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Tatz y i intend to engage day time cl becoz if i intend to do bfing u still have to be diligent to wake up every two hrly to pump milk even into the night.. If u sleep thru than will be too engorged by then n might ganna blocked duct.. But of coz tatz up to individual.. I thought if u engage a full time cl then might as well make her work harder coz their "salary" cost a bomb! Hehehe... Ur hubby can have a good rest too without disturbed by bb's crying..


Gd morning.. Am reporting at such hrs again... Gina recently I had such pain... Gyane said it's normal wor... Sometimes it felt so terrible that I cried... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] my Gf was telling me to get the supporting pillows to support my back esp when I Slp.

Simbaobao: hope you are feeling better..., might be a good idea to consider a support pillow to alleviate the aches...

Good morning Mummies!!! Anyone going to check out the bb Taka fair??? I went to Spring Maternity yday and the saleslady told me they are planning for a fair soon so do watch out when you go walk walk...,

Hectic day ahead... Blues... But looking forward to seeing my gynae tonight! Wishing everyone a good day!!!

Thanks simbaobao! ;) hope the aches / sharp pain goes away soon, walking or exerting strength on the wrong leg is so painful these days.

Have a good day all! ;)

@Blossomsbb: have a great visit today!

morning gals.

woke up ard 3ish and didnt slp till an hour later.

simbaobao: mb get your hb to gently rub your back. may help. deep breathing thru abdominal in periods of pain wil help relax you emotionally as well as your physical body. perhaps your back is feeling the pressure already plus uterus expanding

can check out on prenatal pilates/yoga at a later date. will def help to strengthen back and help stretch joints which are stiff

blossomsbb : all ready to check out the bb fair later. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

saw on newspapers abt some offers they have.

one adv on strait times

eg quinny zapp at 583

pigeon sterilizer at 199 etc

lots of baby car seats

maxi cosi

bunnz - do you have any idea or lobang on prenatal yoga/ pilates? I'm in need for a gd stretch and exercise.


I am also having the same pain at same area too, one one side. I tot i am the only one experiencing this. Been having this pain for 1 month, it will go on and off, at times more severe at times mild. Yest nite so painful esp when walking and sitting.

i having headache recently finding infantcare. everywhere is so popular and full. they oso give priority to mummies who older kids are already inside. But my boy's childcare dun have infantcare le.. sianz. hope to resolve tis or i will go mad le.

p00h, hav u seen dr koh? i am schedule to take blood test n triple blood 2 weeks later. he is so popular, i wated 4 hrs to see him las visit. do u know ur bb gender?

chine, i have seen dr koh last sat, next appt is 1mth later.. then will do blood test.. last sat, i waited 5hrs lor.. bb was sleeping, so gender not known yet

@Pooh & Ellysia: Thanks for responding, I thought I was the only one going through this pain. Also don't know where it came from. Affecting my walking and sleeping too cos it hurts when strength is exerted.

It goes off after some time. I first experienced in during CNY and it went away after a week or so. Now, it's back even worst.

Pommes : pity i dont have much good idea as i have never tried prenatal exercises with any instructors before.

was supposed to try out true yoga then found out i was pregnant so no chance to try their trial classes.

But i'm goin back to the studio i go to.

my yoga's instructor's wife does prenatal yoga but limited timings and only at chip bee gardens .

actually u can do light stretches at home for now first while watching tv.. like just open your legs as wide as possible with no strain at all.

Another one is sit straight with both legs in front..and gently fold one side of leg to inner thighs and gently tap up and down.

do it for other side.

others i dun dare suggest.

swimming is a gd exercise as it relaxes the body joints too.

back from taka fair. fairly crowded even on a weekday!

Def more things than mothercare sale.

too many things for my eyes at the moment. i will bring a list of stuff before i go for such sale next time.

easier to manage and not get distracted by unnecessary stuff.

Bgt my quinny stroller! arranged for delivery in july though. as i thought it was quite a gd deal and i really dont have a feel for the rest of the strollers.

the strollers are managed by baby hypermart.

they have lots of stuff in package sale..

compared if u get individually.

breast pumps i'll wait for the later sale i guess..

pommes and bunnz: During my first pregnancy i attended prenatal yoga by this lady called Colleen Simmons. The yoga classes were held at Mother & Child centre at Tanglin Mall. Back then, she also held classes at Holland Village too, but does not seems like the case now.

Personally i find her classes not too bad. I have a bad back, and not much yoga experience. But her easy stretching poses, and breathing exercises helped relieved some of my back problems. I remembered starting during my 5th month all the way to the week before delivery. She's quite a motherly figure and i did enjoy her classes. Will go back to her once my schedule settles down. And I am still spotting, unfortunately .. so better keep all activities on hold.


Also thinking of going for the baby fair today but there's Ash Wed mass this evening. Shall head down during the weekend. I saw the ad on today's Straits Times. I'm eyeing car seats. Those who went, do share on your stash! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

SJ : 839 incl addn seat cover/shoppin basket/bag to clip to bottom of stroller/raincoat/free delivery

got add 10% off from fren's staff card.

i thought quite a gd deal cos the accesories do add up a fair bit on their own. like 89 for the shoppin basket according to the sales man

first few months not really suitable.

there's the zapp on offer at 538, quite a few couples were looking at it.much lighter ard 7 kg.

buzz ard 12.5 kg.

otheriwse never buy anything else.

may go back next week to look see again as my fren may leave taka anytime before aug sale. see how.

aiyo gina : too many things plus lots of strollers being pushed ard!!u better be careful when u go on weekends.

my eyes can only see the big items for now.

was thinking abt the newborn avent bottle set at $39 though..

SJ : u better rest well. till doc says all clear [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

tanglin is a little far for me. already find holland a bit inconvenient. will check it out nevertherless [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] thanks!

Hey bunnz, did you managed to get a set of the Quinny baby jumper with the purchase of the Buzz? They gave it when I got mine and it's quite cute. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] And, which colour did you settle for?

Hi Bunnz.. the $839 u bought is Quinny Buzz and those seat cover/shoppin basket/bag to clip to bottom of stroller/raincoat?

I thought Buzz dun have seat cover?

p00h, my next appt is 1 mth later too. but nurse told me to go down 2 weeks later to take blood test ard16 weeks... and mus draw 3 tubes of blood...*ouch..

i realise dr koh scannin machine is kinda of blur eh..cant reali see bb clearly.

Gina : no baby jumper lei [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] must be very cute.

there's limited colours. lilac with orange words was my choice. they also have light blue with pink threadings and all brown .at least one exp off my list.

anyway i arranged for delivery in July and can change colour if i want.

there was even limited ed black buzz at 1199 i think. super ex!! cant tell what's the difference.

Rumi : the seat cover is the whole cushion seat itself [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] comes with everything i mentioned except the umbrella .plus pump to air pump the wheels.

the mothercare one comes without shopping basket/and i doubt the bag.

breast pump dun buy too early bec' the warranty may be void by the time u need to use it.

i may need to buy 1 more breast pump for home use bec' my original one is a single pump. I got a dual pump for office use.

For stroller i dunno want to use existing one bec' existing one is a bit faulty but still can use. Hb thinking not to buy.

Considering to buy a good carrier cos may need to carry baby to and fro infantcare every day cos my hb will be fetching no. 1.

okok ellysia : will not get pump too early then. thanks for reminding. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

i completely missed the carriers section if any, at the taka fair.

Bunnz: I went to MC sale last night and saw that the Philip Avent sterilizer is going for $181.90 after 15% discount (RP: $214) and the offer ends on 13 Mar... There are quite a few freebies thrown in like bottle brush, 2 Avent milk bottles (1 big one small) and one pacifier..., so you might want to check it out too as the products are made in England should be good quality!

Wow, so fast you already bought the stroller! Good job!

Hey buzz.

sorry confirm u got quinny buzz and not zapp? for that price with all the accessories?

So no use Queueing up at mothercare on sat for Quinny Buzz $599?

I am home! Very kind of my boss to grant me time off so I can go home early to rest. And thanks to God, I managed to get into a cab before it started pouring heavily! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

bunnz - Hmm.. how do I find out more abt your yoga instructor's wife's class at chip bee garden?

SJ - I will be interested if the class is at Holland V. But unfortunately, you are right. Classes seem to be only available at Tanglin Mall.

bunnz - I think you got a gd deal for your Quinny. But at 12.5kg, it is way out too heavy for me.

RE: Carrier

I read from babies' magazine that carrier is only best used for 6 months and above. And bring your baby to test out before making your purchase. So mummies, you may want to do more research before making your purchase.

RE: Philip Avent sterilizer

blossomsBB - do u remember if it is a digital or an analogue type? My hubby found out that there's 2 types of sterilizer under Philip Avent. The digital one can maintain the bottles sterilized up to 24hrs. The analogue one can only maintain up to 6 hours.

But Philips always have 2 mega sales in a year. If we miss buying anything from Philips during MC sale, we will go get it during the Philips sale.

RE: Back pain

I have slipped disc problem, so I can understand all the back pains you mummies are experiencing now. For my case, i think the uterus is expanding and somehow, causing the prolapsed disc pressing onto my nerve. My left leg is actually feeling numb and pins and needles quite often now.

In fact, during the last checkup at gynae, I felt my left side going thru the numbing sensation when the Dr pressed the ultrasound device onto my tummy.

I hope I don't have to go back for more physiotherapy. It has been more than 6 months since my last session, I really hope I can maintain and not needing any more physio.

Hi Pommes, it's the digital one that can sterilise up to 24 hours..., it was a deep impression as my friend and I were joking about how technology advanced from those times of our parents having to manually boil our bottles in a large metal pot in the past...

How far along are you in your pregnancy???

Question to all mummies: any advice on those sarong or cloth sling???

Hi Pommes, it's the digital one that can sterilise up to 24 hours..., it was a deep impression as my friend and I were joking about how technology advanced from those times of our parents having to manually boil our bottles in a large metal pot in the past...

How far along are you in your pregnancy???

Question to all mummies: any advice on those sarong or cloth sling???

blossomsBB - if it is the digital one, then I think worth buying. Will tell hubby about it. We didn't see it last week when we went MC.

Now, at 12wk+ now... why?

Yeah it's quite deep inside the store near the bottles and other sterilisers... Oh I thought you are more far along given the backaches but I guessed it's your old injury attributing to them... Do take care!!!

Actually, it's no use if can keep up to 24 hours... cos everytime you open the steriliser to take something out, you need to resterilise everything inside again... hahaha...

So what I did was to sterilise after opening... Or after sterilising, put everything into a clean container (I will assemble the teats back on the cap screw, then screw on and cap the teats with the top cap).

hi mummies!

din log in yest as my #1 refused to nap whole day, grrhhh...luckily he's napping now hee hee [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

#2, thanks! i need to go scout if there's any indian dry good shops in SK now. haha stayed here almost 4 yrs and i'm not sure but think in rivervale area, got :p and thanks for the warning not to take now when preg. i was planning to try out the taste in 3rd trim :p

bunnz, SK dun have mama shop one. nowadays all the new towns dun hv, i miss amk. btw, green pears not liang type, still ok. it's the yellow pear, what they call "lai" in chinese that's very liang and cooling. usually supermkt sell it as china fragrant pear. that one dun take k.

kyra, dun mind your mil. prob she's still having diff digesting the news or so thrilled she can't believe it so said the wrong things hee hee :p

muffin, folic acid to take till giving birth time. it's impt for bb's development.

igop, i'm planning to latch bb at night at least for first week, then see how. hope i can persist else will wake to pump and let cl feed bb ebm. hopefully hopefully, praying hard, will have enough bm [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] see how things go. actually cl can still help in changing bb at nite even if we intend to do latch on coz changing bb esp if is poo is troublesome since we can't wash hand :p

re. avent digital steriliser

actually dun need steriliser for 24 hrs lah, coz bb drinks milk, you pump etc, so many things to wash and have to keep sterilising throughout the day quite a few times. i think the 6hrs one is good enough :p and yeah i second #2, once lid opened, supposedly contents not sterilised liao, lol.

re. taka fair

hoping to pop by tom afternoon, hee going down with my mum and #1 to take a look first. if anything worthwhile to buy then go with hb on weekend to juz grab and pay. else hb sure no patience to wait for me to shop and browse at my leisure esp with #1 around haha [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Sung, remember to post some feedback of the fair after you have visited ok!!! I wonder if can get good deals for cots..., hmmm but wonder if too early to buy big items sigh...

Hi all,

Am new here, but have been lurking for sometime already :p

EDD: 1st Sept

Expecting: #2, Prince :{

Gynae: Dr Adrian Woodworth/TMC


I used the momsinmind sling when my #1 was newborn...but up till when he was around 6months old, cannot tahan for long already. Brought him for holidays when he was 7mths old and after 3 days, my back nearly broke! After that got an Ergo and it's great!

blossomsbb, ok [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] will do so tom!

Hello all! I'm exhausted (not enough sleep! Kept waking up at night) now taking a break from work. I so want to go taka fair too but no time and hubby not around.

Anyone going to the fair can help me check if any good deals on playpen? I plan to put #2 in playpen this round as Baby cot for my #1 already take up too much space.

On steriliser, i feel no need to get the digital as I heard it consumes more electric and per Mrs Wong's class, after sterilize you just have to assemble the bottle and keep it in a clean area and the bottles are save to use for more then over 10 hours (if i no recall wrongly. Pardon i last had her class in 2009)

But hor, i want ask can i reuse my #1 bottle for #2 but will change the teat? I feel a waste to throw the bottle away. So new.

I am considering Ergo carrier http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/ as the website say can use for young infants with the infant insert. Cos i still dunno how to use the sling even though i bot one during my 1st pregnancy. Then i have back problem so i dun tink i can use sling.

I used to use the lucky baby carrier for my no.1 since as early as 5 months but it give back problem once carry up to 1 hour and not v good for bb buttock cos it will press a mark on his buttock when reach home. Then plus he is a boy so we usu dun use the carrier for longer than 1 hr. Wanted to buy a better one tat time but hb keep dissuading.

I got 3 sets of steriliser, all used before. 1 i put in MIL place and 2 at home but only use the NUK steriliser at home.

My advice is not to overspend bec' u really need to buy more items as time go along the way.. this is just the beg. I bot a lot of things during 1st pregnancy and many things wasted and not use. I bot different brand of milk bottles then later come the news on BPA free milk bottles so i discard and bot new ones. oso bot a lot of unnecessary things. so i will recommend 1st time mummy dun overspend too much on 'gadgets' such as 24hr steriliser. just get a normal steriliser will do, there is much more items to spend on.


hehe BlossomBB, now that you mentioned about the good ole days ... i wanted to stinge on the steriliser initially so was using the boiling method.

After 2 weeks boy boy was borned, one fine night, my husband offered to watch the fire. Then he went to watch soccer. Then next thing he was smelling burnt plastic ... whahaa a few bottles and most importantly, my breast pump was gone! All the plastic melted and fused out of shape.

Jia lat! Men ... haiz