Unexplained Infertility


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Anyone in the same boat?

Just to share my profile:
TTC since 2019 at age 29, Husband 28.
Both of us did fertility tests at KKH from end of 2019 till early 2020. All results came back normal for both. I have no PCOS or anything, husband sperm is strong (was told during the IVF cycle)

Doctor ruled as unexplained infertility suggested to try naturally till end 2020.
Did 2 rounds of SO-IUI in Q1 2021, failed.
Just started 1st cycle of IVF in Sep. Currently 2 days post fresh transfer of an early day 5 blastocyst. Not pinning high hope though I really wish it will succeed this round.

Anyone has recommendations for alternative treatments/therapy for unexplained infertility?
Is there any other tests we can do besides those offered at KKH?
I highly suggest Dr Regina of GynaeMD Clementi. She's very hands-on and she really helped us deal with infertility. You can check out her clinic if you're interested.