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I need a body massage, my body feel very weak..last time used to have it with a lady from Batam but lost touch...anyone here knew anybody who does that? And what's the price like?


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I did my post-natal massage with an Indonesian lady (a friend and neighbour of my mom). She charges $500 for 10, 2 hours sessions (+/- 15 mins). She also does other massages besides the post-natal ones. My aches and pains after delivery disappeared after 3 sessions.

She speaks little english though, so you'll have to speak to her simply.

Do PM me for her contact if you are interested.


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I have a contact. She's a local malay lady name Zie. Her hp 90089114.

Hope she can help you relieve those knots...



I have a very good thailand massage lady charging only S$50 for 2 hours. PM me and i will give you her contact number
i tried one ML during my first pregnancy quite expensive. $67 per one hour session with no baby massage and no proper breast massage, which resulted in me getting mastisis from blocked ducts. she also postponed a few times, thereby delaying my course.

now delivering my second one soon, i tried another ML who advertised herself in motherhood mag. very cheap $50 for 90mins prenatal massage. was happy with her service after the first time and took up her postnatal package.

but it's been very frustrating after that. she did not turn up after fixing appointments with me 3 times in a row. resulting in me waiting and waiting, day after day, giving her the benefit of the doubt. so now i'm like aching everywhere.

she claimed to be sick and then having an accident, and finally also not turning up for the post-accident session without informing me and also ignoring my messages.

after these 2 bad experiences. i've decided to go for a spa. heading down to "babies bellies" since their prices with transport cost are still cheaper than my first freelance ML. i think at least I am assured that if the regular ML can't make it, they can get me a replacement. and since they are running a business, they should have a reputation to uphold and more credibility.


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my encounter with this lady call MONA...i think shes bullshit...massage is shiok but it doesnt really slim you down. the measurement she took is fake, she just move the measurement tape at different part of your body which makes you feel you really have slim down after the massage.

on top of the above, shes always not punctual and always change her appointment time. Shes very irresponsible.

always say shes very busy... wonder how true.

my friend and relative have so coincidentally tried her coz its dirt cheap so no harm trying and said her massage no strenght and not real massage. think she got no certificate. and she will tell you she can do only 5 coz shes so fully booked coz if you do longer and see no further results, then the bean will spill....

theres another encounter by one of the mummy, called her and Mona confirmed booking. before 15 mins tell you she cant make it and as for the next day booking, will let her know again. How can the next day booking to be advised right when she has already confirmed the 5sessions...gosh...think coz shes a second time mummy. She called her coz its dirt cheap and she just needs a massage for her back. As per my friend,same sentiment as me, she dont push uterus. just massage.

come to think of it...wonder if she has a certificate...and if have what certificate is that as its dangerous to get a unqualified masseur due to the vain they are pressing on..... scary...

think her business is gd coz its dirt mkt rate is 450 to just imagine hers is only $30+....


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this time,i used this lady, she is gd, she pushed my uterus up. The 1 had for my number 1 no gd. This lady massage me for 2 days n I can see my waistline and my tummy shrink. On the 4th day I carried by boy who is abt 12kg and my uterus drop back. I can feel the tremendous pain lucky I'm still having my massage n she pushed itcvack for me and the pain goes off. of course shes not cheap like Mona but it really pays to be more expensive "yi fen qian yi fen huo" haha

Ladies, tell u .... Never never carry heavy stuffs ok.. My boy fell from playpen I panic tats y I carry him...

this time i can control my bladder...since my 1st birth, i have this urine control problem coz i didnt push my uterus ladies...must do a proper massage ok....uterus is very important to us ladies...if it drop you will have to get it operated and remove i.e. cant have bb anymore....


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Oh forgot ... This recent masseur is call NOR 8100 5548. She holds a certificate.. Mkt rate is from $450 to $600 and She charges the min $450 for 7 sessions


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Hi ladies,

I just delivered my baby 2 weeks ago. I would like to ask if someone would recommend a good massage lady? I had engaged Siti Hana, she only did 2 massage and went missing in action. I rang her and sms her for a few days but she refused to answer nor reply to me. Sensing something is wrong, my confinement lady tried to ring her on my behalf, upon not recognising my CL's HP number, Siti answered the call, but when my CL asked about my massage appointment, she slammed down the phone and switch it off. I am really disappointed with Siti that she lives up to this bad reputation. Previously I was warned about her this type of irresponsible attitude, however, I still chose to use her, as I thought I should give someone a chance unless she proved herself unworthy. So now, she is really unworthy of my trust.

I need to find a new massage lady, appreciate if someone would recommend.

Thank you.


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Hi mummies,

if you are looking for malay massage, I'd like to recommend Nurin, HP: 96173994, to help with post-natal massage. She's friendly and does very good relaxing massages.
I chanced upon this thread and realised I never updated on my experience with Babies Bellies here.

My experience with them was the worst of all. Because of them, I wasted a lot of money seeing doctors and also my tummy could not slim down after that because of the problem caused by them. I would have appreciated it if they were more apologetic about it. But all I got was a whole lot of defensive talk and some little perks to compensate me.

I would say that after my various experiences, although I initially thought that a spa could give a replacement should the original one be sick, it doesn't really make a difference whether it's a ML or a spa. Most impt is to get a good recommendation and I think in comparison my first ML Suraya is much much better. She helped me to rid my water retention, push my womb back after I went shopping during confinement and also helped me to achieve a relatively smaller tummy.

And btw, the horrible MIA ML that I mentioned above is the same as the one Peace(ii) is talking about - Siti Hana. She's ridiculous, kept telling me she is sick then accident etc den totally MIA. I wrote another thread on her and another mother in the East also said she kena the same thing.

Please ladies check forums properly and don't become another victim. I can't believe that she is still at it and people still fall for her nonsense.