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Any reviews on PEM Confinement Agency?

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by KatTea, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Casvon

    Casvon New Member

    Can I have her contact please.

  2. pbb

    pbb New Member

    Hi happimay,

    can you please give me her contacts? Thank you!
  3. vivadew

    vivadew New Member

    Dear happimy,

    Appreciate if you can give me her contact and CL code pls as I m looking for a Confinement lady urgently. My initial booked CL suddenly cant make it and its so disappointing leaving me to find a new one at the last stage.

    Thanks for your help and if any mummies have any gd CL to recommend, pls PM me @ 94360172. Thanks so much.

  4. urbansmurfs

    urbansmurfs New Member

    Can PM the code please? Thank you!
  5. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    I used PEM and honestly, it's abit of heng suay. Mine was just alright. She did what she is supposed to do but didn't really engage me or teach me how to care for baby and all. Cooking so so, sometimes abit blur, like can't understand/hear what I said.

    But she was quite good with the baby. But if I am doing confinement again, I will not go for PEM if I still want to go through Agency.
  6. Hi can u have her contact too?
  7. Joeylovetan

    Joeylovetan New Member

    I also went thru PEM. I tried getting those CL with a lot of good reviews but they all not available, ended up getting one that is ok(in terms of review). in my opinion, she's not very good, not very hygienic. after cooking she never really clean the kitchen, so whole kitchen floor and table is quite oily. her cleaning of bottles and baby stuffs also not very proper. and during her stay she keeps asking me to do a review for her on FB, so ended up I have no choice to give her a good review so she don't pester me everyday for it and well cause my daughter still under her care. and end of the confinement few days before she's leaving, theres a PEM feedback form(its like those rating of 1-5 thingy) on her that she gave to me, I give decent reviews on her mostly 4(80%) and some 3, not one point is below 3, it was given back to her sealed in an PEM envelop that she gave to me. the day before she left, she confronted me with the feedback form and asked why I think she nv do a good job, apparently not happy about her score.

    So yeah, it really depends on the luck. even if you see them having good reviews doesn't mean all of them are genuine..
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  8. Mel green

    Mel green New Member

    I'm also getting irritated with the same person Hui from PEM! Not very savvy and cannot seem to understand that I am not based in SG... kept asking for an face to face appointment when I told her 3 times I'm not physically in SG...so now having second thoughts about the quality of this company .. what if everyone is like that. It will drive me mad not to mention cause extra frustration....
    Sorry had to rant and would appreciate some alterations suggestions too!
  9. Mel green

    Mel green New Member

    Nightmare! You should name and shame the CL. Very unprofessiona!
  10. happyjenny

    happyjenny New Member

    Hi Hapimay ,

    Can I have your CL contact ? Thks
  11. Qzai85

    Qzai85 New Member

    Hi happimay,

    Could you pm me your CL's contact?
    my wife is expecting a 2nd child & her edd is in Apr 2018.
    Thanks a lot :)
  12. alanliu

    alanliu New Member

    Can u help to let me know her name? i wish to appoint her if possible
  13. Jennifer81

    Jennifer81 New Member

    Hi mummy,
    Pm please!
  14. Spxie85

    Spxie85 New Member

    Hi mummy
    Pls PM her number pls, thanks!
  15. denden05

    denden05 New Member

    hi wenlilycious, may i know how did it turn out? could you share who was your CL and whether she's recommended or not? thanks! :)
  16. denden05

    denden05 New Member

    may i know what is her name? :)
  17. joo.c

    joo.c New Member

    Hi, can I have her code or name pls? Thanks!
  18. Sarah foo

    Sarah foo New Member

  19. Geri Huang

    Geri Huang New Member

    Hi can i PM you for her code?
  20. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    hi may I know whats the details of your confinement lady. i tried to start a conversation with you but it could not be sent out. could you please WhatsApp me at 91803522. thanks so much.
  21. Madlovelove

    Madlovelove New Member

    hi could you please pm me which CL so that I can make sure I do not get her. or you can WhatsApp me 91803522. thanks so much
  22. Gemini001

    Gemini001 New Member

    Pls pm me her details. Thanks!!
  23. MHKhoo

    MHKhoo New Member

    Hi! Can you share with me too? Thanks!
  24. suniar

    suniar New Member

    Could you share what is Jin Jie's code?
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  25. Natalie Yiu

    Natalie Yiu New Member

    I felt so comforted during my confinement and would like to share to all mothers here who may need the help I have received.

    I am thankful to my nanny Shirley Goh for being a responsible and trustworthy confinement nanny. She handles little one well and cooks delicious foods. Being a mother of 3, there were times when I had to leave nanny to care for my little one while I am out with the other 2 kids (bringing them to see doctor, back home from childcare etc.) or running errands. I am able to do all that knowing that I could trust Auntie Shirley with my baby. Glad that we extended her service for another month (total of 59days). She has been a great help.

    Auntie Shirley is from Confinement Angels and trained by Dr Wong Boh Boi which I feel it's very good.

    But I think, need to call and book early to get Auntie Shirley.
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  26. Poshberries

    Poshberries Member

    I will NEVER EVER look for PEM anymore. I will either look for confinement angel or star confinement instead. Pls boycott PEM and trust me they don’t send you a good one even they promise you unless you’re really lucky to have met a good nanny. Told them very clearly what we need and how we want the nanny to help us during my ever 1st confinement.

    PEM sent a worthless and useless nanny who doesn’t know how to cook a simple dish of confinement food (throughout whole month I didn’t eat any confinement food coz it’s all usual home cooked food only) and spoilt all my high end crockeries and never once wash the toilets, no mopping of floor once for entire 1 month, further more she asked me to carry a heavy tub of water myself to bathe which I am not supposed to do so yet I did my own self!!! FYI I spent $3500 because it’s within the CNY 2018 period so it’s $2500 + $1000 and excluding all angbaos & ingredients expenses etc. When my mum and relatives found out she’s so bad coz they saw themselves, she also didn’t care and continue to ignore them.

    PEM really anyhow sent me a nanny during that time coz no more aunties want to work during CNY period so left these type of lousy aunties who loved $$$$ so much and don’t want to spend CNY with her family to work as confinement nanny. This nanny told me earn $$$$ more important, with $$$$ everyday is CNY to her. I told PEM it’s my first birth and I want to make sure I get the right and good nanny to do good confinement for me, they promised they will but they just anyhow find someone and send her to me.

    This nanny called 晴姐 is also very lazy, she used her handphone to surf net all day long. And some worse stuffs she didn’t obey is I told her I want to breastfeed my baby but she never ever bring baby to me so I didn’t know when my baby is hungry for milk. When I realised there’s something wrong, I went to her room and just saw her feeding baby with milk bottle (formula milk). In the end, I have no breastmilk coz no demand no supply, my baby ended up no breastmilk (she didn’t get to drink beneficial milk and I also didn’t get to try & enjoy breastfeed for being mum 1st time) and I also wasted $$$$ buying a brand new pump.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019 at 10:21 AM
  27. Poshberries

    Poshberries Member

    You can look it up for her code online from their FB reviews.

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