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Hi Mumusings,
Thanks for sharing.
I saw giant having offer for frozen grouper and it priced around 8 plus, its fillet form.Dare not buy cos not sure it will have a fishy smell.



Found out just that First Choice's canned peaches are very yummy. No articificial taste/or of the metal tin and crunchy


We had this for lunch. Everyone's without appetite, thanks to the heat.
Your prawn paste chicken looks good! Actually cooking at home is a lot cheaper and healthier... I always tell my husband, even if we eat veges outside, we don't even know if they're washed clean!
Got craving for MHK... gonna make it for tomorrow!

Read the newspaper link about the teenager... this boy doesn't even seen remorseful huh? And it didn't mention his parents, just his grandparents?

Did you read the papers today? There's an interesting article which my hubby found thought-provoking (well, at least about our education system). The author believes that emotional stability affects the learning ability of children and how children can learn better in a stress-free environment, hence he is against Tiger Mum's approach. Ironically, today's papers also splashed a big page on how tuition centres are all fully booked during the June holidays.
Hi Huskie

Looks very sturdy and well-made! Can I buy one (no joke!) from you?

On eating out - my fear is always getting food poisoning. Can't help feeling scared sometimes. Have seen one stall using a green-algae-slimy water hose to fill up those containers for double-boiled soups and another taking frozen leftover rice to re-steam in the morning (setting up before lunch crowd). Cannot eat again from that particular coffeeshop's economy rice stall after witnessing how they prepared soups/rice, can imagine how they prepare the dishes...

My friend once found a strand of hair in a cake at a 5-star hotel cafe many years ago. Waitress asked, "are you sure it isn't yours?" Quite horrifying but later on the manager came out to offer a replacement. That's why I don't like dining at 'romantic' places with dim lights. (1) Makes me drowsy (2) Can't see what I'm eating. (3) Paying for ambience isn't for me.
You flatter me and make my day, but eh, the bag is really quite "soft". It's pretty sturdy, but it's the soft non-structured type of tote. I cheated with this picture by putting in Lego parts in it and holding up the straps. I would feel bad if I sold you a bag that is not up to your expectations!

Also, I find it difficult to get nice fabrics and notions and straps in Singapore. I really wanted a fushia pink or red strap for this bag, but could not find any at People's Park and Daiso... they sell mostly black or white.

Eh, I once ordered a vongole pasta from a restaurant at Tanglin Post and it had sand inside cos they didn't wash the shells properly. I had it returned for a new plate and it was the same! The waiter even asked me "Are you sure?" I really wanted to tell him to try it if he didn't believe me.

What are you ladies cooking tonight?
I am cooking a fen ge soup, braised mushroom and minced meat sauce from Reena's blog and stirfried kangkong.
My mum is making bak chang, so I am looking forward to eating them on Wed
Hi Huskie,

Hi-5! Was going to do a post on arrowroot soup (fen ge) - hb favourite to reduce heatiness
I cook ours with peanuts and pork bones using my spare rice cooker (leave it to cook under congee mode for hours).
Yeah, weather is really hot nowadays huh?
I cook my fen ge soup with dried oysters and cuttlefish. Today skipping cuttlefish so will just throw in a corn.
My mum cooks hers with carrots and mushroom.

Forgot to answer your previous posting on pans and woks. I never use teflon coated pans other than a really mini one for my pancakes, and even with that one, I use a wooden spatula so it doesn't scratch the surface.
For daily cooking, I use a Supor iodised one... bought it when this cooking thread was first started, so it must have been around 4 years old.
I don't like to use teflon coated ones because I'm worried the stuff that gets scratched off might be carcinogenic.
 Thanks LittleCat and Huskie, I've got some legal advice from a friend's husband so all's good now.

Your DD did well in her exams! Is she in upper Pri? I met up with DD1's FT and the same feedback given, careless mistakes esp for maths. I don't know how to teach her. Her results are quite good but can be better (due to her careless mistakes, 0 becomes 6, 1 write as 7 etc...)

You so talented! I wish I could sew like you!
Pls let me know if you like the braised mushroom and minced meat sauce, my kids love it!
I don't like teflon coated too, worry I might scratch it too. I do have one mini one for sunnyside up and another 26/28cm for pancakes. And I don't like the washing part, very difficult to scrub the brim.

Love my AMC pots, waterless and almost oil-less cooking, saves me a lot of time too. I can "fry" veggies and bathe my kids at the same time.

Nice bag.Bet you must be a very patient person.

Thanks for the recommendation on peaches.

Pls take care.

Thanks.She is taking PSLE this year.Careless mistake is part and parcel of growing up.DD also has some careless mistakes in her math paper.I guess its due to exam condition.

I have Amc set too.The only drawback is , very heavy set.Other than that, its good.

Have a good week.

anyone interested to train my maid how to cook? I am not a good cook so I always have a headache what to cook for dinner. I can send her to your place and pay you for the time and materials.
Joy, Reena,
I've been eyeing AMC pots for a long time, but hubby wouldn't let me buy cos he's afraid my cooking will end up like his mum's "AMC cooking". I have a feeling though, that it's not the AMC cooking, but that his mum's cooking is probably overly bland.

The braised mushroom meat sauce is yummy! I poured it over tofu to make a tofu dish for kids with rice last night, and me and hubby had it over udon noodles. Hubby is a big fan of it!

I am eating MHK now. Made it without egg yolk today cos I didn't have half a pack of flour for one egg yolk. Texture seems less chewy, but still very yummy.

One silly question:
how do you make your ikan bilis crispy? Do you take the guts out too?
Hmm seems that a few of u hv AMC pots. I hv a set too...pass down from my late mum. Can anyone teach me how to use? What's the principle behind it? Thanks.
Hi Huskie,

I am lazy - I buy the ikan bilis that's already de-veined or white bait
I think I have a post on frying ikan bilis. I do it anyhow-method, heat a little oil, throw in the ikan bilis and then take them out when they turn brown + add a little sugar to bring down the salty taste.

Hi Muffin,

I can ask my mom if she has the instructions for AMC. She was just asking me if I want her set. They cost alot right??
I saw your post and followed it, but my ikan bilis is not crispy. Or it's not meant to be crispy?
Also, my sugar wouldn't melt when I followed your method of adding and then turning off fire.

Which school are you trying for? Have you done any PV?
I am still thinking whether to try for FMPS/MGS. We are Methodists and FMPS is my alma mater but is too far. MGS is within 1 km for me but, it also means that I might have to ballot. Also we have a boy to think about....
I was also from fmps!
Of course, mgs is way better than fmps, but what's the chances of balloting like?
Also, will have to think where to put your boy next time.

My turn is only in 2013, but also thinking whether to go for fmps or a more Chinese sort of neighbourhood school.
Hi Huskie,

The oil must be super hot and ikan bilis dry. Works for me always. Do you have wind blowing through kitchen? A couple of times things didn't fry well 'cos there was stronger-than-usual breeze. Last week I fried some whitebait. Turned off fans and closed balcony door - turned out fine. Kid opened balcony door and so 2nd batch turned out nearly burnt but not crispy... Hahaha... my very non-scientific observations. Also type of oil. Peanut oil best for frying crispy foods.

Everyone cooking here?

Today thought of going down to spageddies italian restaurant, not sure the branch at bedok still around.anyone has any idea?thanks

I think my ikan bilis is probably not dry enough, cos I usually soak them in water for a long time to get rid of the salt.
Will try again.

By the way, I saw the post on your Japanese magic pot. It's such an interesting and useful pot! Never seen it in Singapore before though.

Hope you'll come to a decision soon!

How was your spageddies meal?

Today not cooking much - feel like a vegetarian meal after hubby showed me a video of how the cows were tortured in Indonesia.
Hi Huskie,

Oh... you soaked the ikan bilis - I don't. The sugar will neutralise the salty taste
As for the magic pot, my hb bought it from Japan years ago. Very useful 'cos I don't have an oven/microwave. I've seen it sold at Takashimaya basement B1 near the pot section. Around S$50 plus I think.

No appetite too, drinking water/100plus/Pocari alot and eating fruits. Just went crazy at ToysRUs (me alone) this morning buying Thomas die-cast trains to stock up as gifts for my son. Can't afford otherwise to buy at 100% price. Now buy one get one free. These days it's suicidal to go shopping with kid 'cos he'll clamour for something.

Don't know about other mommies but I'd rather go to kiddy places on my own to look for good bargains, stock it up and bring one out (wrapped)in case of emergencies at the shopping centre. He usually thinks we got it on the spot
I will usually keep small plastic bags from Isetan/Taka/Daiso/ToyRus so will pack toy into matching bag as destination... This is a good time to go ToyRUs 'cos my son is very faithful to just 2 sort of toys: Thomas and HotWheels. I think I have enough stocks to last a year or two
No need to spend on toys for the rest of the year.

Din go sphageddie, my all time fav restaurant, cos the one in bedok and marina square, all closed down.So, will wait for hubby to tabao from terminal 3 when he gets back from work on coming sunday....

How is holidays so far?

No wonder my ikan bilis is so "wet" even though I dry-fry it for a long time over low heat to dry them up. Think I will still continue soaking them
I just cannot imagine that amount of salt going into my body even though I may not taste it... just very kiasi! The next time I do it, I'll try popping them into the oven over low heat to dry them more.

Thanks for letting me know about the magic pot at Taka - I'll check it out next time I am there.

What are Thomas die cast trains? Are they plastic ones or wooden ones? I've got the Thomas and Percy wooden ones at home, so if it's the wooden ones that are on promo, I'll pop by to get them. I'm not very good with toys, and also not very interested in toys... unlike my hubby who likes his Lego and Star Wars

btw, the Huggies stamps promo is back again, for another year!

I've only tried Spageddies a few times... only remember I like their seafood marinara very much.

What are you doing witht he kids during this June hols?
For me, it's not really holidays cos dd's school is a childcare, so she still goes to school everyday.
Hi Huskie,

The Thomas diecast are the ones by Fisher Price, not Tomy Takara. Buy-one-get-one free. Metal die cast with magnetic studs that work bothways. We're keeping to this range 'cos there are easily 4 to 6 ranges around (Mega Blok has their own too). My son's not ready for Lego yet and we're keeping him away from computer games and iphones. Better to stick to wholesome non-electronic fun. I don't mind getting Hot Wheels and Maisto die-cast matchbox cars. They're inexpensive and fun to play with (even for me). Good thing everyone has pretty much the same preferences.

Yup. Huggies stamp collection is on for me too. Aiming for the Little Tikes bike. A few more pink to go. Thank Goodness didn't throw away the leftover pink stamps 'cos the staff did say there might be extension of the programme when we went to get Station 3 in March. Btw, the collection place is now at the Verge (near Sheng Siong Tekka), not Bencoolen anymore
Can go Shengsiong before getting the gifts
Thanks... I just asked hubby what die cast was and he rolled his eyes at me... haha, just goes to show how interested I am with regards to toys and materials!
Think I will get some Hot Wheels ones. The boy seems to be getting interested in cars. No idea what Maisto is, but will check it out at Toys R Us tomorrow too. They sent me a $10 voucher which I can use

Did you open your Baby Bonus account with OCBC? They sent a redemption leaflet together with the latest statement - with receipt of purchase of Huggies diapers, can redeem for an ELC toy car. I'm gonna redeem that tomorrow too.

How old is your ds? I thought Lego is suitable for kids 1yr and above?

Huggies stamps redemption: I don't think I will do the bike cum scooter this time. No space in in the flat for that. Will just do Station 3 this time. Thanks for letting me know redemption location! I'll miss going to Shine at bencoolen though. Was thinking of getting the green box dou jiang to try the next time I redeem Station 3.

What are you ladies cooking tonight?
I am cooking a watercress soup, steamed broccoli and probably some baked chicken.

Now eating nasi lemak cos got craving after reading musings post about her grandma's nasi lemak
Hi Huskie,

Don't make me feel like eating nasi lemak too!!! I can never resist ikan bilis and the chilli... And guess what - I was planning to cook water-cress today/tomorrow too. You must be my long-lost twin!

My son's very messy when playing so not getting Lego yet. We tried Megabloks and already things are all over the place. Maisto is a brand which does die-cast models of popular cars. Daiso also sells smaller ones. Only picked up vehicle-related-vocab words like "die-cast" after having my kid
Your sweet sour sauce dip looks good... I'll try that one of these days. Dunno why recently I have a craving for vinegar!

Bak chang looks good too. Did you wrap the dumplings too?
My mum made some this year, but I could not help out as I need to fetch dd to and fro school, and need to look after ds. Anyway, my wrapping skill is not up to her standard

How are the rest of the ladies doing?
It's school holidays so everyone must be real busy!

Last Sunday I went to People's Park to get some fabric and sewing accessories, and am really tired out by the crowd! Not so much of the walking, but the crowd really gives me a headache. Am really amused that people are having facials, threading, tatoo-ing - all right in the open... in full view of passers-by!

Very pleased with my purchase
Bought some beads cos dd wanted to make bracelets, and in the midst of guiding her in beading, realised I could teach sequencing at the same time!

I'm working on another sewing project now... I think when it's finished, dd will be real pleased
hi musings,
I've made this same soybean milk during my Home Econs days in Sec Sch! I love it, but it requires a decently good blender. I also don't have a blender so I never make it. The closest I make is the chinese almond milk (nan bei xing) for dh who loves it. I think that's about the toughest "nut/seed" that my mini hand blender can handle.

The website is useful though.

What are you ladies busy with?
Today I wanted to make jiaozi, but they turned out to be horrid wantons! Think I bought the wrong skin.
Hi Huskie,

Not cooking today.Got many errands to run.
Still busy with the big one.Third weeks into holidays, still has some fine touch up before she run up to psle.Cannot slack.


Anyone has any idea how much belancan to add in for sambal belacan?Am trying to recall the recipe but cannot recall much.Can someone help?thanks

Have a good day all...
Hi musings,
I'm also nto sure which is a better brand, but my favourite blender brand has always been Braun. When my Braun handheld blender broke down after 5 years, I got a Philips, which died after 1 year, just when the warranty is up!
Then I tried to buy a Philip Morris food processor, but the rubber lining burnt and melted into my dried cranberries which I was trying to chop up... gross! And that was only at 3rd usage!
From then on, it's always been Braunfor me

Not sure about belachan... lazy me always get ready made sambal from my mum
Hi Huskie,

Okay will go look at Braun. Never bought a food processor before so I hope whatever I get won't breakdown after a few uses!
Hi All,

I finally made pancakes. Cheated lah - used the Morinaga mix 'cos I am sure I will bungle up if I do from scratch. A pack of 4 small packs cost S$8 at food fair. Works out to less than S$3 for pancake breakfast for us


I like the fact that the whole process took less than 10 mins to do everything without having to wash too many bowls/plates after that. Syrup was extra from home delivery meal. Should be safe and fun for kids to do!
Haven't seen you for a while! How are you?
I'm not sure about this coating leh... never heard of it. But hmm...don't think I will buy this appliance... I don't like the hinge... so difficult to wash. After a while, sure get greasy and gross?

Your pancake looks good!
Heard from one of the ladies here that Moringa is pretty good... I haven't tried it yet.

I just finished my latest project, but too lazy to upload pic... will do it next week
Hi Huskie,

Not cooking much these days. Another sewing project? Went to look at my trove of cross-stitch threads and half-done pattersns... sigh. Meant to do alphabets for my son but looks like by the time I finish (if I even get to re-start), he'll be already beyond ABCs.

Bought a learning table at $9.99. Posted on the other thread I regularly visit too. From ShopNSave. Good enough for very small kids. He's suddenly almost to Z within a day just staring at all the alphabets at one go. Better than books 'cos he cant tear at wood

Pics here:

School starts tomorrow - all the best for second semester.
Is your son going to playgroup too? He's 3 this year yeah? 2008 babe?

Learning table looks good... cheap too!

Here's my latest project

Hi Huskie,

Your kids are really lucky! Lovely knapsack and sun hats
Saw a mommy sewing a toy for kid when I was out today. Was telling my hb that I need to get back to cross-stitching soon...

Do you do sewing other than cross stitch?
I think cross stitch can be made into very nice bags and stuff too.
But I don't have the patience to do cross stitch

I prefer to sew... been going to People's Park a few times a week just to get fabric and notions... love the jiaozi there too!