Advices needed: Baby Swimming


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PLS beware of bringing your babies to Hwa Xia as there are NO safety precaution, check and procedure.

My 9mth old son was swimming happily in the big pool today and his right foot suddenly got sucked into the SUCTION hole.
He screamed in pain and i discovered the problem. quickly i pulled his feet out and close the jacuzzi thingy.
Mind u, their staff just stand there n look and den walk off!!!!!!!!

i had to save my child out and luckily my hubby ard to quickly remove the neck float!!
i quickly cuddled my darling who had never cried so piteously in his life.

Many parents were alarmed and asked them got do safety check.

NOT ONCE did the staff come to check how is the baby
NO ONE apologise
The staff began to push responsibility at each other and say its like that.
On further check i discovered the safety cover for the suction had fallen out.
SO HOW SAFE is it????

We called their company but they say will check and yes, no apology.

We brought baby to KK and his foot is LUCKILY not fractured but bruised.
He winced and whimpered when i massaged it for him

Now we are demanding for the package to be cancel
NOT gg to let my precious be swimming in a place with no safety check

Mind u, we read their card they say they are not responsible for any accident and injury in their outlets. If such a place do not bother abt safety at all, especially for helpless young fragile babies, i think we shd think twice before sending our babies there!

i will now rather let my ds swim in the safety at home buying those portable tub


Hi Ling,

It's about $2X. sms me at nine8two3fourone2eight to deal. I tried pm-ing you but you don't accept private msg.

A Lee.


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Hi mummies

I bought the inflated pool at hwa xia recently. it is the most expensive series, costs S$168. the opaque, blue in color and with fishes design (this material is more lasting than the transparent series)

I do not have the picture of the inflated version but i have attached the color of the material. It comes with a L size neck float. Do email or PM me if you want the pix (sorry, i dont know how to upload the pix)

Willing to let go at $120.I have only used it once as my DS does not like being in the water.

Self collection at Tampines MRT.



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hi mummies, sorry but Hwa Xia is not a swimming school. a tiny tub with a young infant hanging by the neck with a float does not count as swimming.


Hi, I have a Preloved transparent baby swimming pool for sale. Used only 4 x as baby is already 7months and we prefer bringing to the swimming pool. $35 only.

Diameter 75cm. Height 73cm.


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sunlover & JohnF, thank you for trying to help. The baby has been treated in Antalya but the hospital there doesn't have any of this drug.