Bad Eczema!!


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Anyone knows where to find a good paediatrician to cure Eczema? My girl has been suffering from it since she's 2mths old.. She's now 5mths... Brought her to her paediatrician but he precribed her steroid which oso doesnt reali help..anyone can advise?


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Hi Miykki, how is your baby now, is she better? I can recommended you one paediatrician at Hougang Ave 8, the clinic is near UOB ATM. The clinc of the name is Neighbour Clinic. Where do you stay? But the waiting time there is super long and the staff there is also very rude but for the sake of my DD so no choice. I had brought my DD there for Eczema oso, my DD Eczema is caused by her nanny that she didnt clean her after she fed her for every meals that time my DD was only 7 mths old. It started from her chest and it was spread to her stomach area after seeing the GP and apply the cream that he give my DD for her Eczema, it went away after 2 days. Because i oso had Eczema so in a way i passed it to my DD. So as and when i have Eczema i use the cream that GP given to my DD for her Eczema, it works on me too.


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my girl n I had mild eczema but sometimes can scratched till "chao tar".....

i tried Gaia's Skin Soothing Lotion", not bad, can tame down the itchiness. U can buy it at Guardian (those bigger ones)


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My boy also suffers from eczema. Have seen a few PDs. Also attended a talk by the the PDs from NUH about eczema.

As far as I know, the only cream that is effective is those that contains steroids. According to the PDs from NUH, it is OK to use such creams.

The other alternative is to keep your baby's skin moisturized at all times. Use the california baby calendula cream generously, a few times a day. California baby super sensitive body wash is also good. You cannot use normal baby wash like Johnsons anymore. You can also try Cetaphil body wash and moisturizers.

No matter which PD you go, they will tell you the same thing as above. There is no cure for eczema.

Also make sure that your baby's clothes are washed thoroughly clean of detergent. Use a mild detergent like Kodomo baby detergent. NTUC sells a laundry detergent for sensitive skin. Do not use those powder type. Make sure that you rinse the clothes a few times until it is completely free of detergent. I used to let my maid handwash the baby clothes, and one day I realized that the clothes still generate bubbles when I put them in water !


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My son is 4M old and my PD told me the same thing. His eczema started from the neck and is now spreading towards the back and chest. Heart ache whenever I see those red rash thingy. I am also looking for the calendula cream but couldn't find them in those Pharmacy. Tried Kiddy Palace but they didn't carry also. So anyone knows where we can get them?


There's a shop at Suntec tats sells CB calendula cream. Its at Level 4...the area dedicated to children's apparels...juz next to toyrus. Or else can also try GAIA products...esp the soothing lotion. its works for my gal.


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There is this cream that my PD gave which is non-steroids is call Physiogel AI cream. It keep the eczema under control but once we never apply it will come back again. So far i tried EVERYTHING that was name above and NOTHING works.

Infact, another PD told us not to use soap at all for bb b4 1yo. So we only drop a few drop of olive oil in my bb bath water. So far this method works for my no. 2 but not no. 3. My no. 3 condition is bad such that there is juz 1 stubbon red patch that juz cannot go away the PD has arrange and refer her to National Skin Centre am waiting for the appt end of this mth c what the doc say........
i had same problem too but couldn't bear to use steriod on my 2-month old bb. Found the California Baby calendula cream. And it does work for my baby, though i must say that you need a few days before u can see results. Can buy from Watsons at Marina Square.


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now my son rashes has spread to his face. then got those dried up pimple-liked dots.

I couldn't find the cream near my area, so I ordered the CB calendula cream from one of those BP in this forum, cheaper, only abt $18 if i remembered correctly. Currently, I am installing aircon to keep heat off for the time being, and using Rainbow to vacuum the bed religiously. Hopefully can keep triggers off for the tine being.

then <font color="#ff0000">htiljt</font>, any idea if we can get the Physiogel AI cream from counter? by the way, what sort of olive oil do you use, those meant for cooking? My PD gave my boy a special cleansing gel, but i only use it once a day.


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green kiwi,

the physiogel A1 not available in most counter. But i was told TTSH n KKH have. Maybe u call to check out.


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<font color="#F88158"> hi mummies
i'm havin the same problem as u all. i bring my son to a skin specialist at orchard and my son's doc in charge is Dr Cheong Wai Kwong. here is the website:

mummies who purchase GAIA products. here is the online order:

hope the above of my info will help


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I had to bring my son to a skin specialist @ GE finally. Steroid was given...different type for different area, area was calmed almost the next day. Tried few creams, verdict: Paw paw cream...oily and a bit sticky, but very gd in preventing flare up. but I think once flare up, no choice but to use steroid.


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My DS started having very bad eczema when 1mth+. His whole body was dried and covered with rashes. Brought him to see PD and was given steriod &amp; lotion. The PD advise him to use body lotion instead of baby powder. His condition was better after applying the steriod &amp; lotion for a few days but recovered only after I changed his Johnson bath to Sebamed bubble bath.

He has very stubborn blotches of rashes on his cheeks too which wouldn't go away despite using the steriod. Seen alot of PDs and tried alot of cream but got worst instead. Then a granny told me to leave the rashes alone, don't apply any cream or lotion... I tried her method and surprisingly the rashes on his cheeks started to disappear!!

So now I only use Sebamed for his bath and apply QV lotion to his body after bath. As for his face, just use plain water to clean and full stop. These work so far as small rashes only appears once in a while..


hi all,

just like to share as my boy (8 mths +) have been having ezcema since the first few weeks..

very very heart pain to see him scratched till it bleeds each time =(

brought him to many PDs too and tried many creams..

the latest PD has gave us the following instructions and we have managed to keep the flare-ups to minimum:

1. use QV/ cetaphil/ sebamed bodywash, those moistruizing type

2. each bath time keep it to 5 mins, max 10 mins

3. use lukewarm to cool water

4. pat dry baby, do not rub

5. apply very tiny quantity of olive oil on skin

6. apply very thin layer of steriod cream (max 10 days consecutively, twice a day)

7. once 10 days is over, stop all steriod cream (even if there's flare up), apply non-steroid cream and moistruizing lotion an hr later

8. do not use california baby or other products that has essential oil cuz it may trigger/ worsen the ezcema

9. no berries, esp strawberries, soy, egg, seafood (even fish). was told to delay giving fish till he's at least 1 yr old.

10. only wear 100% cotton clothes, no tags or stitching on the inner side of the clothes.

10. most importantly, always keep in cool temperature

we are still monitoring his condition now and really hope that he will grow out of it as he gets older..

hope all our little ones will grow out of this condition soon and be healthy and happy


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Hi JT:

thanks for the new sharing...I have stopped using CB products also. Find that it is so so only.

Then after months of trial and testings...I finally found a cream that could better control his flare-up 1 week w/o using Physiogel cream ($26 for 75ml). now Guardian having promotion, get 2nd pc at 50% off, so it works out to be 25% for each tube.

According to the doc, this is the intensity:

Physiogel Lotion - just for normal moisturizing
Physiogel Cream - slightly more intensive
Physiogel AI cream - very intensive (can only get in hospital pharmacy)


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Hi green kiwi
You may wish to consider Oilatum range. I tried Physiogel range, found them less helpful compared to Oilatum. The bath oil is really good, can feel a layer of "oil" over my skin after bathe. The Oilatum cream will relieve itching on top of being moisturising. AI cream is so much more expensive and less helpful for me. Oilatum cream is $9 for 40g. Oilatum bath oil is slightly cheaper than Physiogel shower gel too.
But of course, very individual.


Hi, I have 2 bottles of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (473ml) for sale at $14 each. This cleanser is recommended for baby's daily bath by the paediatrician, and I overstocked on it.

The Cetaphil website describes this product as "recommended by Dermatologists for years for people with special skin needs like acne, rosacea, or eczema because of its gentleness. Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle enough for children, teens and adults. "

Expires in Oct 2009, collection at Kovan station only, interested parties please PM me.


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Hi all,
let me share my experience. My 1st experience with my prince when he was 5mths old. started with rash and PD did not mention it was eczema. non-stop of creams were given, change of milk to trial. In the end I gv up and switch to KKH. it flare so badly that I had to bandage him up and tied his hands each time he sleep. each time I see him, i will cry cos he is suffering. the whole bedsheet will be covered with blood and his skin will be watery... can see the flesh... Name me any cream/lotion/shower gel..Cetaphil,Oilatum, QV,california baby ... all i tried.. tell me any clinic tat can help him, i will visit... I spent thousands of dollars on him.. medical alone.. he is also a regular patient at KKH be it A&amp;E or at clinics review or at the wards. Been admitted more than 6x thru out his life until he was 19th mths old. it was tough.the last admission was bad. I can see the flesh.. Doc was tell me, in his entire life as a doctor, he has nvr seen such a case.. He told me tha my son is like a red lobster... and wonder how we take care of him... His bedsheet/pillow case were changed 3x aday.. soak with boiling every note wash with Detol, books and his room non stop wipe. tough on maid also.. imagine the expenses and the work load!! Stil not clean I ask the doctor? I notice that each medication may or may not suit ur prince or princess. it can be gd for urs but not mine... But I nvr gave up.. Steriod was the only way to calm him down but once u stop, it start again..In the end, I tried GAIA, physiogel products.. thank God it works... but i have to give him NEOCATE, a special milk costing $77/tin of 400g which last me 2.5 days max!!! only ME and KKH has this milk. no other milk can suit him.. A test conducted by KKH, list came back so many allergy.. 300+ items was listed to me to watch out if i am shopping fo rhis food!! madness!!!

ANyway, I follow wat has proven to help him from a bundle up prince to a nice handsome price now.. it will flare but have to quickly get him back on track b4 it got worst..

so now,
elomate cream.. thinly apply on thick affected areas
no warm water when bathing... cold water.. warm water make him flare
no towel.. just use napkin to dap on him.
shave his hair 2 weeks once.
4 diff kind of lotions to apply on him daily on alternate basis...
change his clothes 4 times a day
soak his clothes in boling water over nite
use mild detergent and very minimal
Food he eats has to be watched carefully... we follow KKh diet system given to him.

if you want to see how he was withthe flare and how is he rite now... i will email u his condition but dun be scared off by his condition ya...


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Thought i would like to share my experience as well. My girl started off with a bad rash since she was abt 2 mths old.

I suspected the milk that i was giving her as i was giving her NAN HA, so i switched to friso. But it was still the same condition. Her skin was red, patchy and just peeling badly.

There were many spots. On her arms, body, legs face. I brought her to her PD at ESH who was the one i brought to for her injections. But the cream she gave me didn work. And they were steroids as well.

Then i tried this doctor for skin problems at Kallang. He gave me a cream that worked really well for her. And also a moisturiser that cost $98!!

I had practically spent few hundreds on her medical bills. But this doctor at kallang told me she had like infections already. Like the rashes were already forming like "rings". This are infection wants. Slowly, her condition improved. And up till date, it comes and goes. So i just consistently apply this cream. "neoderm" and after i stopped using the expensive moisturiser, her skin sort of became rough. Soooooooo, i dunno if its my imagination la, but this expensive moisturiser is really good. (im looking for alternatives now)

Anyway, my advise to mummies...
1) pat dry ur baby's skin after shower etc
2) dun use Johnson product.

I'm also wary of the food i give my girl. Sometimes certain food i give her can cause allergy to act up as well, but neoderm will work for her. So hope ur babies will be better! And if u need any advise can ask me as well. =)


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Hi Rachel,

Thanks for sharing! Tried to PM you but your doesnt accept PM

WAs wondering if you could kindly share the full name of neoderm andnthe expensive moisturiser you were talking about. Thanks babe!


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Hi tara's mum,

The cream is just called Neoderm. Yellow tube. And the expensive moisturiser i will have to call up my clinic to ask again because i finished it already and have not bought as its too expensive for continuous usage. Already bought 3 bottles of it and stopped after her skin was better and the doc advised me for a cheaper alternative. =)


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Hi mummies. My girl had eczema but not as severe as some of yours. I tried lotions, but it didn't moisturise enough. So I tried the nappy cream I use for her: Weleda Calendula Nappy Change. And it was fantastic: the eczema faded away after 2 applications. The nappy cream is SGD18 only and there is a full range of for bath, lotion and face cream. All are made of natural and organic ingredients and the prices are very reasonable. You can buy them online


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I have eczema myself and am seeing a dermatologist. I've since stopped using any soap-based shower bath Currently buying soap free shower bath from overseas. So much cheaper. Dematologist says the brand doesn't matter, as long as it is soap free, any one (including young children) can use. I buy in bulk with another friend to save on shipping cost.

Also, do note that steroid creams will thin your skin so please use with care. I've also stopped using steroid cream as it made my skin really dry. I apply moisturizer (also by dermatologist, only $3 per bottle) after every shower.

Hi Reena,

Can you share what u r using...shower bath and moisturizer?
Wld like to give them to my kids to try.
Many thanks.


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I've tried Cetaphil, QV and Dermaveen shower bath. They are all soap free. For moisturizer I've used both Aqueous Cream and Aqurea Cream. The former can be used on the face so I'm sticking with that.


Hi mommies,

Noticed my boy having itchy red spots (rashes) around his wrist for about a mth. Did brought him to see a PD which given Neoderm Cream to apply &amp; on Zyrtec for about 5 days. It seem subsided but somehow, it come back lately… He has been used QV wash aall along at home as well as childcare.. I dunno what has happens &amp; what should I do.. V worry about his skin conditions. Could it cause by food allergy or???


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Hi mummies

I have used physiogel cream and a1 cream on my dd, applying liberally in bid not to let the skin flare up.

I have inadvertently bought too many tubes and am happy to let go a few if anyone is interested.
Price is $28 for the 150 ml size


I personally feel (from own experience and kid's), it's best not to overdose kids with anti-bacterial wipes, sprays and shower gel. My son was more prone to rashes after using these. Using a generic antifungal lotion for all sorts of skin problems for the whole family (USD 6+) and it's worked very well so far even though it's inexpensive, compared to the popular products at local stores.

Using just Nature's Gate shampoo as an all-in-one. Other brands worked well too, so long as the product isn't heavily scented - doesn't have to be expensive. Cetaphil and QV washes are not bad too.


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Hi! All Mummy, I can understand how you feel when doctor told you that your baby is having eczema and they suggested to apply moisturizor and steroid when it flare up. My baby girl was diagnosed eczema at 3- 4months, the rashes is typically on her neck, chest, inside of the elbow. the rashes is very scary, like scald. I brought her to KK to see doctor (food allergy and eczema consultation), PD and TCM. in general, the west method is to apply moisturizer consistently. and control with steroid. but after few days applied the steroid, it gone then come back again. when you apply more times, the effect is becoming lesser and lesser. it is very frustrated and I really have resistence to use the steroid as it may affect the baby development. So I go tong ren tang (suggested by a friend) to see the TCM, they gave me some TCM ask me to try on a small patch of the skin if got result then apply to the rest area. I ask the doctor whether other patiant tried before. she told me not for such young baby. I give up when I heard of this. during that period I am very down. when I see her skin I feel very pain. I try a lot of method even the herbal tea etc. ask many friend. at the age of 7.5 months, I brought my baby back to China to visit my mum, MY went to look for friend to get some herbal from the country side. cooked then bathe my baby. I can see the rashes reduce just for the first two wash (once per day). then slowly gone in the week. it is very amasing. I still keep some herbal. any mummy want to have a try. I can give you some. according to my mum, this herbal can use for drink. So it is very safe. if you are interested, pls PM me. BTW, eczema could be triggered by food if your baby is allergy to a certain food, so it is good to do a skin test to find out the allergen and avoid it. But not all are due to food it could be due to gene etc. If you want to have a discuss more about this and get some info, can PM me as well. I will share what I know. good luck to every mummy!
My 3yr gal recently had a veryvery bad enzyme that hadn't heal after 3 weeks even with steroid cream &amp; aloe Vera cream. My Sis-in-law taught me to boil some 金银花with water only for a short while, then use cotton pad to tap the Luke warm content on affected area few times a day after shower/cleaning, it will help clear gradually after a week or 2. Try tonics that targets at 肝 &amp; 脾 too if u wana try TCM. This is more for long term maintainence &amp; control but not immediate rememdy for flare up.


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I've also tried applying diluted apple cider vinegar on affected areas, it works for mild eczema. At least i dont have to rely on steroid to ease the itch. But the burning sensation might be too strong for a child to bear.


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Hi mummies,can use TOPIC cream+neoderm on affected area, apply pure olive oil after bath nappy change.It improve skin condition,less itch can sleeps better.Don't use tap water ,use filted or diluted water,boil dried bitter gourd for bathing.I try on afew babies already,it works well,now only use topic cream to moisturise the skin n olive oil after bath.


Hi mummies,

I used to have eczema also. I used to visit alot of GPs. And skin specialist are rather expensive and results didn't improve...

In the end, I went to National Skin Centre and after a few follow up my condition improve.

**You need to go to polyclinic for referal to NSC to get subsidy.

**Walk in is much more expensive.

NSC gave me very mild soup to wash hands and for my daily bath.

Hope it helps.


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I'm into week 6 of my eczema flare-up. This time is the worst ever eczema I've ever had. I've gone to see my dermatologist 4 times within 6 weeks. Besides steroid cream, I'm also on oral steroid for 15 days. In addition, I'm also doing the wet wrap method and going for phototherapy twice a week.

Currently on Physiogel AI cream but alternating with Aqueous cream as the AI cream is very expensive @ $37+ for a 50ml tube.

My gf recommends Dermaveen moisturizing lotion. Any using this? Is it greasy?

I'm currently using Dermaveen soap free bath.


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Anyone interested? I plan to order the moisturiser through a friend.

Everyday Soap Free Wash 1 Litre

Everyday Moisturising Lotion 1 Litre

My gf and I just stock up on our soap free wash in Feb, but she's helping me to buy the moisturiser. I can't take too many bottles now as I'm planning to try out 1 bottle first. Based on her experience, we need a min of 7 bottles to justify for shipping.

Collection @ Simei Street 1 or arrange for courier service at own cost.

Depending on exchange rate, I've paid between S$35 and S$40 for 1 litre. Singapore pharmacy is selling 500ml @ $27.30
My daughter reacts well with steroid cream when her eczema flares up. I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for her shower. I have used Pure Emu Oil to moisturise her skin.


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Anyone interested in QV skin lotion? Hubby bought the wrong one for me.

Pharmacy is selling 500ml @ $22.56

Now selling a 1.25l Ego QV Skin Lotion @ S$35 only.

Self collect from Simei Street 1 before 9pm.



Elomet cream works for my child.

However you need a doctor prescription on this as it contains some steriod and to apply thinly on the affected area.