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Baby prefer BM

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ah_meow2, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. ah_meow2

    ah_meow2 Member

    Hi Mummies... anyone can help me??
    My baby gal prefer BM and will not drink any FM at all. Unless I mix a scoop of FM with BM.
    Want to ask any mummy out there having the same problem as me?
    Or is there any FM has the same taste or similar taste as BM?

  2. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member

    Mine also the same... Even if mix FM with BM, he also refuse to drink. And he also rejecting bottles... haiz.

    Btw, my baby is already 13+ months old.
  3. ah_meow2

    ah_meow2 Member

    You mean your baby refuse to drink from bottle??
    Or he is fine with BM in the bottle.
  4. kalpanasingh

    kalpanasingh New Member

    Why don't you prefer to feed them through breast pumps .I think then you will get perfect solution for you and your baby will also get BM .So try it .
    Baby clothes expert
  5. ryan_mummy

    ryan_mummy Active Member

    What's wrong with feeding pure BM? If you have milk why do you want to feed FM? So artificial and non-nutritional!

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