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  • #3 Pregnancy after #2 Miscarriage July 2023
    16th Feb 2024 - 13 weeks 4 days
    Naturally Conceived
    FTS - NT 2.3mm, Low Risk For Tri 21,18,13
    CRL 7.0cm ❤️ 175 bpm
    Seeing Dr Ho P.L KKH on 6th March 2024
    Dr Tom Lee
    Dr Tom Lee
    Pregnancy is a blessing and should take every necessary medical steps and procedures for a healthy delivery ...if you need more medical advice feel free to ask me or send through my email ....remain blessed
    Spotting on 31st July 2023
    Fetal heartbeat stopped
    Spontaneous Miscarriage on 1st August 2023 @ 7pm till 10pm - Sac & placenta out (Lemon Size)
    #2 Corrected Gestation Scan - 6 weeks 2 days today
    5 weeks 0 days - Beta HCG 2991.0 iu/L (3rd July)
    Fetal Pole + Heartbeat visible
    Next scan at 9 weeks (to reconfirm EDD)
    6 weeks 5 days
    Naturally Conceive Pregnancy
    LMP 16th May 2023

    EDD 20th February 2024
    Planned for Frozen IVF Sept 2023 - cancelled
    Planning for next IVF Frozen Cycle
    Appointment KKH in August 2022
    Planning for November or December 2022
    Will update here & Blog
    33 Weeks 0 days
    You are doing well & strong lil one, Hiccups! ♥

    Admitted KK on 27th April (31 Weeks 6 Days)
    Ketones +++, Left Leg Weakness & Lower Backpain
    H/C 3.7mmol, Wt loss, F Wt 1.8kg
    7 Months and 3 days today
    You are a strong kicker & start to dance to sweet food
    Swollen legs & easily tired
    Hba1c is 5.3mmol & FBC slight WBC raised/RBC good
    Officially 6 months and 3 days
    You start responding with a kick when ur dad talks to u ♥️
    Swollen ankles/feet are crawling in
    Buying your stuffs starts this month!
    23 Weeks 0 Days Today
    You are such a strong kicker lil one

    Gestational DM tracking is normal
    FBC on 18th March 2021
    16 Weeks 3 days - Avocado Size
    Your Heart Scan Results is good!

    Going for Stork Centre for DM follow up at 18 weeks
    Tired & Sleepy
    15 Week 3 Days
    We finally know your gender via Harmony Test
    Harmony Test - 1:10,000 for Tri 21, 18, 13
    No chromosomes abnormalities

    Alhamdulilah Allahuakbar!
    14 weeks 3 days ♥
    Saw you sleeping like your dad
    NT 3.0mm
    Trisomy 21 1:860 (Mid Risk)
    Trisomy 18 1:6490 (Low Risk)
    Trisomy 13 1:16360 (Low Risk)

    A/W Harmony Test
    9 weeks 7 days (corrected by scan)
    Saw you dancing & moving your limbs when we did a scan

    More blood screening & meds to take!
    #2 IVF ICSI
    7/10/20 Egg Transfer
    Day 5 Blastocyst

    5dp5dt: Faint Line
    6dp5dt: Faint Line
    7dp5dt: Positive
    #2 IVF ICSI
    7/10/20 Egg Transfer
    Day 5 Fully Expanded Best Quality Blastocyst ♥

    Faint Line
    6dp5dt: Faint Line
    #1 IVF ICSI
    6dp5dt: BFN
    : VV Faint Line 10miu test
    8dp5dt: Skip POAS
    9dp5dt: VVVV Faint Line almost BFN 10miu test

    *5 more days to Beta Test*
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