Loccitane USA Spree


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Please join this spree only if you are comfortable with the T&Cs below:
Rate of Exchange: US$1 = SG$1.43 (to be adjusted if CC charge higher)
Take note: cannot take in orders for oil or alcohol based item or spray item cannot be cleared by Singapore customs.
Self collection: Tampines east station no more self collection due to pandemic
Only by courier


How to spree with me!
1) Provide me with your information.
2) Fill up merchandise details.
3) Provide transfer information, including amount and ref no or Internet banking transfer nick (Please use your SMH nick)
4) Wait for my confirmation email - Which will be send to you after I've close the spree within 3 working days if you have provide your email. I'll post on thread too.
5) Wait for my shipping fee email - Which will be send to you when the package is ready to mail out.

Terms and Conditions :
`- No payment, No orders, kindly transfer the funds after placing orders. So I can close the spree ASAP, Use the latest formula for calculations.
`- Please proceed to pay. No payment no orders

For those who cannot post their items here, please email me at [email protected]

There are two payments:
1) Cost of the items
2) Shipping charge by actual weight

International shipping charges and shared among spreeists based on weight/bulkiness of order

Please avoid purchasing bulk items as they tend to incur higher shipping charges

Payment mode:
Please transfer the payment to the below bank account as stated

UOB savings aaccount: 371-381-305-0
Kindly email me at [email protected] with the order format (see below) after payment transfer. (Please use your NICK when transferring, indicate which bank account you transferred to, transaction no. and the amount.

Collection mode:
1) courier only
Please use this format to order please follow strictly
Order Format
Nick :
Mobile Number : pm me
Email address : pm me
Collection mode :
Item No: #01
Name of the Item:
Web link (URL):
Price: USD$[AAA] x 1.43 = SGD [BBB]
Alternative if item is OOS:
`- I reserve the right to cancel this spree due to poor response.
`- You need to check the forum for confirmation of orders and shipping updates, I'll post the updates once I've the information.
Only by courier at $5

Waiting Time :
- Approximately 3-4 weeks after spree is closed.

Placing of order :
Kindly email me [email protected] if you cannot place order here.

Please transfer the funds once you place your order to prevent delays in closing,
Kindly provide your email so that I can inform you when your things arrived