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Hello all,

How is everyone?

Just got back from states and its time to be back in the kitchen since exam is over.

Hey, may I just check with moms here, which brand of nugguts is nice and where can I order jelly birthday cake?thanks

Have a great sunday.


Hi Joy747, welcome back. After reading your post, I hope I can help. My kids, nephews and teenager niece love Fairprice Chicken nuggets (coated with tempura). Homebrand, Large Party Pack and affortable. You can get it from any NTUC Fairprice outlet.

I like to share with you my recent cooking the nuggets -

I checked with my friend on Jelly Brthday Cake, they sugguested - Have A Beautiful Sunday. In advance, Happy Birthday to your child :D
Hi superb mothers,

Do you need to defrost the chicken nuggets before frying them + how much oil is needed? Never bought frozen fried foods before. Thanks for the link on jelly cake - love jellies-anything
Hi Superb mothers,
Thanks for the warm welcome .

Thanks for the info on nugguts and jelly bd cake.I am unable to download the pdt pic, dont know why.

Hi mumusings, I usually took out from frigde and ready to cook nuggnets once my Happycall pan(HCP) is hot. For oil.... seriously, I didn't add. But then... Read more details from . I'm not hard selling NTUC Fairprice Large Party Pack NUGGNETS. "Try it, Taste it and Finish it." After that, children keep asking for more. No kidding. With HCP, it help me in my cooking. No mention to the jelly cake. Thanks to Ms Joy and my kakis. I must try jelly cake too. Gd night mummies. :D
Thanks for the cooking instructions. I personally refrain from buying NTUC housebrand food products because of bad experience with their sausage, dumplings and sanitary items
No worries

I also have some bad experiences like you, in fact i have throw away packages of picnic ham twice from NTUC. Some of the products are not as value as we thought. The lemon flavors anti bacteria dish wash is better than their peach flavors. The list can goes on.
Some of their product are worth a try, i like their shrimp dumping and chicken nuggets.
Haha... think I must have happened to buy the not-so-fresh tasting shrimp dumpling cos the smell of the filling was overpowering. Yup. Ham, bacon and sausage strictly no-no NTUC plus not much cheaper. Safer these days to get the bona fide brands for certain products especially food.
Hey musings,
That was a great mhk post! Tempting me to make, but hubby in reservist the whole week, I have no time to peel and fry shallots! Can't seem to get the ready peeled ones from sheng siong either!

Which part of USA did you go to? California?

Re nuggets: I buy the brand tays Japanese golden chicken nuggets. Canfind in some Giants and the tays outlets. Frankly speaking, i don't like such instant "junk"'food but I must say this one is pretty good. Tender and juicy. Recommended by my mil. I dont wait to defrost it. I just pop it right into my toaster oven and out comes a batch of crispy nuggets with no oil splatter. taste better than macdonalds. Just make sure you don't buy the other one called Japanese crispy chicken which is not so nice.

Sorry for messy post and bad typo. Typing from phone is difficult!
Hello Huskie,

Thanks for recommendation on nugguts.Will try it out.Gonna cook a storm for next monday birthday party...yearly event.Any suggestion for food to cook?

Yes, I went to california, Las veges,and west of US basically.The drive turned out to be quite nice.

Is your dd in pri one next year?DS will be in pri one next year, and am trying to do damage control...heeee..

Have a good day all.


I passed by Giant yesterday and took this pic to show you the nuggets.

I'm really bad at party food :p so can't suggest much. Maybe asparagus and enoki mushroom wrapped with bacon and baked? Can prepare beforehand and pop into oven closer to party time. Can also play around with sauces for these finger foods e.g. sesame dip or wasabi dip?

The drive along the west coast of US is really nice... if I don;t remember wrongly, Highway 1 should be the really scenic one that goes all the way up to SF. I'm not so big on Vegas though... not a casino/glitzy shows person

Bet the kids had a whale of a time with the theme parks!

dd will only be in P1 in 2014. Time flies, your ds will already be going to P1 next year!
What damage control are you talking about?
Hi Huskie,

Thanks for the effort in taking the pic.

Latest development of the birthday party, AM FREE cos the whole bunch of kids wanted macdonald party instead and play with the latest wii set, just dance 3 at my place.So, I dont have to do anything except to pack up the hse.

Meantime,am trying to order the jelly cake for dd as she is anti cake.In the process in doing it.

Damage control?Hahaha, din spend much time on ds, so try to do whatever I can.Unlike dd is an assessment drill child at young age, this ds is more of a reading story book child.I just wanna him to have a better foundation, esp chinese, so learning chinese will be a breeze esp from pri four onwards.

Thanks for recommending the nuggets! My son's suddenly into chicken nuggets these days and don't wish to overdose Macs Happy Meal.
Yes, the kids go through phases.
Dd was also into nuggets at one point in time, when her school brought them for picnics and some parents brought nuggets to share with the class.
Well, monkey see monkey do.
When she saw her friends chomping on the nuggets, she also thought it was the tastiest thing around!

This brand is really good. None of that overly hard flour-y coating which I don't like, but crispy enough.
Hi Huskie,

My kid's a fan of CS Tay's sausages (all flavours). NTUC having sale now. 3 packs for $8.95.

Bought a new instant mee goreng by Nissin. Very powerful seasoning, the spices (as in spices, not chilli). Hb likes it but I cannot take the heavy dosage. Pics here: Was sneezing all the time although I put the seasoning away from me.

Lately just cooking simple foods, frying anchovies and doing mhk dough so that I have instant food when I'm hungry. Just had hokkien mee for dinner (takeaway) and it was super-msg-laden feeling groggy as I type + thirsty
Hello everyone!!

Any idea why to get nice cooked home delivery or take away turkey? Am looking for one but dunno which is good.

Just came back from phuket and my back so red burn. Its so crowded in phuket, mostly causacian.
We went to John grays hong excursion which is something usual.
Hi all,

Stumbled on a dim sum place that has inexpensive and lovely dimsum. Even takeaway tastes great! This dish - fried beancurd with fresh fish paste (each has a fresh prawn embedded within, see blog pics).

This is one of their signatures, most people order this and their fried prawn dumplings.

Hb's a fan of beancurd/dimsum - finished the entire portion with loads of rice...
Hi Ann,

Best turkey's always done at home - not by me, by one of my aunts so no idea where to buy good ones. Order from Cold Storage?
hi mumusings,

great dish i can finish that with one full bowl of brown rice.

think will get the turkey from bakers inn or carlton hotel

hows everything? must be relief that dd exam finally over, she must be doing well

take care
Hi Mummies,
I didnt check out this site for a long time, how are everyone?

Been busy with don't know what too, hardly bake and cook now, also hardly blog :p
Hey girls,
Sorry haven't been heckling this thread. Kids took turns to fall sick then got busy with baking hub's birthday cakes.

That nuggets is found mostly in giant. Ntuc and cold storage doesn't sell that. I think they have retail outlets selling cooked sausages etc that sells the frozen one too. When I get on my comp, I'll Try to get you the addresses of the retail outlts. Nightmare posting on iPhone.

Must get the turkey recipe from your aunt and teach us!

Ive Been following your blog... Don't get too worried about other's comments. Just pretend not to hear

Have also been checking out your previous postings on roast chicken. Just made one last sat.

Will post some pics when I get on my comp!
Hi Huskie,

Good to hear from you again! Hahaha... my aunt has no recipe - watched her do the turkey a few times.
eeeks.... iPhone typo.... my previous post hecking should be checking.

Your dd just finished her PSLE this year? Congrats!

My MIL gets the nuggets from Giant as they sometimes have good promo. If not, then the price is the same as getting from the BBQ Express retail outlets. These are the locations but I think not one of them is near you.

Bukit Panjang Plaza
2 Jalan Jelebu #01-23

Lot One Shopper's Mall
21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #B1-K33

Sembawang Shopping Centre
604 Sembawang Road #B1-11
Hougang Mall
90 Hougang Ave 10 #B1-K8

Ang Mo Kio Hub
53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #B2-35

Too bad I just saw the dim sum post today! I was at Marine Parade yesterday.... would have hunted down the dim sum stall if I had read it earlier!
I've been thinking of doing turkey for quite awhile, but I think my oven just doesn't have the capacity.
I made a roast chicken on Sat, and that Capon chicken from Cold Storage was about just nice for my oven.
Anything bigger and I think I won't be able to shut the oven door :p
Hi Huskie,

Sophie will be p1 next year?

Yes, dd has just completed her psle.Thanks.Moving to next phase in learning soon.

Good day.

Hi Huskie,

Aunt's oven went kaput so likely no turkey this year
No cakes etc also...

My son's into pandan cake lately. Quite funny right? We get the S$1.60 ones from Ang Mo. Very nice, not flaky. Didn't realise Bengawan Solo's S$8.80 EACH...

Anyway been coughing so can't eat chicken though I badly wanted to. Hahaha so I coated pork with chicken frying flour and it turned out fake-and-nice
See pics here:

I think I'm quite terrible when it comes to breaking kitchen rules.
Did you dd get into the sec sch of her choice?
Soph will only be in k1 next yr.... thank God!
haha, I think I am not ready for the stress of p1 yet!

my ds also likes pandan cakes, but sigh, he only eats Bengawan Solo's one. He wouldn't eat any others. Terribly fussy!
Thanks for your support. I was initially very disturbed by the comments made by my close friend but now I'm feeling ok leow.

Can't wait to see your roast chicken. What you season with?

Bake your own panda cake, it's very easy. I used to buy from BS but not anymore more. I find that their standard drop.
Oh.. any Philips Airfryer and Happycall Pan users here? I'm been thinking if I should get them, but dont want to add on another white elephant.
I just ignore other's comments, really....
A friend (SAHM) told me how another of her friend (FTWM) commented that SAHMs sleep a lot and just spend their time sleeping away.
The comment really makes me laugh

I tried the sample fries from philips airfryer from a mall before, but it was so dry even my kids refused to eat it.
As for Happycall pan, although tempted, I am not buying cos I find the silicon lining too close to the fire for my comfort.
My pressure cooker also has a silicon lining, but it is not as close to the fire cos my pot is deep.

I've been checking out your pandan cakes, but so far, my chiffon has turned out to be quite flat... so haven't dared to try to attempt pandan cake yet!

Here's my roast chicken - I used Jamie Oliver's Fantastic Roast Chicken recipe.

Yes, she did get into the school that she always dream to go.

No stress for lower pri, have fun with your girl and boy...

Hi Reena,

Haven't popped by your blog for a while. The 'anonymous' person is very rude! Even if you don't empathise with a person, there's no need to use such dismissive/derisive tone

Stay strong and continue to share your thoughts and great food!
Huskie, if she was just any tom dick or harry I wont be so upset, but a close friend... Anyway I found out she was facing some issues with her DH, maybe under stress so gave unexpected remarks.

Talking about sleep, ya... I've been sleeping like 3am-4am till each day, waking up at 7.30am. I really wonder where these pple get the idea that sahms sleep alot.

My friend tried the sample food too, she also f/b it is very dry. I don't know if it has got anything to do with the temp. and time control. So far yet to try out the food yet but I've seen so many bloggers with the airfryer and the food they cooked sure looks yummy.

For the HC pan, it's not a must have, just a good to have :p

Rgdg chiffon cakes, you probably over-beaten your egg whites, overmix when folding into the yolk mixture, thus resulting in a flat chiffon. And did you overturn the pan to cool?

Your roast chicken looks good! I've not baked one for a long time. Maybe can do one for Christmas.
Hi Reena,

So you knew who she was! What terrible pal to have sabotaged your blog with nasty comments. I've learnt through teenage years and working life that the closest pals can be venomous when they get jealous and high-strung... Hope things are fine now (your friendship)?

Thanks for the review on the air-fryer.

Lastly, it's true SAHMs don't sleep much. I'd be grateful to have 5 hours non-stop zzz! We're all sleeping 1-2 hours on/off.
Here're some pics of my chiffon.
The first one is a tofu chiffon from anncoo's blog. The second one is a soy chiffon.
Can see that it's very dense and not so light like the Benagwan Solo type.


For the roast chicken, try Jamie Oliver's method of stuffing a lemon into the chicken. He also used the rind chopped up and stuffed in between the skin and meat. Smells heavenly!

As for friend's remarks, I guess just have to close one eye sometimes

I also made some Star Wars cupcake for dh's BD last weekend. A bit paiseh to put up pic here... you can check up my blog.
WOW-WOW chiffon cakes! My son's into pandan cakes lately. Can I have the link to your blog?

Anyone used the baking function of rice cooker before and can share recipe? I know my Philips cooker has a 'bake' function but I don't have a beater etc etc at home so wondering if I can just manually mix, sieve etc to achieve some sort of decently-edible cake...
Musings, I left a comment on your mee Hoon Kuey blog post where I think you should be able to link to my blog

Feel a bit shy to put my blog link up here now!

I saw your post on hi5 show. I would so love to take my kids there but just don't think I can find the energy to queue and handle 2 cranky kids.

I seriously don't know if the cake can be made without a mixer. I've only tried to whip egg white once without a mixer and I must say it's a really tiring job!

Sorry forgot to answer your questions on my chiffon:
- I might have overbeaten my egg white, although I thought if they were shiny, then they should still be ok
- folding in: yes I might not have not this step properly. I remember my soy chiffon had streaks of egg whites in them still! But might have over folded the other parts
- And yep I overturned the pan to cool. Pan had legs too.

Might just try pandan one more time!
Hi Huskie,

I watched Paul Newman's daughter on Martha Stewart's Show do a chiffon cake using her bare hands. Quite inspiring 'cos the girl said she's always made cakes by hand, preferring to shun machines and modern gadgets. Okie will go find your link
No need to be shy lah... all mummies learning from each other
You made any bags lately? I still haven't got down to cross-stitching

Anyway may just queue up for one more Hi-5 show this weekend. The kid really wants to give Tim something so I've wrapped it up in case he changes his mind again like he did. Your kids like them too? He wants Tim to carry him again! Kids...
Have done it.

I am trying to see if there is any video on YouTube on making chiffon cake without mixer. Will really like to see that!

Haven't been sewing much. Hurt my back recently so am a little slack on sewing. Feel like sewing little aprons as Xmas presents for the kids and their little cousins.
Hi Huskie,

Take care! Scalded myself on the thigh when kid jumped on me when I was eating mhk this week
So sewing is a no-no during waking hours, which is almost the whole day.
Hi Musings,
Better take care... make sure you apply some good cream so no scars remain.
I finally made one apron yesterday... 4 more to go!

Hi Huskie,

Thanks... yup applying cream. Looks like an awful patch 2 inches long, 1 inch wide almost healing. No pus, thankfully, just super read and now turning brownish. I don't wear shorts out so no not bad.