Recommending confinement agency - Newbubs Confinement


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I had recently engaged Newbubs confinement for our baby born in Nov 2023.

Our first engagement was with Lloyd who helped us coordinate and arranged for everything. He listened in to our needs and helped us navigate through this journey especially us being first-time parents. Though it seemed that the company is quite young, but speaking to him gave me the assurance as he sounded really quite sincere and genuine. Our baby was given birth at 37 weeks, but despite the change in EDD, he was responsive and quickly found a nanny suitable for us.

Then came our confinement nanny, Yan Jie.

She's truly a gem. From the moment she stepped into our house, she was full of smiles and happiness, which lifted our moods.

Babycare - We could tell that she's very experienced in her work; always organized and on top of her routine. her hygiene level is tip-top; she would make sure that she cleans her hands before touching the baby, cleaning the baby bottles and my breast pump parts etc.. Overall, our bb was well taken care of by her and we learnt a lot from her too.
Cooking - I'm always looking forward to meal times! The dishes were never once repeated and she arranged the plates so nicely as well.
General - Most importantly, it was just very easy to get along with her. She discusses everything with us and was open to our views and way of life.

We hoped that we could extend her but she already had a job planned next. Will definitely miss having her around!
@ STAR Confinement Nanny is very good too!! My nanny is Wendy lim from their agency! Super best experience ever! Read my experience from their google reviews! :)