Highly Recommended Confinement Nanny


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Hi Mummies,

I would like to pass it forward by sharing my experience after engaging a nanny recommended by fellow mummy on this forum.

Being second time mum, this is a much more pleasant experience compared to the previous nanny agency experience I had.

Auntie Janet is very experienced nanny cum trainer so she has a team of nannies working with her - plus point as you don't need to worry that there will be no nanny due to illness or schedule clashing. She is very organized and meticulous when handling newborn. Considering the needs of a newborn and postpartum care of mummy is 24/7, she knows how to work efficiently to complete all the tasks and still get sufficient time to rest. Her energy level is so high that she can train my helper and give advice how my helper can improve on her working methods.

The culinary skills is top-notch and she is also very knowledge when it comes to diet requirements. She will prepare additional portion of the confinement food for my husband when he is eating at home as well. Before she leaves after my 28 days session, she still helps to prepare additional 14 days of herbs and food that allows me to continue the confinement nourishment easily until 42 days.

When it comes to baby care, she is able to handle my colicky baby with ease and helped developed a very comfortable and manageable daily routine for my infant. After 1 month, my newborn can self-play in the cot, able differentiate day and night so waking to play only in the day while night wakes are strictly for feeding and will sleep easily. This is a huge improvement compared to my PEM experience where my newborn sleep pattern is poor.

Highly recommend!

Let me know if you need the contacts!

Congratulations to you! You can contact her agency at 85133136. My rates are for 2023 so not sure it is the same for 2024.