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Advices needed: Baby Swimming

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by nicz, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. nicz

    nicz New Member

    My boy is turning 1 month in a few days time. I'm thinking of sending him for swimming. I'm wondering if its okay for me to do so? Is 1 month plus too young for swimming?

    I've also found some swimming centres for infants but don't know which one to sign up with. Any recommendations about which swimming centre is good for infants? I'm a new mom so I don't know much, many thanks for your help! Very much appreciated! =D

  2. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hi, i enrolled my son in the huaxia swimming in harbour front. They have another branch in plaza singapura and punggol. I think it is a good place to start as they use warm water so it would not be cold for the baby, and they all have own indiviual tubs of their own to use.

    But my advise is try it out once first and see if your child can adapt. And if you are like me whom seldom got time to bring my son for swimming then do not sign the package. Cos i did, and ended when my son is bout 4 months old, he cried non stop when i brought him there cos he felt weird with all the stangers around already.
  3. yokoh

    yokoh Member

  4. sutcliffe

    sutcliffe New Member

    I wanted to send my daughter too when she was an infant but my pd said to start after 6 months because before 3 months baby has no or very little immune system. Especially if you go to public pool where he can catch illnesses.
  5. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    i brought my ger to huaxia when she was 2.5mths. she absolutely loved it...

    now we got our own tub which we gotten from a BP here and she is continuing her swims at home.

    the best is to let bb try out at home using bathtub is bb is still small n cannot reach the bottom. if bb is taller than that, then bring to hua xia... their trial is $28 i think
  6. graphito

    graphito Member

    Hi.. Yeah.. Hua Xia is a good place to start.. Babies as young as 2 weeks old can start swimming already..

    It is cleaner & much better than bringing them to a public pool as like what Elisha said.. Babies too young when bring them to a public pool is more likely to catch illnesses..

    To know more, check out Hua Xia website at http://www.babyswimming.com.sg
  7. kennyg

    kennyg New Member


    I started my boy swimming at Hua Xia when he was 6 weeks old. He definitely love it.

    The best thing about this swimming thingy was he really sleep well during the night. I guess, it really burns all the calories. Besides that, I discovered he started to open his palm. This is a good sign of physical development.

    And lastly, he gave us his ultimate POO!!! Really, really a lot!!!
  8. swimtutor

    swimtutor Member

    Best to get him started at 18 months onward. [​IMG]
  9. baked_potato

    baked_potato Member

    Hi Yokoh,

    may i know where did u get your swimming tub from? I'm also interested in getting one.
  10. yokoh

    yokoh Member

  11. carebear29

    carebear29 Member

  12. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  13. ecobaby

    ecobaby New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I brought my son swimming when he was 6 mths old, he loved it very much..i tink its better to wait till ur baby has gotten all the necessary vaccinations, by 6 mths old then bring him to a public pool as the immune system is very weak..

    before that i just got him those inflatable pools, very cheap from toys r us and set it up at home, and u can heat the water as they may catch cold easily...hope the info helps!!
  14. m00m00

    m00m00 Member

    I have a baby swimming pool inflatable with neck float and accessories to let go.

    80cm by 80cm - colour is clear.
    can be used until 1 year old at least.

    Bought at $90, used only once, letting go at $70. PM me if keen.
  15. m00m00

    m00m00 Member

    I have a baby swimming pool inflatable with neck float and accessories to let go.

    80cm by 80cm - colour is clear.
    can be used until 1 year old at least.

    Bought at $90, used only once, letting go at $70. PM me if keen.
  16. sghlynn

    sghlynn Member

    i think 1mth old is abit young though
    i brought my son when he was over 6 mths old to the condo pool and he can adapt very well...

    just buy the neck float for him and put him inside the pool and he can freely kick and swim
  17. dophine_baby

    dophine_baby Member

    Was thinking of taking my son to the public swimming pool with his neck float. He's 2 mths now and just finished his 1st course of Vaccin.
    Is it too young? Juz wanted to let him "swim" alittle at the kids pool..
  18. ticktock

    ticktock New Member

    my son is 5 months, took him to the public pool with his neck float- he loved it! Kick kick kick!
  19. popkidz

    popkidz New Member

    i took my girl to public swimming pool when she's 6 mth... she nber use neck float, just a floating device for her to sit in (legs in water). very safe & good!!! bought it from toyrus [​IMG]
  20. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    I gotten a home swimming tub for my son. He's 2 months old now. He's been swimming since 1 month old. He started Swimming at Hua Xia.. Since he love it a lot, I decide to get one for home use.
    I have uploaded his swimming videos to his blog.
  21. hazelb

    hazelb New Member

    i heard that the best time to start is at 6 mths.. if ny later they may lose their natural ability to swim.. but earlier, i tink not safe ba..
  22. beanietan

    beanietan New Member

    So far I only heard of Huaxia which does this. As for public swimming pools, advice given by doctors is best not to due to the chlorine which will dry out the baby's skin. I guess another alternative is to buy your own personal tub. Uses a lot of water though.
    Just a question to those who have the swimming tubs, do you always fill it with fresh water for each swim? Or do you change it like weekly or something like that.
  23. hael

    hael Member

    but the angmo children seems to be okay with swimming pools .. maybe being over protective or not?
  24. graysgerald79

    graysgerald79 Member

    seems like the huaxia is quite popular... i happened to pass by the shop 2 weeks ago as well.. but i feel that the sales person a bit pushy though.
  25. karenxin83

    karenxin83 Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I bought a double neck float for my girl when she was 2 mths and she love to swim in it.. she now swims in the bath tub..
    Better to swim in public pools when baby around 5-6 mths due to the chlorine and the water also carries more germs..
  26. ashllie

    ashllie New Member


    saw some videos of angmoh babies swimming in the pools. looks cute! i see a lot of photos of babies swimming with the neck float. just curious will the baby 'upgrade' to swimming without the neck float at huaxia? so will they learn to 'dive' and stay with head in the water?
  27. elys

    elys Member

    Hi mummies,

    I have 3 swimming session + 3 massage session @ Hua Xia baby spa to let go..

    PLs PM me ur best offer.
  28. meilin

    meilin New Member

    hi mummies:
    I m going to import some baby swimming pool,pre-order only for $60.

    please contact me @ 8188 0158 or MSN:meilin427@hotmail.com
  29. meilin

    meilin New Member

    hi mummies:
    attached swimming pool picture for your reference

    Please contact me @ 8188 0158 or MSN:meilin427@hotmail.com
  30. littlefish

    littlefish New Member

    Hi Mummies

    I have a portable swimming pool with float from Hwa Xia to let go at cheap price.

    If keen, pls PM me.
  31. dolliedolly

    dolliedolly New Member

    I bring my bb gal to hwa xia to swim when she was 1mth plus old..she simply loves it..kp kicking her legs in the water[​IMG]
    However now they increase their price le from $28 to $30..
  32. shinnpark

    shinnpark New Member

    Anyone tried the Punggol Plaza outlet? Any feedback?

    Mummy CelesTia (glitteringstars) WOW 1mth plus already went for swimming! My 5mth bb is missing out fun stuff!

    Thanks for the info!
  33. win_mum

    win_mum Active Member


    u can try huaxia the new branch @ np. its bigger & can accomodate a few bbs in the tub[​IMG]
  34. jo1

    jo1 Member

    Hi mummies,

    I wonder for those whose babies swim in outdoor pools, what is the best time to bring them? Mine is a 7+ mth baby and has never swam before.
  35. puroland

    puroland Member

    I have a baby swimming pool which I bought from http://www.yourbabycanswim.blogspot.com/ ... 80 cm by 80 cm which can be used till the age of 2. Mine is a transparent white. My gal has used for less than 5 times and I am willing to let go at $60 (purchased at $75)... reason being, I want to start my ger to the public swimming pool. Interested party please email me at mailto:jerlynn33@gmail.com . Comes with neck ring as well.
  36. babedette

    babedette Member

    any mummies who have taken their bb to the public pool? I'm thinking of bringing my 9+ month gal for a swim
  37. yunzz

    yunzz Active Member

    i would like to buy a baby swim tub..in very good condition..please pm me foto and details. thanks
  38. jtzy15

    jtzy15 New Member

    Hi, i have brought my girl to a public pool when she is about 9mths in bintan. she loves it as daddy & mummy could be with her in the pool. she is able to kick and splash water! wonderful activity [​IMG] of course i am still a little concern abt the chlorine and urinating...however, i guess its a little give and take somehow..
  39. tsechong

    tsechong New Member

    Swimming is great for babies. I've enrolled my baby girl in Huaxia but regretted. Should have bought the portable tub, reason being I can do it any time at home and dont have to go all the way to Yishun/Harbourfront/PlazaSingapure and only on weekends. Moreover my baby does not like the head float and now sits in the normal waist float thus not as much exercise. I've used 7 of the 11 sessions and like most of my friends who signed up, don't think I will fully utilise all the 11 sessions because I will bring my 9 month old baby to SAFRA Tampines soon.
    Just my personal experience.
  40. gagakimmi

    gagakimmi Member

    anyone tried Aqua ducks before? Any feedback? Thanks!
  41. gagakimmi

    gagakimmi Member

  42. puroland

    puroland Member

    hi mummies, I have sold my tub. Thanks
  43. bb_hopeful

    bb_hopeful Active Member

    hi all,
    i hv 5 sessions balance at hwa xia. my gal alrdy 11mths old so started swimming at condo pool.
    if interested, pls pm me ur best offer. thx!
  44. fion_huiling

    fion_huiling New Member

    Hi mummies,
    I have a brand new portable swimming pool with float from Hwa Xia to let go at $80.

    Interested you can email me at fion_huiling@yahoo.com.sg
  45. piggy85

    piggy85 Member

    Let me share my experience with Hwa Xia.

    On 14 july 2010 630pm, I brought my baby to yishun hwaxia. My baby went into the big pool and cried the moment she touched the water. She was wailing and felt very scared.

    After much effort to calm her, she still would not budge. Hence, we brought her out, just less than 2 min in the pool.

    However i was deducted for one session.

    As a business for babies, i thought being caring and understanding and loving should be the company's motto. However, the staffs n boss at yishun insist my distressed baby to continue as they will deduct one session regardless.

    Is it because of franchise thats why profit making is more important?

    I hope this serves as a warning to all mothers. I definitely want a loving environment for my baby and will not force her to do something she dun like. Seems like Hwa Xia has other goals in mind
  46. jo1

    jo1 Member

    thanks for sharing that. i would be upset too if i were u.
  47. piggy85

    piggy85 Member

    Hi Jo,

    glad you understand that. I think only mums will understand how I feel to let them force my baby to go and swim despite her wailing!

    People may say they are doing a business hence they are making business sense.

    However please note taht the big pool does not change water everytime! Hence we did not waste any of their water!

    My baby was put in for 3 seconds, cry for 1 min and we scoop her up already. She never even swim in it!
  48. babedette

    babedette Member

    piggy85, can imagine how mad you were.. anyway, i have heard mix of good and bad remarks of Hwaxia but it all boils down to whether bb likes it or not.. even if they didnt deduct that 1 session but bb hates the place, i'm sure u will not want to force bb too [​IMG] obviously hwaxia's interest is purely business
  49. piggy85

    piggy85 Member

    Hi babedette,

    My baby always goes down to harbourfront. they are very nice and she loves to swim. So i duno what happened when she went to Yishun branch.

    Maybe she just didnt have the mood to swim.

    If they did not deduct that session I will definitely go down again! Cos I would love to see her swim more freely in the big pool. But what they did really disgust me!

    I have to ask harbourfront if the same situation occurs what will they do!

    I hope my story will extend to all mothers who want to bring them there. If you baby is cranky and dun wan to swim, once they touch the water u have to pay!
  50. bluethorn

    bluethorn Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I have a swimming tub to let go at less than the price of one swim session at Hwa Xia. PM me for details.

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