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Bad Eczema!!

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by miykki, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. marg_chia

    marg_chia Member

    gallop to riches*

  2. Pinkshadow

    Pinkshadow Member

    Hi, can anyone pls tell me where can i buy the oilatum products here in sg? Pls wa at 98778081.. Ty
  3. marg_chia

    marg_chia Member

    the dolphin vacuum cleaner not bad.. you guys can consider getting one
  4. i.am.ginger

    i.am.ginger New Member

  5. Subarugirl

    Subarugirl New Member

    I have 10 tube of A1 physiogel cream 100ml to let go at $20 each keen email me
  6. Mummy Evon

    Mummy Evon New Member

    My 6 months old son has been having eczema since born and it stopped after using Cetaphil Baby bodywash and shampoo as well as hydrocortisone cream...it has been working for him for the past 2 months but now it flared up on his face again! What can i do??
  7. JOSY1

    JOSY1 New Member

    Hi Mummy Evon, my son use to develop rashes and complain of back itchiness until he used an aloe vera based body shampoo. The brand is Sudzy and is sold through direct selling. I am one of the direct distributor. You can PM me if you are interested to try - imall6639@gmail.com
  8. AlvinOng

    AlvinOng New Member

    My 4-year daughter has eczema for more than a year. Seen GPs, skin specialist, paediatrician and TCM doctor. Tried many creams. Those that help are ceradan and physiogel AI. Seen one skin specialist Dr Raymund Kwah at Ocean Financial Centre and isolated the cause to strong UV sunlight. Phew !
  9. hippo78

    hippo78 Active Member

    My elder son have sensitive skin and always scratches his legs until bleed.. so I cannot use those off-the-shelves bath wash.
    Tried a few organic brands, and I feel nature's gate and sudzy (amway) are good enough for him. Now, His skin heal a lot, and no more scratching. Nature's gate is natural, unscented and comes in a huge bottle (value for money). Bought around 12plus from Qoo10. I learn about Sudzy brand from my friend. Their bath gel and herbal shampoo each comes in a small bottle (275ml).
    Though small packaging but only $9-$10 a bottle. And my boys smell good after shower.
  10. Orance

    Orance New Member

    After reading the whole post, I have learned more about this topic. Thank you so much.
  11. Janette Chong

    Janette Chong New Member

    I have a suggestion for anyone with Eczema issues to consider as it helps my family who are suffering from Eczema. We uses the Emu Oil wash, shampoo and emu oil to apply. You can read the reviews and consider to try it out. http://emutracksasia.com/eczema-emu-oil-customer-reviews/ , They sell in Qoo10 too. Do check it out http://list.qoo10.sg/s/ILOVENATURAL?keyword=ilovenatural&keyword_auto_change= , with the coupons given i save quite a bit for my purchases. Hope that helps for alternative considerations
  12. yanqiu

    yanqiu Member

    Hi, will advise mummies to avoid steroid cream if possible as steroid cream will actually make the skin thinner and prone to bleeding especially when scratched.
    I tried a serum from the US and and also recommended it to my friend. Eczema condition improved a lot.
  13. Minz Lim

    Minz Lim New Member

    Hi, can try to take OPC and use DNA soothing ointment from sg.shop.com/shopzoba for my son eczema. Just 8 weeks and i see the difference. Used to use steroid cream on his leg but the side effect was it dried up the skin and caused him to scratch more and sometime scratched till it bleed.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2017
  14. puix2

    puix2 Member

  15. Janette Chong

    Janette Chong New Member

  16. Janette Chong

    Janette Chong New Member

    Hi, Please check the above Active Bio Emu Oil out.. It have have my family and myself.. It is our first aid in our home.

    Do check their FB page Nature Sanctuary Pte Ltd.. Here I extract from their FB page review.

    Recommended by our new neighbour to try 'Bio-Active Emu Oil'.
    My kid suffered eczema since Feb 2017, wrongly diagonosed as HFMD. Doc kept giving steroid cream and it worries me lots as she is only 2 years old, furthermore there is no family history of eczema. Steroid does not even help in reducing eczema and more watery blisters popped out. Came across Emu Oil in June 2017 and tried it for 1 month. It works wonders, thanks to neighbour's recommendation. Huge difference, as the eczema did not spread like other products we tried. My girl even offered to apply the oil on herself as she said it's not stingy on her skin.
    Teachers even surprised that the pop-up blisters subsided.
    Am super satisfied with the results, and am purchasing more varieties of Emu Tracks products ie. Shampoo for her to try out.
    Thank you Nature Sanctuary, for making 'Mummy' less anxious and upset. - Hanisah

    Please click link to see before and after pictures:

    For more info and purchase, visit us at emutracksasia.com or whatsapp/sms/call +65 8608 7926. (**Low courier fee)

    #eczema #psoriasis #rash #emuoil #emutracksasia

    Purchase online or at a store near you:
    - emutracksasia.com
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