H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-


Please help to order the following if the spree is still on.
Name: Babythoughts

1. Art.No. 38-3537
Size: 12-18mth
Item Name: Polo Shirt – Grey

2. Art.No. 37-8391
Size: 12-18mth
Item Name: Cotton shorts - Blue/Checked
3. Art.No. 39-4310
Size: 2-4 mths
Item Name: Jersey Dress With Puff Pants - White/Purple
4. Art.No. 39-9924
Size:4-6 mths
Item Name: Jersey Dress With Puff Pants - Natural white
5. Art.No. 36-7539
Size: 6-9 mths
Item Name: Tiered Polo Dress - Light Pink

If any item OOS: (drop)

Total: £27.95 * 2.20 = SGD 61.49

Will IB payment tonight. Thank you!

Babythoughts: transfer received with thanks!

murakiki & babythoughts: Order placed! nothing was OOS. :) Will let u know when i have your item with me in the UK.


Please help to order the following if the spree is still on.
Name: jlb23

1. Art. No. 38-8801
Size: 4-6Y
Item Name: All-in-one swimsuit UPF 50 £7.99 (Using Discount Code: 1319, please do not order if code is not working)

2. Art. No. 32-4916
Size: 6-8Y
Item Name: Cap with a print £4.99

3. Art. No. 34-8559
Size: S
Item Name: Jersey pyjamas £8

If any item OOS: (drop)

Total: £20.98 * 2.20 = SGD 46.16

Will IB payment later, thanks :)
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timmialy: Thank you for your order and transfer, but the bag is OOS..only left dk mole colour. If you PM me yr acc details, will refund you.
mummy_2007: thanks for your order and transfer. Item 2 is a pattern blouse in beige? It is completely out of stock. Do you wanna choose others, proceed with one item, or cancel order?
timmialy: brown and black are OOS. the only colour left is Dark Mole, which is a greyish colour. Was that the colour you were referring to?
ttgc: kindly transfer $54.98 to POSB sav 071384012 to confirm.

Will be away till Sunday. Dont panic if i dont reply to mails :)