If u r looking for a good TCM for your kids, pls go to HERBALONE at royal square

Tan Family

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kids nowadays always has issue of rhinitis & bronchitis, and most parents will bring their kids to paediatricians for treatment and will be given nebulizer, steroids, anti-histamine etc. My child used to expose to such western treatment when he is small too. However, after I came to know of HERBALONE TCM, I decided to make a change in my children' health. I remember there was once my child finished 1 bottle of paracetamol, his fever still up and down after few days. I felt its so scary to keep feeding my child with paracetamol. I hence brought my child to consult physician at HERBALONE & was given tuina & baby cupping. The fever amazingly subsided after 1 session. Their cough treatment was awesome too with only 3 sessions of bio-light treatment that is pain-free. I strongly recommended HERBALONE TCM clinic if you are thinking to seek 2nd opinion with TCM. Clinic address as follows : 101 IRRAWADDY ROAD #18-10 S(329565)