H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

Name: Jasline (Jas)
Email: [email protected]
Address: Will email you.
Contact number: Will email you.

Article Number : 66-7916
Size: 6-8
Item name: Cardigan with a shawl collar
URL: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/00648?article=00648-B#article=00648-H
Color: Beige
Qty: 1
Price: £7.49
If OOS: Drop Order

Total No. of Items: 1
Total in SGD : £7.49 x 2.2 = SG$16.48

Possible to use the amount that I transferred on 21 Sep 2013 09:47 AM for the first payment of this item?
Is it ok if I top up the balance during the 2nd payment?

Many Thanks!
Jasline: thanks for yr order. No problem, just transfer with 2nd payment :)

Tjaine: sorry no. Unless u are in England, can come to my place and collect :)
my orders. sorry about it.

if the 1st item OOS, drop all orders. let me know, will choose again. thanks.

Article Number : 73-5952
Item name: Cushion cover
URL: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/09625?article=09625-B#shopOrigin=SA
Color: natural white, dark grey
Qty: 1
Price: £1.99 x 2
If OOS: Drop Order

Article Number : 71-5319
Item name: Cotton cushion cover
URL: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/11983?article=11983-A#article=11983-A
Color: black, grey
Qty: 1
Price: £3.99 x 2
If OOS: Drop Order

Article Number : 66-5964
Item name: Chinos
URL: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/10901?article=10901-B#article=10901-A
Color: green
Size: 9-12M
Qty: 1
Price: £2.99
If OOS: black

if can get 25%, then order this dress.
Article Number : 74-4083
Item name: Viscose dress
URL: http://www.hm.com/gb/product/16443?article=16443-A#article=16443-B
Color: natural white
Size: 10
Qty: 1
Price: £19.99
If OOS: black
total: (1.99 x 2) + (3.99 x 2) + 2.99 + (19.99 x 0.75) x 2.2 = 65.87

To Account POSB Savings
071-38401-2 dawnb
Transfer Currency and Amount S$65.87
Transaction Reference 11447589786
Beemom & Celeste144: Transfers received with thanks, orders placed! Will drop u a mail when items are with me in the UK.

Jasline: The cardigan is OOS in yr size.. :(
Beemom: all in stock.
Celeste144: item 1 is OOS in all colours and sizes.
A delivery has been received. 2nd payment mail sent to:

wwh & toosy: transfers received with thanks! Orders placed, will drop u a mail when yr items are with me. All items have 10% disc :)
how do we apply the 10percent off? is it apply for the sale and regular price? can i email you my order? when will this spree closed?
thanks, marlene
Hihi Marlene,
Just multiply yr order total for non sale items by 0.9, then 2.2 for ex rate. There is no further discount for items already on sale, and i believe the designer collaborations as well.
Yes u can email me yr order if u'd like :) [email protected]
Spree closes end of the month :)
Dressing up time!

posting order on behalf of Kenhia:

Size : 4-6y
Colur : green
Size : 4-6y
Colour : Multistriped
Size : 6-8
Colour : Burgundy
Size : 8
Colour : red
Size : 6-8
Colour : black
if oos, pls drop.
(£62.96 x 0.9) +£9 = £65.66 x 2.22 = SGD145.77
ref : 11522816804
transferred 11 Oct 2013
Kenhia: Items ordered, all with 10% disc except the sale embroidered top (gbp9). The red brocade dress was OOS. :)
posting on behalf of kenhia:

1. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/08529?article=08529-A#article=08529-F
Art.No. 65-3152
size : XL
colour : dark green.
2. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/08572?article=08572-H
Art.No. 69-9463
size : 5-6yr
colour : red
3 http://www.hm.com/gb/product/08572?article=08572-H#article=08572-C
Art.No. 69-9440
size : 5-6yr
colour : khaki green
4 http://www.hm.com/gb/product/14013?article=14013-A
Art.No. 73-8155
size : 5-6yr
colour : light denim blue
total : £7 + (£21.97 x 0.9) = £26.77 x 2.2 = SGD58.89
Kenhia: additional orders orderd, with 10% off on non sale items. No OOS. Red dress is still OOS. :)
Hi Dawn,

Please see below my orders and kindly advise account number for transferring.

Lastly, will when the stuff arrived?

1. [url]http://www.hm.com/gb/product/18092?article=18092-A#article=18092-A[/URL]
Art.No. 67-3047
size : 2-4Y
colour : Grey

2. [url]http://www.hm.com/gb/product/12887?article=12887-A#article=12887-A[/URL]
Art.No. 75-9542
size : 12-18M
colour : Demin Blue

3. [url]http://www.hm.com/gb/product/14673?article=14673-B#article=14673-B[/URL]
Art.No. 76-0011
size : 1½-2Y
colour : Light Pink

4. [url]http://www.hm.com/gb/product/11802?article=11802-E#article=11802-E[/URL]
Art.No. 76-1845
size : 12-18M
colour : Dark Blue

5. [url]http://www.hm.com/gb/product/96962?article=96962-U#article=96962-U[/URL]
Art.No. 65-0433
size : 12-18M
colour : Pink/Spotted

6. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/96962?article=96962-U#article=96962-U
Art.No. 65-0433
size : 12-18M
colour : Dark Blue/Spotted

7. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/96962?article=96962-U#article=96962-U
Art.No. 65-0433
size : 12-18M
colour : Dark Blue

8. http://www.hm.com/gb/product/96962?article=96962-U#article=96962-U
Art.No. 66-9257
size : 1-2Y
colour : Light Pink

For items 5,6 and 7 is 3 items for the price of 2.

Total : £46.93 x 2.2 = SGD103.25
josiekimmy: Thanks for your order, acc to transfer to is POSB sav 071384012. Provided everything is in stock upon ordering, it should take 2-3 weeks to reach u in SG :)

Sherlyn T : Spree is open :) U can place an order for the item, it sometimes gets dispatched earlier than expected.
Hi Dawn,

Please see below my payment details.

Funds Transfer to Other DBS/POSB A/C
18 Oct 2013 06:21 PM Singapore

Your transaction has been completed.
You may wish to print out a copy of this confirmation for your reference.

From AccountDBS Savings Plus

To AccountPOSB Savings
071-38401-2 Dawnb
Transfer Currency and AmountS$103.25
Transaction Reference11550740059
Jkim : Transfer received with thanks! Order placed. Will start a conversation in forum with u when items are with me :)

My spree computer has died, and i have got a new one. No data was lost, however i will appear to be abit slow as am grappling with using the new chromebook.

A delivery has been made by H&M, will send out 2nd payment emails over the next two days :)