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Advice - DocJerry Chan Kok Yen from KKH

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by capital, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. capital

    capital New Member


    Have anyone been seeing him? I'm planning for IVF & was refered by my previous gynae who hv left KK.


  2. fanny70

    fanny70 New Member

    Initially early last when I consulted kk for IVF, I dun know which doc to look for so was assigned to Jerry chan. He told me to continue to try on my own for another 6-9mths even after I told him I hv tried for past 1 yr n failed 1 iui. He said i m not 38 so dun need to rush. I was 34. After trying for 2 months, I went back to him n told him I m not going to delay anymore. But eventually when I signed up for IVF I got to queue for another few more months n I changed to sf loh becos I think Jerry is not experience enuff. When I went for IVF counselling, the nurse told us we SHOULDN'T wait n wait, do IVF ASAP.
    My advise is dun wait cos the whole process n waiting will take almost 1yr.
  3. Angelababy

    Angelababy New Member

    He is someone with full of attitude problems, not professional and unethical person as a whole.
  4. MichNg

    MichNg Well-Known Member

    If you are confirmed for ivf and at kkh, dr tan heng Hao or dr sadhana have got good reputations and feedback from many ladies on smh. For kkh itself, there are many ivf patients so it takes a long time from start to end of one attempt. Private hospital, of course, has shorter queue.
    There are many other good drs in other hospitals too. Look for the thread for ivf/Isci support group as you can find lots of info and advise there from past and present ppl doing ivf.
    Good luck for your search!
  5. Daledale

    Daledale Active Member

    My original doctor at kkh subsidise is dr jerry. Didnt like him so opt for dr tan heng hao at kkh and upgrade to private rate.
  6. mpig

    mpig Member

    Maybe can try dr sadhana? I see her for my IUI and she is really good.

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