Teach your Child to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Parenting, Preschooler & Up

Fail. It’s the other four-letter ‘F’ word, and one that is as emotionally arousing and...

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Teach your Preschooler to be Inclusive & embrace Diversity

Parenting, Preschooler & Up

As Singapore becomes an increasingly inclusive society, our children are more likely to interact...

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Would you Use Meta’s Parent Supervision Tools to track your child’s Instagram use?

Lifestyle, Parenting

Yesterday, Meta group launched The Family Center on Instagram (IG). This provides parents with...

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A Closer Look at Ortho-K Lenses for Children with Myopia

Preschooler & Up

Michelle Hon first heard about ortho-K lenses from a mummy blogger friend. “I remember reading...

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Anxiety in Children: How to Help Your Child Keep Calm & Carry On

Baby & Toddler, Parenting, Preschooler & Up

All children experience moments of anxiety from time to time. Even adults fear and worry about what...

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Single Parents in Singapore: This Single Father shares His Story


Recently, we featured the stories of two single mums in Singapore. They shared their experiences as...

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Top 12 Foods to Eat for the Best Nutrition during Pregnancy


The common adage during pregnancy is that you can, and should “eat for two”. That, we now know,...

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