesssion! [​IMG]
  46. ade_lim

    ade_lim New Member

    Hi, i need to enrol my gal in pre-nursery next year. I am looking for Church kindergarten aroung ang mo kio or yio chu kang (near AMK) which conduct Pre nursery education. Can anyone help.... URGENT Please.. Thank alot !
  47. ade_lim

    ade_lim New Member

    Hi, i need to enrol my gal in pre-nursery next year. I am looking for Church kindergarten aroung ang mo kio or yio chu kang (near AMK) which conduct Pre nursery education. Can anyone help.... URGENT Please.. Thank alot !
  48. bbrooster

    bbrooster New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Cutie Cute</font>
    Just want to share some info here.

    My girl is in Ascension Kindergarten Pre-nursery this year. And there should be school bus from AMK. We belong to the last phase and my hb went to queue at 6+ in the morning last year and he was 8th in the queue.

    Or you can check out Marymount Kindergarten. There's also school bus from AMK.

    <font color="0000ff">Registration Dates for Ascension:</font>

    <font color="0000ff">PHASE 1: 15 April 2008, Tuesday</font>
    For children whose brother(s)/sister(s) is currently a pupil of the Ascension Kindergarten or Ascension Kindercare.

    <font color="0000ff">PHASE 2: 17 April 2008, Thursday</font>
    (A)For children whose parents are Anglican Church Members, (pls bring baptism cert or letter from Pastor of the Church concerned); and

    (B)For children whose:
    i. Sibling(s) is a former pupil of the Ascension Kindergarten or Ascension Kindercare;
    ii)Parent(either) is a former student of St Andrews, St Margaret's, St Hilda's School or Ascension Kindergarten; and
    iii) Parent is an employee in St Andrew's Village.

    (Please bring along documentary proof e.g.School Leaving Certificate, Kindergarten Progress Report, Letter from employer etc.)

    <font color="0000ff">PHASE 3: 18 April 2008 (Friday)</font>
    On first-come-first-served basis
    Children who are not eligible for Phases 1 and 2.

    Registration fees (non-refundable) S$53.50

    Bring along:

    (a) Original and one copy of the child's Birth Cert/PR cert

    (b) One recent passport size photograph of the child

    (c) Both parents' ICs/Employmemnt Pass

    (d) And necessary documents stated above (for those under Phase 2)

    School Fees per term is S$650 and S$45.50 GST. Total fees S$695.50/term.
    I think for Marymount Kindergarten is S$700+/term.

    There is an open house in mid-May in Ascension Kindergarten.

    Hope the above info helps.
  49. tweety_mom

    tweety_mom New Member

    hi, any comments about covenant kindergarten in Paya lebar methodist church along boundary road?

    Pls share. tks
  50. vader

    vader New Member


    Thanks for your reply. Does the kindy have a playground??

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