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I agree!! Waking up n can't get back to sleep can be a real torture!! There were a few bites whereby I woke up at 2am to pee but couldn't get back to sleep till 6am!! By the time I wanna sleep, it's time to wake up. Imagine the agony??!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

#2 on the way: Thanks for the advice on BM supply advice. When on ML i must get those mircale seeds (fernugreek)! Whahaha....but my area no India dry goods store. Must go little india?

I also dont sleep well at night. Exhausted! Keep waking up 2-3 times.

taka fair today? good good, i will swing by after work.

Jennifer, i think we can only do prenatal massage from 4 months onwards. Better check with your masseur.

Muffin, my SIL told me that bb will listen to you more if you have durians during preg. hehehe.... but i wish to have durian crepe or puff after your posting.

Jennifer, I am sure the ms will go away soon..., like you I was also plagued by puking and episodes of nausea but just suddenly last week I woke up and Ching* felt all brand new! Jiayou!!!

muffin, my hubby dun allow me to eat durian.. sobsob

good luck gina..

so far no craving for tea, just tat like sweet stuff.. honey lemon taste good too..

Woohoo..durians? Love it, in fact jus had some on Sun night. My SIL, who is here for biz trip, smuggled durian for us all the way from Sg. HEAVEN hahaha..

I love bubble tea too but cannot drink tea right? So i cook my own pearls then have it with soya milk. At least a healthier alternative.

thanks sung for asking. was wondering where to get fenugreek seeds.

can take now also can right?

#2: seems like your hb is already very experienced ! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

SJ : u mean oatmeals will increase breast milk also? i'm been eating for breakfast for years.

latest indulgence is duck rice today! just bgt for early lunch. told the owner i have not eaten for years already. he was so shocked!!

Usually i dun eat the usual asian food fare like duck rice, carrot cake, char kuay teow,laksa etc and avoid meat, except fish. lor mee only ate once in my whole life in pri sch canteen.

otherwise it's just during cny/weddings/buffets then i try the meat dishes .. Now waiting for indian food when hb is back!!keke

Sung :there's mama shops..they sell spices and stuff also. no need to go all the way to little shops.

sometimes i find it not easy to get back to sleep in the night.. i just sit and meditate till i get drowsy.. can try. :p but if it's around 4 plus 5. i dont go back to bed already.

iluvjp :wah..how to smuggle durian overseas?? first time i heard. so cute! lucky you then [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

#2: Thanks! Woah Ponggol…that is farrr away. =p Rustic Nirvana sent me a voucher, $120 for pre-natal massage but can only do in mth 5-8…is that considered cheap or expensive?

Sing Yee: How much does your masseur at City Square charge? =)

I had 1 durian pancake few weeks ago and on Friday night, bought 3 durians from 717 :p Ended up with sore throat and ulcer. Haha! But the durians were good [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Bad day for me. Offended by my MIL last evening. My hb already called and told her about the preg last week. Yday we went home for dinner. All my friends and colleagues were saying that she'll definitely be thrilled (cos she dotes on hb alot) as this is her first "nei" grandkid. But guess what she said when we were alone in kitchen? "you really pregnant MEH? i didnt hear you mention at all"

It's clear that either she doesnt believe the son, or doesnt believe that I can conceive after all these years. )(**&&^&%&^$##@@@@!$^*&**

And the best part - my hb started rattling off the list of stuff that I can eat/cannot eat. But she didnt offer to cook in the first place. And she kept all quiet when he rattled off. GOD! I feel as if I am desperate for her food? PUI. Sorry for the outburst, need to rant, blame it on the hormones *fuming*

Afternoon all mummies! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Finally have a slight breather at work, been too busy to come on to the forum, and there's so much to catch up to read!

Will be seeing my gynae tonight for results of the NT test, hope it'll be fine...

Kyra, sometimes the mothers react like not excited maybe because the news has not really settled in? My mum and my mil weren't that excited either even though this will be their 1st grandkid too. They only started talking more about the baby after a few days.

Or maybe they may be thinking further to the future, where they might have to babysit ur kid for u? I noe neither my mil nor my mum is not keen to look after the bb after it's born, so maybe that's why her reaction? Dun read too much into it. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Stay happy!

muffin my gynae told me to continue folic acid til birth.

Just called my gynae he said strictly no herbs or tonic allowed. I guess i will have to follow my gynae and hack care pple saying that im weak and need tonic.

Finally reach week 12 but ms still continues. Sigh.

igop - My gynae is quite westernised and said everything goes. My sinseh is strict and also advised no herbs/tonics. Nothing too cooling or heaty. I'm not supposed to take Chicken Essence or Birdnest even.

Kyra hope u feel better now. My mil remarks also often piss me off sometimes. N juz now even when I tell my mum the gynae told me strictly no herbs/tonics, she is not supportive at all. N kept saying my Bb has no nutrients bcos I always puke my food out. This kind of remarks really upset me.

I guess I must be firm this time n follow what my gynae instructs.

Ladies, will u do the night feed or allow the confinement lady to do the night feed during the confinement month?

My thought is we should get as much rest as possible. But 1 close fren of mine told me never allow any1 else to feed your baby bcos it's the perfect time to bond and encourage me to do the night feed myself.

dear ladies im back from the scan at 14 wks bb looks ok.. did nt move much this time initially then eventually started moving doc asked me to tk video since hb ws nt around ....my details scan is on 21st

bunzz yea im back to work 2morrow will tk it easy

Just up from nap but head feels heavy [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Ladies, fenugreek seeds can cause uterus contractions! TO BE TAKEN AFTER DELIVERY ONLY!

But fish & papaya soup can start now :D Good nutrition for baby :D

B.isforbb, $120 is exp leh... My massage lady charge $50 for a trip to my house, 1hr massage. If location is far, she might charge a bit more for transport...

#2 : okok fenugreek after delivery!!!

gals: just wondering are pears liang? the green ones.. just ate one yest and today. thought stomach feels a bit weird after eating though.

kyra: yeah sometimes people speak too fast without thinking. mb just want to start conversation but not tactful enough [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

igop : i'm doin night feed myself. mum helping me with confinement but she says night shift i take charge :p

just watched a prog on Birth Day. about delivery at hospital and at home this episode. sure made me anxious also when i see the way the mummies react. my heart beating so fast also but so warm hearting when the babies are out!

B.isforbb: mine charge $45 per hour for tui na massage. I haven't find out if their pre-natal cost the same. Will let you know again.

igop: my gynae also advised no herb or tonic required. However, chicken essence / birds nest are ok.

Muffin: I was given multi-vitamins this month onwards so that takes care of the folic acid.

Bunzz, I also had green pear last night. Ok leh, din feel weird. Liked the juiciness :D

Kyra, I think to her, pregnant = big tummy. So she don't see any big tummy yet so it seems abstract to her. Just ignore those you don't like to hear.

Your hubby also excited to share the news with his mother but nvr see her reaction is it?

Usually they will only start to get excited after seeing the big tummy or seeing the baby...

i am home.. hot hot day..

hehe enjoy a cup of lemon lime ic blended shared with HB.. he sucked all the juice den gave me the blended ice den ask me... how come tasted so weird.. i told him.. must take with the ICE.. he went OPPS!!!

had chicken rice but couldn't finished it.. end up tabao back...

Dear Mummies-to-be

I have the following items to sell as my baby gal is coming 9 months and will not need these anymore. These items are all in tip top condition. Please PM me if you are keen, self collect in Bishan. Thanks.

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2. Moms R us Baby Sling (Pink colour)

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3. Bumbo Babysitter and Play Tray (Lilac colour)

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4. Skiphop Funky Funyard Activity Gym

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5. Babysafe Newborn Pillow (0-9months) with dimple to secure baby’s head

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6. Babysafe Bambeanie (a beanie for baby to hug for comfort)

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10. Pigeon Breast Milk Storage Bottles 3pcs/set

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Simbaobao, your hubby is funny!

I'm also craving for something cold.... Weather is killer today...

Feel like asking hubby to get Koi again but my mum sure nag at me...

So ask my maid to make strawberry ice blended... she's still cleaning the strawberries...

#2 haha i nearly pengsan when he asked me dat... not the 1st time BUT maybe mths din take since i didn buy any.. haha

ytd he wanna buy the frog/tapole egg dessert for me.. OMG.. i told him dun waste the $$$ i dunno how to enjoy such stuffs...

Just nw passed by gong cha.. i faster walked away.. the temptation is too BIG.. end up cannot tahan.. asked for a ice blended.. hehe

Hi mummies! My Oscar went well, baby was very active, even the sonographer commented.. Hahah. Very impressed with her, took her time to explain to us where all the parts were and how bb is growing. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] The blood test was the painful one, i never used to be this sensitive to needles but today's felt super ouch and its not becos of the nurse. Anyway, bb has strong heartbeat too at 170. Now hoping for good results. Hope everyone had an equally fab Tues. It's alr mid-week tmr!

Good news! My results re out!! The gynae just called, which almost gave me a scare cos its really quick. My risk is assessed as low with the probability being 1:4204. Thanks to all for the prayers!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

After readin so many posts of corn soup im finally havin it [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]but i guess the one i make by puttin sum veges in is better but rite noe this one is nt bad as it jus hits the spot

Coming in to take a breather!

Gina - Great that everything went well [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

VirgoMTB - your detailed scan is early. Mine is one month later after yours. 16 May, but that will be my wk 22 already.

simbaobao + #2 = gong cha/ Koi tea... I also want. But hubby sure will scold and nag at me all day and night. I can't even take cold drinks... so sianz. Last Sat after work, I went home myself and stopped by Toast Box. Had ice milo, so shiok! But of course, never tell him... haha.

RE: Appetite

I realise I have a change in my appetite again. For eg. in the beginning of preggie, I took a lot of fish. Now, I really don't like fish. Same also for strawberries. I ate so much strawberries but now, I can't. The strawberries upset my stomach alot.

I like chicken now, although in the past, I take fish over chicken any time. So strange!

RE: Herbal/ tonic soup

My MIL no mention of anything. In fact, she didn't prepared anything nice for me. Also good ... cos I don't like her cooking. Hee hee..

My mum, she said want to prepare tonic soup for me in my 2nd trimester. But my gynae strongly advised against any herbs or herbal soup. He said if really no choice because of elderly at home, only start taking after wk 16.

I think I should inform my mum, dun want to waste her efforts.

oh yes bunnz, so fortunate of you to feel bb at such early stage. I can't feel anything. But hubby said he can hear bb's heart beating when he listen to my tummy. So now every night, we do our own "check" by getting him to listen to bb's heart beat. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

kelly-oopss... is it? cos I have been scoping up wolfberry to eat. Let me do a quick google check now...

a quick check on google - stated that wolfberry is a herb. But contains good nutrients so is safe for pregnancy.

hmm... will double check with gynae again.

igop>> i think i might let the CL do the night feed, but i will wake up to express.. coz im hoping that my hubby can rest fully as well..

For face products finally i hv decided to go see dermatologist in skin center i hv seen him before but he asked me to tk tabs which if im tryin to conceive cannot tk but now even my gynea feels i shud go n see him at skin center i hv taken app on 29th march until then i got a organic product form kk pharmacy "Akin" (face wash, toner, gel)its for oily skin ... at least he can recommend products tat can be used for oily skin wen pregnant.. hb also agrees


Think i will be doing night feeding myself coz i intend to feed on demand for the first 3 months till my supply stablized.. Baby's suction is the best to clear blocked ducts n increase supply.. :)

Wow ladies thanks for the feedback.There's really A lot of factors to consider whats the best for our babies.

If we do the night feeding, i feel that with mil or mother 's help is enough. Thus can abolish the thought of engaging a confinement lady. However, on the other hand, i also want undisturbed nights to gain my health back.

Im so fickle minded again. haha

Igop, actually the key to good rest during confinement is to sleep whenever baby sleeps. Baby nap, you also nap. Then you'll really get a lot of rest. I tried doing that for first 2 weeks. After that got bored and wanna watch my HK/Korean dramas :p

actually i dont how i can last at home the whole day.

Monday i didnt go out at all. Was so restless n almost ended up with a headache.

WEnt to lot 1 for 90 mins.

felt so happy already..

VIrgoMTB : oic. i thought so fast!! hehe

Gina : Congrats on your results!!

I'm also goin TMC next mon for oscar..

Pommes : I need to put my hands on my tummy to feel, plus need to stay still. If not, cant feel anything. plus i use my abdominal to breathe frequently. so always at the end of my mind whether will disturb bb with the extra oxygen [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Bunnz, I couldn't stand being home during confinement. Took breather by bugging hubby to bring me out on pre-text of going for gynae review :p

if go out for walks near home shd be ok right? like 5 mins , i 'm also happy. i just need fresh air now and then..