Beware of this Confinement Nanny


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Hi Folks,

Wanna just post for you to be extra careful if you're considering to engage a certain nanny by the name of Moh Mxx Kxxx, F16XXXX1M.

Here are the issues we had when she worked for us:

1. Lack of proficiency in nanny skills - We understand that she's not very sure how to properly handle the baby at night, and while she claimed that she did her share of burping, I was awaken at night several times to the sound of my son choking and wheezing from the milk that he fed on. Granted we provided her with a bottle that was faster in terms of feeding, the issue was she just did the bare minimum, and on multiple occasions I still observe that my son was choking, and I took over to burp him myself to prevent him from choking. (She also didn't tell us that the bottle was not suitable, we found out only after we started doing the night feeds.) We are thankful that nothing happened during the confinement period, but it could have been a choking incident for my son at 1 month of age.

2. Handling the baby during showering - I understand that there are some nannies when they handle the baby, the baby doesn't cry during the shower. For her, we often observe that the baby cries during the showering, and when we asked why, she just says "The baby is scared of water.." Truth is, if the nanny have some degree of experience, they will realize that there is a way to handle the baby so that they actually enjoy the showering process instead of becoming traumatized by the showering. Babies should not be shocked by the showering process, find a nanny that is able to ensure that the showering is comfortable for the baby.

3. Pilferage - She asked us to buy quite a substantial amount of confinement food, which I'm happy to oblige. Later on multiple occasions, I discovered that she would take the confinement food, and prepare a lot for my wife, and then the leftovers (cos my lady usually don't eat a lot) she ends up eating. So far we observe that she have consumed about 55% - 65% of the confinement food for meant for my wife, and on some occasions, the expensive ingredients just.. disappear. When we asked her for an account, she says that she finished cooking it already. However when I did a fact checking, I wasn't convinced that my lady had a chance to finish all the food that was supposed to be cooked for her. Quite a fair bit I notice on several occasions was kept beneath a covering of rice. (She put all the good ingredients at the bottom of the bowl, then fill it up to the top with a lot of rice, so it looks like she's eating plain rice.) I have also communicated to her on multiple occasions not to cook excessively, she just nodded, but continued to cook excessively for "my wife". We had some ingredients missing also from our cupboards, I didn't want to makes things ugly so we didn't do a bag check, but our suspicion lies with her possibly taking some of our TCM ingredients.

4. Confinement Meals - Granted her dishes are not bad, but they are not the traditional confinement menu. Be extra careful if someone suggests to you a dish outside of the confinement meals. In her case, we notice that she cooked several dishes that instead of helping to improve the vitality of my wife, ended up messing up with her health because the way she prepared the dishes and the ingredients she uses is against TCM principles (We checked with our TCM connects to verify a few times.) So while some of the dishes are nice, they might not be healthy for mummy and eventually baby (If Mummy is breastfeeding) so be careful about this.

5. Professionalism - Basically she committed to a 28 day project, but because she wanted to go meet some of her friends in SG, she asked to end the project at 27 days, but still wanted to charge us the full amount. She also charged us $5,300 claiming it's CNY rate, which we initially agreed to, but later on after discovering that she has i) No qualifications, ii) Poor confinement nanny skills, iii) Need to be more professional, iv) Pilferage, we settled at $4,800.

Am writing this cos the choking incidences was revealed to me today, and I realize it's a huge risk for anyone considering to engage her. Pls think twice, I mean there are other options available, pls find someone reliable, we're paying good money to get someone trustworthy to come and help us, I don't recommend you pick up the risk cos if something happens, by then... the damage is already done, and no amount of money can help us gain back the health of our babies..