Has anyone claim insurance for missed miscarriage?


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Hi! I would like to check if there is anyone managed to get claim from insurance for missed miscarriage for general hospitalisation plan?

Not as charged. My hositalization, surgery charges, and gynae charges yes, but I cannot really reca exactly what couldnt claim. Maybe the biopsy. But i managed to claim more than half the charges


Private insurance don't cover missed miscarriage. Anything below week 13 is not claimable. You can only use your medisave to deduct max $1950. Any balance must be in cash.

Even medishield or medishield life don't cover maternity package. So if your missed miscarriage is done in a pte hospital, you will have to pay a whole chunk of sum in cash.

I am caught in such situation and was shocked that nothing was covered as long bb was lost before 13 weeks.. So is like a LL situation. Emotional and financial stress...

As for corporate, not every companies pay for it. For my company, it do not.