AUG 2018 Mummies

Eury Wee

Dear Mummies,

I have a few very experienced confinement nanny/lady to introduce. They're all Malaysian Chinese, also have Indian Confinement Nanny.

One of them is my own mother. She has more than 20 years of experience in taking care of newborn and my own babies too. She is currently booked for April - May & July. Other months are available.

Other aunties are my friends, i knew them for years. Have been helping them to get jobs in Singapore too. Need to check their schedule once you've provide your EDD to me.

They've many years of working experience in Singapore too! They able to cook very tasty confinement food. Take care of the newborn very well (cuz my mother & these aunties are really the expert!) Helping on simple household chores upon request.

Please whatsapp me 98160846 if you need more details. I can provide their photos and info.

CY Lim

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My edd is end Aug, appreciated if you could can add me in the WA group as well. my mobile @96546262.

Can't wait to join the group to chit chat with all Aug mummies!

many thanks!


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Hi, I have also been waiting to be added, but I guessed the ladies are just too busy?

If you keen to start a new group, please PM me :)


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Hi, I'm new to the group and EDD is near end Aug. I would like to ask are any mothers-to-be here taking up any prenatal yoga or pilates classes? Do you have any prenatal exercise classes to recommend and how much is it? Thank you.


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Hi, I'm new to the group and EDD is near end Aug. I would like to ask are any mothers-to-be here taking up any prenatal yoga or pilates classes? Do you have any prenatal exercise classes to recommend and how much is it? Thank you.

Hi, i am on a hunt for prenatal yoga classes too!


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:) u can always look around for trial yoga.theres alot of studios in singapore u can try:)
but my gynae say if u have not been exercising prior to pregnancy its better not to start.
On the contrary, i have been practising for the past 4 years. I am going around for Trial classes this week, hopefully, i am able to find the right one for myself. *Fingers crossed*
  1. hi mommies out there.. :)

    With warm welcome,

    with experience 9 years in massage therapist field.
    Able to manage and arrange moms and babies just come back from hospital to make your body relief from pain.

    i provides treatment for mom..

    Massage for Mom To Be (Pregnant 20 above) $ 60

    Postnatal Massage
    $80 per sessions

    Postnatal Package
    5 session - $350
    7 Session - $470
    10 session - $630

    Massage with Lemongrass Oil or Olive Oil make you much more comfort and feel better after get birth.


    Engorgement Breast Treatment $70

    Baby Massage $20 per session
    Scrub Body $ 30

    For further inquiries or booking slots
    kindly please Whatsapp me -->>81855395 Mdm Zee ;)
    81855395 Mdm Zee;)

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I'm a 51 years old Chinese Lady who has a 7 years old grand daughter who will be in student care during the day and I will be taking care an infant from 18 Dec onwards.

I have bandwith to take care of toddlers and primary-school age (Ranging from 2 years old - 7 years old), providing them with a loving and caring atmosphere.

*Our family enjoys working with children!*

We're a Chinese family, staying at Sengkang, Rivervale Walk (Kangkar lrt), pls whatsapp me @ 92306635 for further discussion.

Roughly how much will it be?


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after quitting my job in Dec and I found out that I’m pregnant on jan. now I’m 4-5 mths pregnant, I can’t get to find any job. Mummy out there Any recommendations of earning during this period? Thank!!


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Hello ladies. I’m new to the forum and am pregnant with our first child due this August (initially near the end, but her size says early August now!). Would love to get to know other mothers-to-be :D

How do I get on board?


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Hi mummies, any one looking to join a mummy support group to share some info as well as a place to release and clear yr pregnancy frustrations. You can join the facebook support group August 2018 EDD SG mummies. Some time feel just emo and feel so difficult to explain to hub. A support group really work as there are mummies who can get the same hormones during .

Willynn Ng

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Hi all, I am expecting my No 4 (Girl) and would be going to C-Sect on 01-08-2018 (EDD on 09082018 - I refused to have her birthday falls on NDP. LOL)
Gynae: Dr Lawrence Ang
Kids: 8, 7 and 6 years old (ALL GIRLS.)
Hospital: TMC

Can I check if anyone roughly know the cost of delivery for c-sect for 4-bedded/ single-bedded ward?


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hi all.. I just gave birth to a baby girl on 31st Aug’18 @ Mt E.. Last night I got a big scare when I saw my girl’s left eye with thick and sticky yellowish discharge.. She looked so pitiful when she tried to open her eyes to see us.. I panicked and cried involuntarily.. Luckily I have a confinement lady to comfort me that it is normal.. Today we will be bringing her to see PD...

JT Mummy

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Hi Hi.. not sure if the groupchat is still active?
If yes, could you please add me in @ 93211245.

thank you so much