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IUI/SO-IUI: Anyone?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by xinyu, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Hi all, I am planning to start my SO-IUI in June cycle. Hope able to find somebody who going for this plan and encourage each other through this journey.
    Anyone currently on IUI/SO-IUI? Great if you can share yr experiences here.
    Anyone ttc more than a year, it is male's sperm factor and success through IUI/SO-IUI? Appreciate also if you can share yr ttc journey here.

  2. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi Xinyu,

    I've failed my 4 IUIs in the past 4 mths. Was considering going into SO-IUI or IVF in jun. now taking a break from everything as quite stressful to deal with the disappointment. R u seeing a pte or govt doctor?
  3. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Hi Babaleo, I am now trying to prepare myself to ready for the stress, disappointment and risk taking SO-IUI. I am seeing KKH's Dr Loh SF. How about u? Where you did yr IUI? For my case, all the test showed I am OK but my hubby's sperm count is quite low. So Dr Loh suggested either SO-IUI/IVF. I am not ready for the IVF yet and also it is very costly. What is yr problem? same as me?
  4. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi Xinyu,
    I did all my 4 IUI (continuously for 4 mths) with Dr LC Foong at Gleneagles . He is a nice doc, very gentleman. But unfortunately, din succeed under him. I have mild pcos and endo. but dr said is not a problem as very mild. as my hubby, his sperm quality below norm. during my 3rd and 4th IUI, was put on clomid but body reacted very negatively towards clomid, having side effects (e.g. body burning, headaches, depression etc). dr oso mention if still cant succeed, may have to go through injections (i.e. SO-IUI) or IVF. decided to take a break 1st after my menses came last week, which confirmed my 4th IUI failed. thinking to go back and c dr in jun. it was really a blow. till now, i will still break down every now and then when being reminded of the failures. never know is so hard to have a child.

    cant deny confidence in dr wavered after 4 failures. so am considering whether shd switch doc and to keep the cost low. kkh is on my list. if change dr, was thinking of going to dr sheila loh or dr SF loh. heard got to wait very long to c dr sheila loh, so might consider dr SF loh. saw the good comments about him in other threads. how do u find him? i was told that if go kkh, i need to q very long, and a diff doc may attend to me on diff visits. Is that the case? dun like to keep changing doc. can share the experience in kkh?
  5. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Hi babaleo, can share yr hubby's sperm result here? How much you spent for each IUI cycle?

    The queue at Clinic D, KK is ok to me. Although my appointment at 11am, but I normally go there around 9am and able to see the doctor at 9.45am. I am under subsidy. But very lucky everytime seeing either consultant/senior consultant. Mayb they know I have a high chance going to IUI/IVF, so they treat me better. Need more business..hehee...

    KK only have SO-IUI and IVF/ICSI. Both of them non-subsidy. So have to pay full price. SO-IUI cost ard S$1.2k and IVF ard S$7k. Somemore, yr gynae may not attend you when doing the SO-IUI, have to see which doctor on duty tat day. Do you know much about SO-IUI? I call KK just now, asking about the medicine that need to take during SO-IUI. I dun want to take clomid, only want injection. But the nurse there said must take clomid + injection, if take only injection will over simulate. Do not make sense. I think I need to call Dr Loh and talk to him.
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  6. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Anyone taking SO-IUI/IVF under KKH? Please share yr experiences here. Thanks.
  7. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Sure, can share wif u on his results. but need to go hme and retrieve it, so will let u know 2nite. my iui cost $500+ each time and the consultation before iui is around $130 (including scans). heard from the other gals that the SO-IUI will cost around 2k+ for my dr. I'm oso checking out on the procedures for SO-IUI at my side. Will let u know if I hve any info.

    u mean at kkh, we won't b seeing the same doc every visit? This is really a drawback for me.
  8. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Babaleo, if under subsidy, you won't be seeing the same doc every visit. But it save a lot.
  9. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    does this mean if i go as a non-subsidised patient, i can get to c the same doc i specify? roughly how much is the difference? or the difference in $ only comes in the form of consultation fee, and the fees for the treatments apply across everybody?
  10. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Babaleo, u can go as a non-subsidised and c the same doc. The subsidised consultant fee is $20/visit. For non subsidised, senior consultant:First visit=$85, then $56. Only SO-IUI and IVF (the whole process) got no discount, same as private patient's fee.
  11. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Xinyu,as promised, just check on my hubby's SA results. Before we start on any chinese medication 10 mths bk, the morphology was 5%. According to the latest results last mth, it has increased to 12% after 10 mths of chinese medication and vitamin. However, this is still below the norm, which is 15%. How's your hb's case?

    Also thks for the info on kk's charges. Now have a clearer idea. Check with u: How's the waiting time at kk if to see dr sf loh? is dr loh good? even if go as pte patient, SO-IUI and IVF won't done by the same doc?
  12. cheval

    cheval New Member

    hi Xinyu & Babaleo,I am planning to start my IUI in June cycle too. I am happy to find that you gals are going for this plan, as this is my 1st IUI, I would like to know how to prepare our mind & body for this treatment.
  13. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi Cheval,
    Think I may not be the best person to tell u how to prepare our mind & body for this treatment since I've already failed mine 4 times [​IMG] Guess is just to learn to take things easy during the waiting period (2ww) and hope for the best. As for my case, think i need to deal with the disappointment that comes after that. Hope you won't have to encounter this. Just wondering, previously were u doing other treatment?
  14. diane

    diane New Member

    Hi Cheval

    I went thru IUI and hit jackpot for 1st kid and was successful only on 4th trial for 2nd. Re body prep, exercised everyday, went for foot reflex...basically felt good and healthy. I did that before my first but didn't follow healthy lifestyle when trying for 2nd...and then went on my exercise regime and that was when I was successful with 2nd kid..

    Re mind, know it sounds easy but not so in practice, TRY not to think about it after the IUI and get on with life. I didn't even suspect I was pregnant with my 1st and 2nd kids...
  15. cheval

    cheval New Member

    Hi Babaleo,
    this is my 1st experience in fertility program, I have miscarriage 2yrs ago after that we have ttc but no sign of getting pregnant, as I am not young anymore that why we would like to try IUI.

    Hi Diane,
    thank you for your information & encouragement, I try your way, and keep a healthy lifestyle, I am lazy person and don't do much excercise but I will TRY....BTW how old is your kids now?
  16. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Morning Ladies!!

    Babaleo, yr hubby's sperm morphology increased a lot. 12% very good already. Believe you should able to strike naturally with this figure. How about the density and motility? My hubby's sperm is quite bad. Morphology only 4%, density only 11 million.

    Because I am not pte patient. So not sure the waiting time for pte patient. As a subsidised patient, the waiting time is ard 45mins.

    Did yr gynae tell you the reason why the IUI failed?

    Hi Cheval, are you going for IUI or SO-IUI? Which hospital? May I know the cause of yr miscarriage 2yrs ago? I also have miscarriage 1.5yrs ago. It was blighted ovum. I am now 31yrs old. How about you?

    Hi Diane, Would like to know why you going for IUI? Male factor? Agree with you, healthy lifestyle is very important.
  17. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Hi Xinyu,</font>

    I've posted some info in IVF/ICSI/IUI - 2ww thread, posted on 13 April 2006. U may want to take a peep. I hv problem attaching the URL here for you. Sorry...

    I had SO-IUI at KKIVF in March. Succeed on 1st attempt. Gynae is Dr SF Loh. There's no male/female factor. Juz don't know why cannot strike. And I also done a lap last Oct to remove cysts.
  18. curious

    curious New Member

  19. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi gals,

    Xinyu : Coincidentally, me oso the same age as u. My gynae did not tell me the reasons of failure. Maybe we were not that lucky to strike that jackpot. Will get back to u on the density and motility when home 2nite. Is your hb taking chinese herbs to improve his condition?

    Cheval: Saw from other threads that if one is able to conceive but unfortunately went into miscarriage, at least this indicate the woman is "fertile". So dun be discouraged. unlike me, never even strike consolation prize. Or is the problem with ur hb?

    Hi Dianne, do u still exercise after your IUI? I was told that we shouldn't be doing too much exercise during the 2ww.

    Hi Curious, u were saying that u did ur SO-IUI with Dr SF Loh. Can I check with u on some qns on kkh
    - r u a pte patient?
    - how was the waiting time to c doc if I wan to specify the doc i wan to c?
    - is dr loh good and the service at kkh?
    - r u able to c the doc as soon as u call to make the 1st appt as understand that some popular docs need mths of advance notice?
    - will i be able to start SO-IUI after the 1st appt?
    - the whole procedure of SO-IUI is done by the doc or nurses?
    Sorry for asking so many questions as am considering whether to switch doc after 4 failures and thanks in advance!
  20. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Hi Curious, thanks for the info link. Is it a must to start with protocol (I) with clomid and injection? Last visit I went there and ask the nurse, she said must start with protocol (I). She said protocol (II) will overstimulate. Is this true? Dun understand why protocol (II) will over stimulate...
  21. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Hi Babaleo,</font>
    Sure. No worries, I'll help to answer everything that I know. [​IMG]

    <font color="0000ff">Re: r u a pte patient?</font>
    Ans: Initially I was a subsi-patient referred by Polyclinic. Subsi-patient cannot choose doctors; will be seen by any doctors on duty. But I was lucky to see Dr SF Loh on 1st my appt. Once I was on SO-IUI programme, KKH converted me to a pte patient.

    <font color="0000ff">Re: how was the waiting time to c doc if I wan to specify the doc i wan to c?</font>
    Ans: So far, my 1st appt with Dr Loh, eg. my appt at 10.10am, I got to see him at about 11am. But of course, I reached there earlier to wait lor. But if he's held up with IVF or other surgery, I think patients gotta wait longer. This is the same for pte gynae too.

    <font color="0000ff">Re: is dr loh good and the service at kkh?</font>
    Ans: So far, from checkup till now pregnant, I only saw him 3 times. Why only 3 times - cos once under SO-IUI programme, scannings done by the radiographer. Then let doctor reviewed the results will be any doctor on duty. I think there're 4 gynaes under KKIVF Centre seeing patients. So they'll rotate. Happened that only got to see Dr Loh 1 time during that programme. 3rd time was when I confirmed my pregnancy.

    Frankly speaking, don't know him very well yet. However he is very friendly and concern with all his patients. He response very quick in emails. My fren's mother saw him for surgery to remove womb &amp; she likes him too. Fyi, a few MTB's at IVF thread under him like him too.

    <font color="0000ff">Re: r u able to c the doc as soon as u call to make the 1st appt as understand that some popular docs need mths of advance notice?</font>
    Ans: KKH is not pte hospital. So u must understand that certain practices are very different. I gave birth my 1st child at GlenE. And initially I find that the system is totally different at KKH. Unlike pte gynaes, when make appt for any urgent matters, can go down immediately to see the gynae. For KKH any urgent matters, even though got appt prior arranged, still hv to go KK A &amp; E. Your date of 1st appt to see doc will also depend on his schedules. The KK appt hotline will give u an appt date.

    <font color="0000ff">Re: will i be able to start SO-IUI after the 1st appt?</font>
    Ans: This question I think only doctors can answer you. U hv to tell your doctor what u had gone thro previously etc...&amp; he'll decide for you.

    <font color="0000ff">Re: the whole procedure of SO-IUI is done by the doc or nurses?</font>
    Ans: Procedure is done by a gynae on duty. 1 KKIVF nurse will stand beside the doctor to assist.
  22. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi Xinyu,</font>
    You're most welcome. Me too come to this forum to learn &amp; understand more b4 my programme. We're here to share info together.

    Yes it is a must to use 1st protocol for 1st attempt. I was curious &amp; asked the KKIVF nurses too. Then nurse told me 1st attempt, try 1st protocol. But nobody tells me 2nd protocol will over-stimulate.

    Btw, pls excuse me if I'm wrong, I think 1st protocol will also over-stimulate. I was 1 example. I had clomid for 5 days &amp; puregon jabs for 5 days. Many follicles were stimulated &amp; doctor worried of OHSS initially &amp; advised me to cancel the entire programme. But I insisted to proceed.
  23. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Hi Curious, yup, I also think the 1st protocol will over stimulate too. Dun understand. i will email Dr Loh and check with him. Can I request to have a scan early before I finish the 5 puregon jabs? I really dun want to have this OHSS. How many follicles you have? They still allow you to proceed if the number of follicles > 3?
  24. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="119911">Xinyu,</font>
    U may try to request that &amp; see if they are agreeable. I didn't request for it cos I blur blur, 1st timer &amp; didn't know can stimulate so many. Oh...I mean, to me was considered as many.

    My 1st scan was scheduled on CD 10 (which was the day when I had 5th jab). Follicles > 10; 5 quite average sizes &amp; the rest smaller ones. Was told to jab for 1 more day &amp; scanned again the next day. Then on CD 11, those 5 average sizes became big ones, 3 average sizes &amp; some smaller ones.

    Smaller ones are too small so ok. But those big ones....doctor on duty that day was Dr Seng. He quite worried of my case &amp; said may hv high risks of multiples. My HB &amp; I thot for a while &amp; insisted we proceed. I requested to convert to IVF instead but doc said if IVF, no. of follicles still considered not much. Told me not to waste the IVF money. So we proceeded.

    Usually HCG jab to trigger ovulation will be done at 8pm. This was what I read fr other ladies here. But Dr Seng ordered immediate HCG jab for me. And told the nurse to reduce dosage from 5000iu to 3000iu. He said this may help to reduce the chances of getting multiples. Cos 3000iu, the biggest 2 follicle will burst. He said ok, let them burst. And will 'focus' on the other 3 slightly smaller but equally big follicle.

    So-IUI procedure done on the next morning. So I only scanned twice.
  25. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Seems that all of us hv the same fate. I also TTCing since last yr and found out lately that its a male factor and i do suspect there is female factor involved coz of my irregular menses and i dun ovulate at all.

    My HB SA is v bad that i cried the whole month and to the extent that we can really communicate at all. His morphology is only 1%, sperm count is only 5.6 and motility is only 2%. Right now, doc put him on vit E and tribestan only.

    Till nw, I hvn had the courage to seek further help coz my hubby doesn seem bothered at all and I really dun want to face the music alone only. Perhaps i m scared of failure. Another thing is also that i just changed jobs only 1.5mth ago. Not too sure if its right to start any treatment and if really jackpot, it will look bad on me coz prob is 6mths till sept.

    Not too sure if you had the same problems as me?
  26. diane

    diane New Member

    Hi cheval, xinyu

    Kids are 7 and 2 now. Was one of those unexplained cases, both of us are fine. Maybe stress. Maybe wrong timing.

    No exercise after IUI. Rested for 2 days post IUI, then go on with normal but not vigorous life until time of month comes and then starts exercise until mid cycle and starts IUI again.
  27. cheval

    cheval New Member

    Hi Xinyu,
    I am going for IUI with Raffles hospital. There no specific causes it considers as missed abortion because no heartbeat detected.

    Hi Babaleo,
    Could be male factor cos HB sperm quality not so good, my gynae said still got chance to get pregnant naturally, however we dont want to wait that why we want to go for IUI. have you decided which gynae to go for your next cycle?
  28. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi Curious, really thks a lot for your info. In addition, do u know anything on at TPS at KK? Is SO-IUI available at TPS?

    Xinyu, my hb's motility is 39%. really dunno what when wrong. maybe this is "unexplained infertility", despite of my mild pco n endo n his slightly poor quality sperm.

    Hi Tweetie,
    in my personal view, feel that u shd see a gynae/fertility expert asap. u shdn't delay as ttc may b a long journey n treatment will take time to take effect. Esp u were saying that u suspect u may have some problem, so got to seek help immediately to rectify the problem. for me, I have ttc for 3-4 yrs (married for 5 yrs) but yet nothing came out of it. went for 4 IUI but fail. so it may not be a success on the 1st attempt. but if u really hit jackpot, this is your blessing which many of us r still waiting for our turn. we can find new jobs any time, but as for baby, sometimes is not really up to us. But if u r still very young, probably u still can hold back on ur ttc plan if u want to concentrate on ur job. Even so, think u shd still seek help to rectify your female factor or build up ur health so that when u r ready for a child, u won't have to waste too much time.
  29. curious

    curious New Member

    Hi Babaleo,
    No, SO-IUI in KK, you've to go to KKIVF Centre. TPS is for those pregnant ladies going there for their routine antenatal checkups.
  30. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi babaleo,

    Thanks for analysing my situation. I share the same thoughts as you but everytime when I really think of doing it. $$ just holds me back. I think of so much we hv to spend just to hv a child and it seems that doing it on a single income is just impossible.

    Tats also what my friends told me as well... Job is afterall a job only... n u can look for it anytime whereas health is > impt. One yr delay could mean less prob of hitting jackpot.

    I tot abt it last night and will prob see a gynae again in June to c what other options he could help me with.

    Actually, i tink u dun hv a lot of problems...perhaps, its due to stress. Y dun u go for holiday and get away from the bustle here. Mayb that will help?
  31. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Hi Tweetie, same as what Babaleo said, u should seek treatment asap because we all "gua lai ren". Previously I also think career is very improtant, only start ttcing 1.5yrs ago after married for 3yrs. 1st try hit the jackpot but miscarriage (no heartbeat detected). Then no news after that.

    Babaleo, sometime we really can't explain why we can't get pregnant. Although my hubby got slightly poor quality sperm, but I able to strike on 1st try 1.5yrs ago. Why now it seem so difficult...
    You said you got mild pcos and endo. How you found out? blood test or scan? Any symptoms?

    Curious, appreciated yr info. So u are expecting singleton or multiples? How many weeks are u now? Did you BD before/after IUI?
  32. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Curious, few more questions. Do you have regular menses? cycle length? which CD u normally ovulated? I plan to have a early scan before CD10. Really dun want to over stimulate. No good for my ovaries. I remember correctly the KKIVF's nurse said I can have as many scan as I want if I have time to go down there. Did KK give u OPK to test for ovulation before IUI?
  33. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Xinyu,</font>
    You're most welcome [​IMG] I'm abt 8 wks now, expecting a singleton. No we didn't BD b4 or after IUI cos HB said many follicles already, scared of having multiples.

    Yes, I hv regular menses, cycle length abt 29-32 days. I'm not sure when I ovulate cos everytime monitor on my own, unable to conceive.

    Yes, hv to buy OPK from KKIVF everytime due for scan. B4 IUI no need test OPK liao, cos you'll be given a HCG jab to trigger ovulation the day b4. So sure to ovulate already.

    Btw, if u worry of over-stimulation, perhaps juz try normal IUI. Normal IUI is without jabs..so won't stimulate so many. The most 1-2. But KKIVF doesn't have. Normal IUI have to do it at pte gynae. SO-IUI is known as 'super-ovulation'. So very high chances of over-stimulating leh.
  34. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi Curious,
    Thanks a lot for the info! It helps a lot in the decision-making. Now am considering whether I shd stick to my gynae and try 1 round of SO-IUI before proceeding to kkh. by the way, is it really a must to have all these injections and clomid even if we have regular menses and r ovulating? or these are needed to increase the no of follicles in order to increase the chances in hitting the jackpot? worried that i may not be able to take the clomid as have taken before in my last 2 IUIs and suffered side effects.

    Hi Xinyu,
    My pcos and endo r confirmed by Dr Chris Chen from his scans. I dun really have much symptons since I have regular menses of reasonable duration. The JE sinseh said that I can put on weight easily which is one of the symptons, and I dun deny in that. No wonder since young, I always have this feeling that I can put on weight even by drinking plain water.

    Hi Tweetie,
    Know that my hb's condition althou is below norm, but shd still be able to succeed naturally. but it just din happen. we've tried going for holiday, but it din help. so really dunno what went wrong. guess now is getting more n more difficult since he's so bz with work and overseas trips till I hardly see him. Previously when we were doing IUI, managed to persuade him to be around on that specific day and I just need his specimen in the morning of IUI and the rest I will follow up. I was trying to console myself that I'm paying the $ to buy a hope. But unfortunately, all the hopes were shattered...
  35. curious

    curious New Member

    Patpat...[​IMG] pls stay positive &amp; cheerful ok? I'm sure you'll be blessed by a healthy bb soon! I too tried for abt 3yrs after my 1st child. But cannot. [​IMG]

    Yes, regular menses &amp; can ovulate still need to go for jabs &amp; clomid. You hv to tell your gynae that you had side effects on clomid etc. Tell him everything so that he is able to help you.

    Btw, whose your current gynae? U may wan2 see another gynae for 2nd opinion to confirm your PCOS &amp; Endo diagnosis. Cos I also saw JE sinseh yrs back &amp; was faithfully taking her medicine etc. Also saw Dr Chris Chen &amp; both of them said I've PCOS. And I always thot I have it. Until last yr, when I went to another gynae for a laparoscopy to remove cysts, that gynae looked inside my womb etc &amp; confirm I'm not PCOS! He said PCOS pple won't hv regular menses! But mine is always regular!

    I'm not trying to condemn any doctor etc...juz suggesting to u to seek 2nd or even 3rd opinion to confirm some diagnosis.

    After my lap, that gynae suggested me to go for GnRH jabs to stop menses fr coming cos I also hv mild endo. This jab is something like a 'false menopause'. But hv to jab for 4-6 mths. I didn't jab. I went to see 4 gynaes for opinions (pte &amp; govt), whether I shld jab or not. Till I saw a KK gynae, she said 1 of my solution is no need jab, try to quickly conceive. If strike, 9 mths no menses, endo &amp; cysts will not come. Will further delay the regrowth if I breastfeed after giving birth.

    I heeded her advice &amp; am very thankful of her suggestion. So I tried TTC naturally for 3 mths after lap, but still couldn't conceive. That's why I tried SO-IUI on the 4th mth &amp; conceive on 1st attempt.

    Believe in miracle. [​IMG] As it does happen! Pls don't give up hope ok. Initially my hubby also not very keen in assisted programme. Even TTC, he also very fedup cos I kept monitoring my O days but still dunno how to catch the right time. I was also crying every mth when I see menses. And keep asking myself why cannot.

    Give your HB some time to think abt it. Wait for a good opportunity when he's in good mood, then talk to him abt your opinion. Hope your dreams come true! [​IMG]
  36. mk

    mk Guest

    Hi Curious

    I am new to this forum

    Can I ask from you abt the success factors of having a successful iui? for me I have three egg follicles after scanning and my husband sperm count normal but mortility not so good

    anyway we proceeded with iui with dr chris chen at gleneagles now waiting for results

    how do you learn to stay positive and cheerful?

  37. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi Babaleo,

    Thanks... I will seriously consider gg to gynae once my hubby goes for his 2nd round of SA test nxt mth and then c what we should nxt.

    So sianz at work esp when my mind is bogged with so many worries!
  38. curious

    curious New Member

    oh...good luck to u!! BB dust for u!![​IMG][​IMG]

    sorry I'm not sure what are the factors. i think I'm juz lucky. throughout the programme, i'm like blur blur...cos everything happened too fast to me. I merely followed doctor's &amp; nurses instructions.

    how to stay positive &amp; cheerful - well the 2WW is really not easy. i hv my elder child to busy with. so time flies! towards end of 2WW, I got very nervous too &amp; I read some religious books to calm myself lor.

    I think, during the 2WW, jus do anything which makes u happy, listening music, knitting, learn cooking or whatever.... And don't think of the outcome of IUI. Best is to forget the test date. Juz set an alarm on your hp on when's the test date. Then try to forget abt it &amp; juz relax. U can also visit this 2WW thread &amp; chat with the ladies there...http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/cgi-bin/forumboard/show.cgi?tpc=5&amp;post=1639492#POST1639492
  39. mk

    mk Guest

    Hello Curious,

    Where did you go to do your fertility treatments? U r really lucky for 1st timers....

    I also hope that I could be like you.

    Just dun think abt it is quite difficult though.....will try to stay happy and cheerful regardless of results.

    Did you also visit Dr Chris Chen before at Gleneagles?

    Write to me soon.

    Just need someone to encourage and give positive news during these 2WW.

  40. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Hi MK,</font>
    Yes I saw Dr Chris Chen b4, few yrs ago. In fact I went to see many gynaes b4 my laparoscopy &amp; SO-IUI.

    Fertility treatments? U mean SO-IUI? I did at KKH.

    Try your best not to stress yourself &amp; think too much during this 2WW. Keep yourself mentally busy, watch TV programmes etc...and time flies very fast. GOOD LUCK!! [​IMG]
  41. mk

    mk Guest

    Hi Curious,

    Why did you switch gynae? Is Dr Chris Chen not the best?

    Are you a full time homemaker?

    Okay.....be positive and happy always....think for the best.....

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  42. curious

    curious New Member

    No, cannot say switch gynae...cos I went around S'pore to see many gynaes specialise in Infertility to get opinions. I didn't switch. Dr Chris Chen was 1 of them.

    I'm working.
  43. mk

    mk Guest

    Curious, wow!! So you must have done a very comprehensive research of the many gynaes that specialise in infertility.

    Who do you recommend is the best when comes to fertility treatments? Understand each gynae is different in their skills and specialization.

    Do you know any information regarding the CARE centre at Paragon, according to what I know, is Paul Tseng from TCM. Heard from my colleague that he is also doing all the infertility treatments.

    Let me know more. Thanks for sharing.

    Well, I really admire you as you can work and at the same time, receive fertility treatments. I thought over through more evasive fertility treatments which may cause side effects and subsequently, resulting in one having to leave the workplace. So, I just pray that I can work and start a family at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing.
  44. babaleo

    babaleo New Member

    Hi Curious,
    Really thanks a lot for your support n encourgement. I really appreciate that as think a lot of pple like me really need a lot of these at this time. Trying to hang on as long as i can. Was telling one of the gals in other thread i'm more worried that my hb will give up before me as he's facing stress from work and me. After much talking to u n other gals in this forum, more or less I've made up my mind. Would go back to my current gynae (Dr LC Foong from Gleneagles) in Jun/Jul to try 1 round of SO-IUI. If still can't succeed, will then switch to kkh.

    Same as u, am seeing JE sinseh, then followed by Dr Chris Chen to confirm on the PCOs and endo. Think my current gynae oso detected but according to him, mine is not very serious. Thats y I oso dun understand y I have all these when my menses is always so regular. So ironical.

    Btw, do u think is advisable to take leave from work if undergoing SO-IUI? i'm worried that we've to go for injections or have any physical discomfort due to injection. Actually trying to save my leave in the event that I need to do IVF. hopefully I dun have to reach to the stage of IVF, but just have to be prepared [​IMG]
  45. curious

    curious New Member

    Hi babaleo,
    No problem [​IMG]

    I didn't take any leave fr work during SO-IUI treatment. When I went KKIVF for scans, see gynae etc...I request an excuse chit fr the doctor. That's all.

    It's not advisable to waste your leave now. Compare to IVF, SO-IUI is really nothing. The jabs are done every morning b4 u go work &amp; only for abt 5 days or so. I didn't experience any physical discomfort at work. Only when jabbing part, a bit pain like ant bite. That's all.

    On IUI day, I got MC fr doctor to rest at home. Then back work next day. Perhaps u can save your leave for later. I mean maybe U wish to rest more after your IUI or something. But then again, if possible, get MC fr your gynae...try not to waste your leave. All the best! [​IMG]

    Yes Paul Tseng is a Infertility Specialist. However I didn't go to him. I prefer GlenE, Mt E &amp; KKH.

    Sorry I'm unable to recommend whose the best as each of them has their own gd points.
  46. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    Babaleo, yr blood test normal (FSH, LH, E2)? As I know, from blood test also can know whether got pcos or not. Do you have cramp/pain during menses? how yr menses flow?

    Curious, who did the jabs for you? yr hubby? I am so scare, dun know hubby can perform a good job or not. Did you feel bloated/pain after IUI? What is yr progestrone level(hormone level, 7 days after iui)?

    MK, yr one is IUI or SO-IUI? Have you done the Progestrone Blood Test (7 days after IUI)? Crossed my fingers and toes for you.
  47. mk

    mk Guest


    Mine was I think IUI, or AI, according to Prof Chen at Gleneagles. Did you have to do the Progestrone Blood Test? Prof Chen did not advise me on that but I have to see him 2 WW latesr. Do you know what is the purpose of doing the Progestrone Blood Test?

    Have you underdone such fertility treatments before? And where is your usual gynae treatments?


    Do you know anything abt CARE at Paragon? Can I ask the reasons for not going to Paul Tseng? If you can share with me.

  48. curious

    curious New Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Xinyu,</font>

    My husband jabbed for me. Immediately after IUI, I felt nothing except very lethargic. Then slept whole day on the day of IUI. Towards last few days of 2WW, then tummy swell slightly bigger. Then I called up KKIVF nurse to enquire, they told me to go down for bHCG test. That was D13 after IUI.

    My P4 level was 169.

    <font color="0000ff">MK,</font>
    I don't know abt CARE. I didn't go to Paul Tseng cos location of clinic not convenient for me. That's all.
  49. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    MK, I not sure a about normal IUI. But SO-IUI normally will do a progestrone blood test 7 days after IUI. Progestrone is to check whether you ovulate or not and to make sure you got enough hormone to support the pregnancy.
    I am going for 1st SO-IUI in June. Never underdone any IUI/IVF before.
    I am under KKH subsidy patient. Switched from SGH Dr Yu. Seeing Dr Sadhana on 1st visit. Recommended me to do HSG and Day 2 blood tests. Then Seeing Dr SF Loh on my last two visits. Gave some vitamins to my hubby and re-do the SA in 2 months time. Total three times visit at KKH and going for SO-IUI. Mine one mainly is male factor. So far can't find anything wrong with me. I did quite a number of tests at SGH (progestrone blood test, Day 21 ultrasound, saline ultrasound,...)
  50. xinyu

    xinyu New Member

    curious, I just got a reply from Dr Loh. He replied my email quite fast. He said I can choose Protocol II if I dun want to take clomid. He said normally 1st cycle is with protocol 1 because clomid is cheaper. I also can request an early ultrasound monitoring to minimise overstimulation.

    Your gynae in-charged that day (on yr IUI day) made a good decision to trigger the 2 big follicles first and focused on the average size one. If there are 4 big follicles and no more other sizes's follicles, will they cancel the process? Or we can request to continue?

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