H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

2nd payment conversations started/emails sent to:


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blossombelle: Transfer received with thanks! Order placed and noted about courier. Will start a conversation with u once yr item is with me in the UK :)
A delivery has been received by H&M.

josiekimmy & blossombelle: 2nd payment conversations started.

wwh : 2nd payment email sent. :)
Batch 33 open for order :)

win_mum: Yes yrs is the first in the batch. kindly transfer to confirm :) POSB sav 071384012
U dont need to consolidate more orders, but kindly be aware that courier charge is flat $5 whether 1 item or 10. Self collection is also possible as stated in spree t/c :)
Article Number : 69-9141
Size: 6-12mths
Item name: Set. Hat+Scarf £4.99
Qty: 2
If OOS: drop

Total in SGD : (5 x 2.2) x2 = SGD$22
Adelinech: transfer received with thanks, order captured!

Graciie: Thanks for your order. Kindly proceed to transfer to POSB sav 071384012. :)
adelinech, zelia, kenhia: transfers received with thanks, order placed! :)

Zelia: Item 3-top with a print is OOS.

Accepting orders....50% off sale ended. :)
Name: Xuan Xi 1022
Email: (pm me) - will pm you
Address: (pm me) - will pm you
Contact number: (pm me) - will pm you

Article Number : 72-5092
Size: 8-9y (pink)
Item name: - Patterned dress £5.99
Qty: 1
If OOS: may i know what is this?

Article Number : 75-4792
Size: 5 to 8 Y (green)
Item name: Checked shirt £7.99
Qty: 1
If OOS: (default is drop. No last minute OOS requests will be entertained if left blank.)
Hi Dawnb,

Please order for me. Thanks.

Cupro jacket
Size : 16
Dark Grey

Chiffon dress
Size : 16
Nat. white/Patterned

Denim dress
Size : 16
Colour : Denim

Short dress

Size : 16
Colour : Petrol

Total = 34.99 + 19.99 +29.99 + 19.99 = 104.96 x 2.2 = $230.91

To AccountPOSB Savings
071-38401-2 Dawnb
Transfer Currency and AmountS$230.91
Transaction Reference11676207164

Thanks. Payment made.
hiccup: Transfer received with thanks, order placed! Will start a conversation with u when items are with me :)

Posting on behalf of diana:

Article Number : 70-1410
Size: 6-9M
Item name: coudroy trousers
Qty: 1
If OOS: drop order if oos
price: 5.99

Article Number : 75-7679
Size: 6-9M
Item name: t-shirt with a print
Qty: 1
If OOS: change size to 9-12M
price: 4.99

Article Number : 76-2689
Size: 9-12M
Item name: cap
Qty: 1
If OOS: drop order
price: 2.99

Total in SGD : (5.99+4.99+2.99) X 2.2 = 30.73