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  • Spotting on 31st July 2023
    Fetal heartbeat stopped
    Spontaneous Miscarriage on 1st August 2023 @ 7pm till 10pm - Sac & placenta out (Lemon Size)
    #2 Corrected Gestation Scan - 6 weeks 2 days today
    5 weeks 0 days - Beta HCG 2991.0 iu/L (3rd July)
    Fetal Pole + Heartbeat visible
    Next scan at 9 weeks (to reconfirm EDD)
    6 weeks 5 days
    Naturally Conceive Pregnancy
    LMP 16th May 2023

    EDD 20th February 2024
    Planned for Frozen IVF Sept 2023 - cancelled
    Planning for next IVF Frozen Cycle
    Appointment KKH in August 2022
    Planning for November or December 2022
    Will update here & Blog
    33 Weeks 0 days
    You are doing well & strong lil one, Hiccups! ♥

    Admitted KK on 27th April (31 Weeks 6 Days)
    Ketones +++, Left Leg Weakness & Lower Backpain
    H/C 3.7mmol, Wt loss, F Wt 1.8kg
    7 Months and 3 days today
    You are a strong kicker & start to dance to sweet food
    Swollen legs & easily tired
    Hba1c is 5.3mmol & FBC slight WBC raised/RBC good
    Officially 6 months and 3 days
    You start responding with a kick when ur dad talks to u ♥️
    Swollen ankles/feet are crawling in
    Buying your stuffs starts this month!
    23 Weeks 0 Days Today
    You are such a strong kicker lil one

    Gestational DM tracking is normal
    FBC on 18th March 2021
    16 Weeks 3 days - Avocado Size
    Your Heart Scan Results is good!

    Going for Stork Centre for DM follow up at 18 weeks
    Tired & Sleepy
    15 Week 3 Days
    We finally know your gender via Harmony Test
    Harmony Test - 1:10,000 for Tri 21, 18, 13
    No chromosomes abnormalities

    Alhamdulilah Allahuakbar!
    14 weeks 3 days ♥
    Saw you sleeping like your dad
    NT 3.0mm
    Trisomy 21 1:860 (Mid Risk)
    Trisomy 18 1:6490 (Low Risk)
    Trisomy 13 1:16360 (Low Risk)

    A/W Harmony Test
    9 weeks 7 days (corrected by scan)
    Saw you dancing & moving your limbs when we did a scan

    More blood screening & meds to take!
    #2 IVF ICSI
    7/10/20 Egg Transfer
    Day 5 Blastocyst

    5dp5dt: Faint Line
    6dp5dt: Faint Line
    7dp5dt: Positive
    #2 IVF ICSI
    7/10/20 Egg Transfer
    Day 5 Fully Expanded Best Quality Blastocyst ♥

    Faint Line
    6dp5dt: Faint Line
    #1 IVF ICSI
    6dp5dt: BFN
    : VV Faint Line 10miu test
    8dp5dt: Skip POAS
    9dp5dt: VVVV Faint Line almost BFN 10miu test

    *5 more days to Beta Test*
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