Fungus infection & bacterial vaginosis


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I am having these problem for a few months now..
been to gynae and gp, but problem always recuring..
Any mommy has the same problem and the way to treat these?

During my pregnancy I also have these infections but I don't know if it's the same as I can't remember the name!

I think it started when I'm taking the fish oils...

I continued eating and after birth then I realised it's the fish oil causing me so much itchiness which I never tell gynae.

During pregnancy I am not working, so what I can do is to wash it couple times a day with the femine wash...

It's very torturing cuz it is super itchy when I lie down to sleep so most of the time I have to sleep upright or till I am super knock out then lie down, I won't feel that itchy. =(
Hi Katie's mom,
Thanks for sharing.. I also have the fungus infection when I was pregnant.. but I didnt take any fish oil though..
It was itchy, but the gynae gave some pills to insert, which works very well..
I am not pregnant now, my boy is 3 yrs now. The problem came back and has been recurring.. although will clear once the gynae or gp give medication.. but it will come back again and I cant keep going back to them for medication.

I bought the feminine wash also, but my gp said it is not very good to use feminine wash..
so I dunno what to do..
Hmmm.. Is it have to do wz ur sanitary pads or underwear or the washing detergent that caused it to itch?
not so much for the itch actually.. more like, having unpleasant discharge..

washing detergent, i use normal brand like fab, or persil.. and i always use panty liner..

hm... so for your case, once you stop taking the fish oil, the problem stops?
Yup, after delivery it stops. If not I don't know how I can scratch it with stitches! OUCH! hahahhahaaha!

Can it be your diet? I heard that too much fish or seafood can cause unpleasant discharge too. I had it and the pantyliner I used is soooo fishy =p

I seldom use pantyliner cuz the more i use the more discharge i have! I only use it when period coming cuz will have more discharge if not it's fine.... Just change panty when i wake up and then the night shower.

Must be quite frustrating right? Even doc also cannot tell u the exact reason!

U using the same brand of pantyliner? Maybe change to another brand see how? Cuz at times after change of use of things it will get better.

Yes.. very fishy indeed.. mine not only fishy.. more like a dead fish.. haha.. But I dont really eat that much seafood actually..

hm.. yes, very irritating and my gp and gynae also dont know why it keeps coming back..

they sometimes prescribe antibiotic, and I would be fine for a couple of weeks.. but after sometime, it will come back again...

ohh.. help...
Oh my! That's really feeling terrible isn't it?

Or consider going for PAP smear or more thorugh checkup?

May u are enjoying the National Day today with no headaches!
hi mummies,

just want to share what gynae told.

men & women do suffer from fungus infection. if there's fungus infection in woman, gynae will do a clean up inside the vaginal & insert a pill in it. gynae may prescribe medicine & cream for the patient if the situation is bad.

for men, gynae will check yr partner's sperm. prescribe medicine & cream.

must remember to rinse private areas after using toilet, eg. after urine.

gynae also mentioned that, you can also use hot iron to kill bacteria in the underwear. cool it before use.
Hi mummies,
I also got this frustrated problem. It has been with me for a few years. I'll get it on and off and got to take the inserts / antibiotics sian

I think I got it average 5 times per year.

Anyone got any suggestions to clear this away ?
Hi Chris,
I think i have exactly the same problem with you.. its been almost a year.. and the doc can only prescribe the antibiotics..
but after sometime, it will come back again.. so i am also at lost here..
Hi Chris & Bernadette,

Eat vitamin B & grapefruit. Drink ceylon or japanese tea. It'll helps to built up resistence again fungus. Don't use panty liner.
Hi Bernadette,
I have been to around 10 different GP in S'pore in these few years but no permenant cure. When I demand long term solution rather than short term pills, some commented that my lower area has the good environment ( certain PH level + the body temperature ) for the fungi growth therefore it keeps on coming back after clear.

I have not been to any specialist yet. Any good specialist to recommend ?
Hi mommybb,
Thanks for your suggestion. I did take B12 and B6 for a year but no improvement. I took these vits actually to improve the stress and skin condition. But I didn't eat grapefruit. I don't like the bitter taste. As for Japanese tea, currently i drink ard 3 times per week.
Not really work for me coz my fungi keep coming back
The worst case is hb keep complaining that my hygine is not good coz he dislike the smell and sometime there were white discharge like smashed beancurd. He just doesn't understand the problem. I did wash regularly and keep as clean as possible but that doesn't prevent the bacteria to come back again !
Hi Chris,
its hard to manage viginal fungus when all possible methods were tried but don't give up.

vaginal fungus will just keep coming back, the sufferers always get affected. so what we can do now is be vigilant in the maintainence of our private area. pls don't use douche to wash vaginal.

my gynea gave a tube of cristan cream (anti-fungal agent). during intercourse, apply the cream on the vaginal & penis. it'll helps to lubricate & kill the fungus, deep inside. one stone kills 2 birds.
I had GBS during my pregnancy. It's actually rather common.

It can be dangerous IF you are not given antibiotics via IV during delivery. If you are, the chances of infection to your baby are reduced dramatically.
Hi highheels, what's IV? And is it safe to have normal delivery or we have to opt for c section?
IV refers to the intravenous line they insert into your veins.

Definitely possible and safe to have a normal delivery with GBS! I had a normal vaginal birth, no problems.

A C-sect doesn't reduce the chances of transmission.

Don't worry ok? Talk to your gynae about this condition. It is nothing to worry about! Just remind the nurses/doctors at the hospital when you go into labour that you have GBS and require antibiotics.
For me I always get it the next morning after ML. Even if I keep ourselves very clean in ML session, will also get the infection. Have seen doctor and always given antibiotics, which is not good for me. What helped me is to drink lots and lots of water to clear the system. and keep going to toilet to clear my system. And also I tried taking a teaspoon of baking soda (mix with water or cranberry juice), sometimes help. But it does not taste good. I was told the infection is because our vagina area is too acidic, thus gotta take fruits like cranberries to make it more alkaline.
i had recurrent infections in previously. saw a gynae and found that i had cervical erosion.
it is like there's a hole/ wound in the cervix that will accumulate the fungus/ bacteria..
so oral medicine only cure temp and will always recur.

in the end i did a procedure where the gynae use nitrogen to freeze the area and the skin shed, closing up the wound. i think call cryosurgery.
then voila, no more infection.

but i had yeast throughout my first pregnancy. which is caused by hormone. it miraculously recover after delivery.
the thing is panty liner actually worsen the condition.. so try not to use if possible...
Hi Ah Ching,

Thanks for your sharing. Is it possible to PM me your gynea contact?

By the way, did your gynea prescribe oral medication or insert tablets below to you first but with no improvement then he recommended surgery?

I mean how did he so sure that you have cervical erosion ? From scanning or ....?

Thanks....there is hope for us ladies here has sufferred from the fungi infection for years.
Hi Ah Ching,
Thank you for sharing.. can i also have more info about the cryosurgery?
I am still having the same problem till now..
Hi Bernadette,

Here are some tips which I got from my gynae:

1. Wear 100% cotton undies.

2. Avoid wearing tight bottoms.

3. If you are used to wearing pantyliner, you need to change them more often.

4. If possible, try not to wear undies when you sleep. Basically, to air your nether region.

5. Wash your undies and towels (basically any thing that comes in contact) in hot water.

6. If you have unprotected sex, your partner will need to be treated too. Otherwise, the infection will just be passing between the 2 of you.

7. Cut down sugary foods.

Hope this helps.
I am trying for bb now and now i have this white discharge which is uncommon for me.Does it affect the chances to get pregnant?If i am pregnant,does it affect my little bb inside?
Hi Mrs Chong,
I think you can ask your gynea to do a swap of the discharge so that the gynea can advise you when the discharge is harmful to pregnancy/baby or not.

As for me, I did have discharge during my four pregnancies. I did swap tests, some discharge need medication to insert the V-area, some discharge does not need any medication. I cannot differentiate the discharges but the test will show if it is normal discharge or infected one. Pls do not take the risk.
Hi All,

I am proned to this condition. So my gynae advised me to remove bread (which has yeast) and cut down sweet stuff from diet. The fungus thrives on yeast n sugar. In addition, drink lots of waster and take probiotics supplement. My condition has improved alot.

You can also read more from author Ian Solley (I cured my candida - so can you) online.