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Good morning all!
Have been MIA during the sch hols, cos doing OT at home occupying kids..

Aiyo! Husk, your home sewn haversack and hats are SO SO SWEET and PRETTY, making me drool so much. And I love them! You are very very talented and creative with the mix and match of fabrics and colours..Eh, you can open boutique liao.. And sew your own labels on it..
My ma is very good at sewing bags too, but really too bad, I din inherit any of her sewing genes..

Musings, I have been visiting your blog for recipes.. hehe..

Not cooking main meals today and tomorrow cos hb is overseas. Just cooking chayote soup with pork muscles and honey dates. My dds have been coughing terribly, hope this nourishing soup will help to expel their phlegm.

Haven't seen sea coconuts in the market, asked the veg seller, he said there were few shipments not approved from Thailand, might be due to some bleaching agents added to 'whiten' the sea coconuts.

Hi Huskie,

I used to have a sewing machine but sold it away 'cos I don't like the lectric ones. Prefer the traditional pedal Singer sort
In any case I think I've clean forgotten how to operate these! I like cross-stitching and do it pretty fast if I am uninterrupted. Used to be able to sew 12 hours non-stop a day and finish patterns within a week or two when my son was still a under a year old.

Hi Choc,

Thanks for letting me know about the sea coconuts. Haven't seen them around for mnonths since I did my post on it. If your dds are coughing, stay away from fried chicken, orange, cold milk and sweet stuff. Also Yakult and Vitagen. Thanks for popping by my blog. Been too uninspired lately. Just drinking lots of water and eating takeaway...

Btw, I think there's another mommy called musings on Motherhood - I'm not her
hi huskie,

Not a good few months for me...Fall sick for more than a week after came back from Langkawi and some etc...probs

Yesterday my ds1 injured while riding his new bike(regretted buying) He got a big open cut at his jaw area and straight send him to KK emergency and 8 stitches for him. The doc is gentle n cut out the excess fat or fresh from his wound.

Haiz...something i wish i dont have kids to see them suffer all these.

choc, what is chayote. Sea coconut is good for cough too? those dried one?
Hope your ds1 get well soon and things get better for you!
Don't regret about buying the bike... not anyone's fault. No one can foresee such accidents.

Chayote is "Buddha-hand gourd"... heard of that? Think if you ask vege seller fo(2) shou(3) gua(1), they will know.
Apparently high in Vit C, might help your ds1 healing to.

It must be crazy with 4 kids at home without dh! I really cannot imagine myself doing that... I think you are a supermummy!

So nice that your mum can sew bags. I roughly know how to sew the backpack and draw the pattern, but don't know how to sew the piping. Thought about it for months, but just couldn't figure it out. Asked my mum and she said need special machine! In the end, I just paid USD6 for the pattern and instructions online to see how piping are sewn. Really worth the USD6 :p

Thanks for info on sea coconuts.... the bleach thing sounds scary. I should soak and clean my sea coconuts thoroughly next time!

Electric sewing machines are not that difficult to operate if you get a good one. I tell you a secret... I even bought a second-hand overlocker just so I don't have to go to the seamstress to have the serging done. Some of them are quite stuckup, and no matter how nice I am to them, they will grumble about this and that... and worse, grumble about my workmanship haha!

Overlocker is also quite intimidating to operate... what with the many threads. But I got a second hand BabyLock, which just uses air to suck the thread through... idiotproof for a novice sewer like me
I'm also starting to develop an itchy cough... making a white fungus, lily bulb, lotus seed, honey date soup tonight.
Feel so lazy to wash veges and cook... gonna make a one pot chicken stew using Campbell's mushroom garlic soup :p
Dh will grumble....

What are you ladies cooking today?
Hi Huskie,

Wah.... am lost... you have a pic of your sewing gadgets?

Hi Huskie and Choc,

My paternal grandma used to make my pyjamas for me. The chinese samfoo sets but made of plain cotton, complete with braids, embroidered pictures of children/small flowers and those knobby fasteners instead of zips. Sadly, don't have any for memories to keep.

Maternal grandma, mom and aunt sewed all my pillow/bolster cases, dresses and small bags. Smocking was in one time so I had quite some frocks. A grand aunt from KL gave me a crocheted blouse before. Amazing what these folks are talented with (and best cooks too).

I was trained since 4 (weekend mini projects with my aunt) to crochet, knit, sew, make carpets, beading and assortment of craftwork. So far I like criss-stitching and embroidery best. Can't crochet/knit well 'cos I always have to recount the steps and end up pulling out almost whatever that's been done
Haha, no, I don't have many sewing gadgets. Just a regular sewing maching and an overlocker. Although I recently discovered some little useful items such as air erasable maker so I don't have to use chalk, and double-sided adhesive for fabric etc. Gonna get some fabric paint to try out T-shirt stenciling

So nice to have handmade stuff huh? My mum used to make me trousers and my sis and I had similar dresses made by my auntie. I think that's why I strive to make stuff for my kids... I hope my kids will grow up to make their own stuff too.

What did you ladies cook today?

Today I went to my mum's place - had spinach with 3 types of eggs, sambal crayfish and sotong, stirfried beef and tomato soup
Your one-bowl meal looks good. I love portobello mushrooms, but kids don't really fancy it.

What happen to your appetite? Is it the weather or.... *wink wink*

Is your ds still using pull-up pants?
Just went Cold Storage - they have a promo for the pants... 2 for $25.95. That's quite a good deal cos I save $8.65 for ds' L size ones.
Promo ends tomorrow.

Here's what I made over the weekend - saw this dress at Fox but it was retailing at $45. Reckoned I could do a similar one since I have a striped top lying around that is too small for me, so turned it into a dress for dd.
Hi Huskie,

I'm always without appetite when weather is stuffy so no *wink *wink....

Lovely lovely lovely dress!

Kids don't like mushrooms much in general (me too when I was a kid). Anyway hb had all the portobellos. I put 2 on each bowl just for photographic purpose hahaha... Happy to just have yummy brocolli and pork chop.
I saw the diecast trains on your blog and your Gap finds... very good deal!
I am trying not to buy so many clothes for the kids cos I realised I spent a lot on fabric, so will probably try to make more clothes for them.

Haha, no *wink wink*?
Do you plan to have #2?
My dd just told me she wants to have 3 mei meis and 3 didis!
And when she is old, she wants to have 6 kids... and asked me to help her take care of her kids and sew stuff for them! :p
Hi Huskie,

If I could sew, I think I'll end up spending more on fabrics etc than sewing them! I remember giving away many cross-stitch books one time 'cos I was buying patterns, threads and cloth
If my son will allow me to sew without pulling things away, I can definitely stay-at-home-whole-day without moving. Can be a compulsive stitcher anytime 'cos I used to be one.

No *wink*wink - cannot cope.

Is that u in the pic? Look slim and love ur slim arm ...

Anyone one heard Krill oil before? Read that is better than cod, salmon fish oil. Their omega contain is so much higher that those fish oil. And 48x antioxidant!!
Dont know how true it is.Suppose to be v good for kids brain and for us on cholesterol level n beauty hee...
But then krill is small shrimp not suitable for those allergy with seafood.

Last 2 week went GSS shopping and get some nice dresses, tops and skirt from mango and zara. I'm happy now haha
That is my dd, not me!

I wish my arms are that skinny though:p

I saw some nice dresses at Zara too... good sale going on, but kids were not in the mood to shop that day so I didn't go in.

Your meal looks good!
I also like yong tau foo... yummy and economical.

Talk about being economical... think I will boycott Watsons from now on.
I just bought a J&J Top-to-Toe Bodywash for kids that day at Watsons for $8.20, and today saw the exact same one for only $6.50 at NTUC!
Talk about bring ripped off!

And I wanted to buy some pantyliner from Watsons, but their price tag was wrong so in the end I didn't buy from them... anyway, they were selling the 40-pcs at $3.75 (on promotion) but I saw and bought the same one at a small shop at Clementi for only $1.85 last Sat.

Told hubby this is really crazy and i need to make it a point to find out where sells what cheaper.
hello !

Reena/Annlee,about happycall pan, i just saw the advertisement on TV yesterday, but like selling at hundred+ ? but this one only $49.90?
Hmm.. if is that usefull can consider hor?
I am tired of cleaning the oily kitchen :p

Huskie, eh u r slim also lah ;) so envy after two kids still so slim leh

wah u really good in sewing ! even can sew the back pack bag? wah.........! eh can open on line store for custom made bag, clothes etc

Huskie, yeah some of those neighbourhood store selling cheaper. Anyone using the Laurier Super slimguard 200x, 20 pads? outside selling $5-$6, but at the ABC store only $3.85. Same thing except the wording in Bahasa Indonesia
Hello ladies,
How are you doing?
My dd is down with a nasty cough and has been home for the past week, so I was a little too tied up to post anything.

I didn't know there is a chain called ABC store! Will check it out... saw online that there is a branch at Ghim Moh.

Where did you get the Taiwan pearl rice from? I went to the NTUC at my place but could not find it.
It's sometimes called USA pearl rice? Or another one that's vacuum packed with bluish patterns or red motifs. I really don't know the name of the brand and go by the look of the grains.

Shengsiong, Kimisawa, Ang Mo and most stores have this sort of rice. 1kg = S$3.40 thereabout. I bought from Kimisawa last month 'cos there were things on offer and delivery is free for purchases above S$50
Ok thanks. I know what USA pearl rice is, but was looking for a pack with words called Taiwan pearl rice :p

I think u can get the taiwan pearl rice from sheng siong.

I liked the bags u have done for ur dd, where u get the fabric? I cant sew, haha...even with the machine.

littlecat, There's a ABC shop near my hse, will check it out. I like the brand too hee..

How are u? Busy with your kids schedule?
Hi Annlee,
Nice seeing you here.

Still the same routine schedule with the kids.Looking forward to end of first week of oct.

Have a good weekend.


Good luck your dd...she can do it well...

Have a good weekend too and the mommies here.
Interesting way to add prawn crackers to rice... haha,I am sure my dd will love this

I got the cloth from Moopie Fabrics when they did the BP last year, but since then, they have closed down. It's the Cinderella series

Got my pearl rice, but haven't been cooking much recently since I took out my wisdom tooth last week. Been onl a diet of only soup and bread, sian.

Sourcing around for a cheap and good blender plus oven now. For oven, I will probably buy Reena's Tecno TEO 3400... but will wait around and see when there is discount from Harvey Norman since I am in no hurry.

Cooking Reena's Quick Sour Plum Sauce chicken tonight

My plum sauce chicken wings, but they don't seem to be as dark and luscious as Reena's!
Still taste yummy though...
Hi mums,

I am a newbie here, just reading this thread about happycall pan. I bought one and using it happily. Really not more oily and messy kitchen. (You can read more about Happycall Pan at my blog,, there included recipes, faq and bargains, more importantly provide useful tips for busy mums). I don't really use my supor wok nowadays as using happycall double flip pan and happycall diamond pan (see in my blog), made of ceramic not some petroleum by product which my husband have to throw one every 6 months. Hope it can help all of you save on expensive kitchenware and healthier food
Thanks for sharing your blog on the Happycall Pan. My aunt bought one but she hasn't started using it yet. I'm also one of those who throw away a wokpan every 6 month
Thanks for sharing your blog.
I read through it but I think I am still not converted as I don't like the idea of the sealant wearing off or being so near my food.
But then again, that's just me and I am a kiasu old fashioned cook who does not even use microwave

I've been reading your blog.
Like your bjotw soup. Looks yummy!
Didn't know they have this in can!
Hi Huskie,

I don't have a microwave oven too... Don't quite like this invention.

Threw away the can for BJOTW because I didn't think the soup would turn out nice - hahaha cannot even remember the brand of the product!

Really almost died eating Buddha Jumps Over The Wall some years back (as I wrote on my blog) - it's like after the 3rd spoonful and 2 bites into abalone, my throat felt 'locked'. Remember drinking as much Coke as I could to neutralise that feel. Left lunch untouched and went home to be sick for a few days! That's how intolerant my body is to MSG+Chinese herbs+ginseng. It's crazy how anyone can have herbal BJOTW. Plain ones are MSG-laden as it is. With ginseng, I think it's really over-the-top.

So I'm basically cooking the old-fashioned way (just pots and pans) and eating vey basic foods 'cos complicated things don't go well with me (including muti-vitamins). Wonder if anyone else has this problem. I feel sick eating multi-vitamins and drinking tonic soups (like something's stuck halfway). Always my sis helping me out when granny hands me a bowl of super-soup
Been like that since young - the more tonic was prepared the more sick I was after taking them. Seemed better eating usual local food and fruits.

Been pigging out on pomelos since Mid-Autumn festival. Yummy. I think about 8 whole pomelos already. When I was in England (bed and breakfast), I had 3 bowls of sugared pink grapefruit every morning
One of those seasonal indulgence that makes me happy. Above chocolates, chips and other foods. Few days back I had chempedak, then jackfruit - yummy yummy.

What have you been cooking lately?
Hi everyone, I've been trying to look for the recipe to this soup that my grandma used to cook. We're a teochew family so I'm guessing that this dish could have originated from there (but I'm not sure).

Anyways here is a description of the soup -
Its salty, sweet and soup at the same time. Orangy-yellow colour. Uses pineapples and fish. The soup isn't very thick and the fish she usually uses look like pomfrets just smaller.

I've been trying to 'recreate' this but always end up drinking my creation on my own
Hi Bluedaisy,

Maybe you should find the recipe for sweet-sour seafood soup under sites that have Thai-Teochew recipes? Some of the information I need for my blog are sometimes from overseas sites 'cos there are many people who write about authentic/childhood/traditional home recipes.
Hi Musings,
Yeah, I read your blog about the reactions to MSG and tonic. Hubby and I get that with MSG, but not so much with herbal stuff. MSG-laden foods will give us scratchy throats, after which hubby will start coughing and it develop into a full-blown cough with thick phlegm. For me, I break out in hives (urticaria). It was so bad I was on antihistamines everyday for 2 years before I had my kids. I also got hives again during my first 3 mths pregnancy with #2, because I was confined to bed and ordered tingkat for dinner... even though the tingkat I ordered was supposedly "premium" and without "added MSG". But of course they cannot guarantee the ready sauces they use is MSG-free.

Wow, you really like pomeloes huh? Citrus is really not my favourite (unless in baking)... I prefer melons. Recently Oz rockmelons are going for about $2.99 at Giant. Just got one yesterday, will cut it up later and see if it's sweet.

I haven't been cooking anything fancy lately - more baking cos I just got a new oven. The one that Reena owns and recommended. So far have already baked blueberry yoghurt butter cake, tofu chiffon (mine turned out flat like a donut! :p) and some roast chicken. Tonight using it to grill a whole seabass with herbs.

I also bought a blender! No choice cos I need to make almond milk to rev up my intake of Vit B. Extracted my wisdom tooth a month ago, but seems like dentist made a booboo and damaged my nerve. Now I have what they call paresthesia - I cannot really feel much of my lower lip and gum on that side of the face where I took out the wisdom tooth. And that part feels swollen (although it is not) and there is a constant pressure on my lower teeth, like someone pressing on them. I try not to think about it so much and look on the bright side that if I have ulcer on that side of the lip, I cannot feel much of the ulcer pain. But gotta increase intake of Vit B rich foods as they help repair nerves. Just hope this will not be a permanent thing and that it will eventually heal.
Hi Bluedaisy,
Sorry, my mum is Teochew but I've never seen her cook such a soup before. About the only sour soup she makes is duck soup with sour plums.

Hope you find your recipe soon!
Hi Huskie,

Hehehe... pigged out on a bowl of lovely jackfruit and then dunked the seeds into the rice cooker so early dinner already eaten. Jackfruit seeds, jackfruit-infused rice and yummy chicken stew. All gone as of 5pm


Can't go out 'cos my eyes are itching from the polluted air so better to just stay at home and eat my favourite food/fruits

WOW... you're another person who's sensitive to MSG. Hives is the word indeed. I usually self-medicate with zyrtec (so long as I have itch, rash or swelling) so I don't know if I actually had hives a couple of times. I generally feel tight in my throat, headache, dizzy, rash and/or nausea if the food has lousy/overdose of MSG/herbs/Angmoh spces. Only use premium Lee Kum Kee for cooking - just in case anything happens.

Taking about melons. You read about the deadly bacteria found in USA cantaloupes that's killed a couple of people this week? They're lovely to eat but looks like I'll stay away from rock melons in general for a while.
I didn't read about the USA cantaloupes. Yikes. I haven't cut up mine yet, although mine is from Australia. Maybe I should just chuck it out huh?

Seems like hives is a common thing huh? I think as long as it's not chronic, can just avoid certain foods that make it flare up. Mine was chronic though. Even when I avoided almost everything and went hungry, they still popped out.
Hey for that two years, I was in zyrtec for morning and night time will have to pop an atarax to sleep, otherwise a zyrtec a day is not enough to keep the hives away. It was only after a lengthy elimination diet where I was almost vegetarian and a fast, then my hives went away after slowly reducing the dosage myself.

Your dinner looks good. I saw lots of jackfruit at giant too, but didn't buy cos I have 2 ulcers in my mouth. Good thing I can't feel one of them due to the paresthesia.

Just made a fluffy banana cake
Hi Huskie,

I always make sure there are at least 2 pieces of Zyrtec or Clarityne at home. Antihistamines, tetracycline and prescriptive creams didn't work. Was on zyrtec (best) for 2 years too after I had a very very bad reaction to a facial treatment (the lady insisted to trying some AHA on me) and another time when the salon used a something with lemongrass in it.

Was using fragrance/alcohol-free products for a long while and staying away from serums/sunblock/makeup for quite a while till the rash, peeling etc subsided. Scary experience. That's why I don't go for facials much and even if I do, I ask for the basic. More for a thorough cleanup than fancy treatment - just in case anything happens.

Hahaha. I have an ulcer too but pigged out anyway... Think Australian melons should be fine lah. Only the USA ones are found to have Listeria bacteria at the moment.
I love chicken wings too, but am just to lazy to fry and clean up the kitchen, so I compromise with roasted ones... lazy me!

Made bread last night, pretty good although I find a little hard. Maybe I didn't do my proofing properly. But still, nothing beats homemade stuff!

What are you ladies cooking tonight?
I'm cooking a lotus root green bean soup, probably a grilled fish and steamed broccoli.
Hi Huskie,

No cooking for the week 'cos down with gastric flu
If I have an oven, I'll likely have roast wings every other day - am a carnivore
How's your gastric flu? Hope you're feeling better.

I made an Earl Grey pound cake last night from Little Teochew's blog... it's so good I didn't even get the chance to take any pics. Ds ate so much of it

Today attempted macarons, but hmmm.... big failure :p
Will try again.
Hi Huskie,

Feeling better - Thanks

Made noodles out of mee hoon kuey dough - will upload pics/blog when I do get down to writing.