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elekos, yup i do put the waterproof mats and changing mats.. but boy notti lo.. sometimes can shoot very far.. hahahaha sometimes we even kena his pee on our tshirts... hahaha



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Hi mummies,

I'm from Dec thread.

I still hv sample pkt of anmum materna, similac mum, friso mum, enfamama. In total abt 14 pkts.. Gotta self collect cos to bulky to send by post. Anyone interested, pm me?

Hi Mummies,

Congratulations to all of you who have popped and have survived confinement! I'm from Apr thread. I've a sister who is delivering in July looking for a confinement lady. Can anyone kind enough to recommend if you think yours is good? She's looking for one that is pro breastfeeding and know alot on herbs and traditional confinement techniques. Appreciate any advice and recommendation. Thanks



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I'm new to this forum. My boy was born on 12th Feb at Gleneagles via c-section. He's currently 5 weeks and drinks abou 1 litre of expressed bm daily, does it sound right? Anyone can share their feeding schedule and amount? Thx



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Hi July

What is the no of feeds per day and ml each feed?

My Boy is also delivered in glen eagles, he is 6weeks old and taking 8feeds per day each time BM 100ml - 120ml 3hrly



California Baby Calendula Everyday Lotion

I've got 5 brand new bottles of it.

Bought extra from Agape (online BP) previously, with the intention of using on my baby, but end up husband say the smell not nice...

Sian half...

So now i'm trying to clear stock, selling cheap... $12 per bottle, buy 4 get one free??

Anybody keen?

Can self collect at Punggol...

***Do not PM me, cos my email account with hotmail.com has been suspended...

Can email me at felinalyl@gmail.com



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HI mummies...

if i give ebm 100ml each feed n he finishes up.. is it too much for a 14 day old baby boy? is there a formula to calculate howmuch milk to give baby based on weight or age?




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Hi Karen

100ml is consider alot... There is a formula : weight x 150ml /8

but this is a guideline only.. If your baby can drink let it be but monitor lor



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Haix... im already so busy and now i have a terrible problem... Pls help !!!!

i realise my nipple on one side is bleeding after seeing bloody milk when i pump. I already have BM shortage and now this problem. =(

im really worried as my son is solely on BM ... Ive thrown away the FM since he never take...

Anyone can give me any advise & EBM for my son supply at the moment first???

Im really desperate...



En Xuan, have you tried applying nipple cream? It helps to heal the soreness and bleeding. I think there was one mummy by nickname surez giving away EBM, please check with her.



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@En Xuan - our milkbreast is natural antiseptic and u can apply using ur milkbreast. I do hv EBM to give away if u dunmind but i do not held any responsibilities for any causes lol...



Hi mummies,

Some time back I posted to let go my extra Sophie the Giraffe teether toys, and there were many inquiries. Sorry to disappoint alot of you when I ran out of it.

It's a really safe and stimulating toy for babies 2 months onwards, even now at 10 months my boy still enjoys biting it! I managed to get friends to buy a few more, those interested please email me your address and orders to:


Selling at S$28 each, will include normal local postage or COD at a convenient location e.g. MRT, malls.




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Hi all,

i have some preloved Mothercare/Foxbaby Rompers for sale. All in very good condition. 9.5/10. each piece is worn 1-2x only.


Mothercare longsleeve rompers 3-6mths. in pink/floral/stripes design

selling 7pc for $18. or $3 per pc.


Mothercare shortsleeve rompers 3-6mths. Pink stripes design.

Selling 1 pc for $3 or $5 for both.


Foxbaby winnie the pooh rompers 3-6mths.

Selling at $4 each or $6 for both.


Foxbaby longsleeve wrap top with button 3-6mths

Selling at $4 each or $6 for both.


Mothercare Pink Top (Tea party design) size 6-9mths but cutting small so i suggest 3-6mths.

wore ONCE only bought at $20. Selling at $6. (2pcs available)

giving away free Brandnew 1pc Foxbaby Hat or brandnew 1pc Mothercare bib or 1 pair of combi socks for every $15 purchase. FOC postage for $10 and up


Free gift of Hat/Bib/socks are BRAND-NEW

pls PM me if interested. thanks



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Hi all, I have a tin of 900g Friso 1 to let go at $35. Expiry in Feb 2012. NTUC selling at $40.

Collection at Sembawang. PM me if interested.



i hv a pack of huggies dry (M) and drypers (M) for sale, my boy can't wear this size anymore .. anyone would like to have, please pm or msg me at 92343419 .. thanks


Natal Care Plus (400mg): Each box of 30 capsules at $14.00 (U.P. $16.05)



Natal Care Triplus (625mg) : Each box of 30 capsules at $28.00 (U.P. $32.10)




All boxes with Expiry 2013.

Bought too many from Dr Adrian.


An Australian specially balanced formulation that helps fulfill DHA requirement for fetal / baby brain development, and optimizes the brain development of the fetus and infant.

The core element in NATAL CARE PLUS - Natural Fish Oil - contains DHA and EPA, which is particularly needed during pregnancy and lactation. Apart from that, NATAL CARE PLUS also contains Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that helps to alleviate the negative impact of free radical formation, and increase normal cell function.


Cash on pick-up/delivery @ Jurong East or Raffles Place.

Kindly PM or leave SMS at 9 876 1872.

Thanks all and have a safe pregnancy!



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Ladies I stock up too many bb now on tbm, pm me if u interested. Prices nego for sincere buyers.

Total 18 tins (400g) selling @ $16 per tin expiring Nov 2011.

This is the older version green packaging one but made in Netherlands.

Collection from Dover.

Hi Mummies,

I'm from Apr thread and had just gave birth to my gal 4 days ago.

Are there any mummies interested in an opened tin of Nan HA1 used with about 10 scoops used? The can was only bought and opened for 2 days. My supply has kicked in and do not wish to waste the formula off.

Please PM me if you are interested.



RE: Confinement Lady

Hi Mommies,

I'm from July 2011 thread. Any mommy here has any good Confinement Nanny to recommend? I've called all the good ones and they all already taken. I know I'm a bit late in starting and now hoping maybe can find luck from other mommy groups. Could you please let me know know if yours happen to be recommendable and available? My EDD is July 21st.

If dont mind please PM me the name and number. Many thanks in advance!




Hi peeps, i have a Brand NEW Disney Car Seat to let go at 180/=...

- For 9-18kg

- Brand new

- Interested buyers are welcome to took a look

- Free Delivery within Sengkang/Hougang Area

- PM me if more details is required



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any mummies feeding bb with Friso?

I have a BN tin of Friso Gold Stage 1; 900g for $28. Expiry is 31 March 2012.

Pls pm if interested in case I miss out ur reply in the thread. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Dear mummies, I am supposed to be a 11 Feb 2011 mummy but BB decided to come out earlier on 28th Jan.

Enjoying motherhood so far and am very happy. However, there is one thing that I would like to share with all mummies here.

I hired a CL last year and paid a deposit of $300 (she is asking for $3000 since Feb is CNY). Becos she was recommended by a friend so we did not negotiate the price and agreed on it.

First week of Jan, I called her to remind her and also to check if she is ok if i were to give birth earlier and may even hit CNY.

I even check with her asking if she will have difficulties getting transport to come to Spore if it hits CNY.

She was very nice saying that no issues at all. Even if i give birth early, she is fine and transport is NOT a problem. We just have to give her a call when I admit to hospital.

Now, here comes the BIG day.. I called her after I delivered at about 4plus in the afternoon feeling so happy.

Guess what she said? Here's our conversation:

Me: Auntie, I have given birth and I will discharge on the 31 Jan

CL: What? How come u gave birth so early?

Me: Huh? i am only 2 weeks earlier and u said no problem even if i give birth earlier a few weeks ago

CL: Aiyo.. I jus finished a case and jus reached home. I was still thinking of spending my CNY eve at home with my husband and kids. Now only a few days to CNY, I cant find transport out.

Me: I thought u said transport no problem ?

CL: ok ok i try and see how

At 5pm, she called again. I was breastfeeding my girl so hubby answer the call

CL: Hello.. My hubby got a tumor in his belly button and needs to go for operation. I cant come over on the 31st. I can only make it one week later

Hubby: Huh? I discuss with my wife and let u know.

We were very puzzled how come so sudden her husband got a turmor so suddenly. From the time i called her till she called back. Its only an hour plus.

Then she called again at 6pm.

CL: Oooo sorry, my husband cannot go operation. Doc said he has to eat something light so i have to stay here and cook for him.

At this point of time, we knew she was lying. She wanted to stay at home with her family for CNY. So we asked for refund. Guess what, she said its us who dont want her, so she is not going to refund us.

We were so angry being played out. She totally upset our plans. Imagine its near CNY and we have to rush to buy everything before the shops closed.

In the end, we did the confinement ourselves. Hubby cooked and do everything while I care for my BB.

I hope that by sharing this, mummies to be will be careful when you hire CL.

In case you want to know who this CL is, her name is Ang Gun Pan. Her contact number is 60 16 981 3385.

I hope no mummies to be will encounter what we have gone thru



Hi Mummies,

I am from 2010 thread.

I have a preloved Yao Lan (Manual) for sale. Comes with 2 clothes.

Rarely used. Condition: Very good.

Asking for $50.

Self collect at Punggol.

PM me for pics.



Hi mummies

I have a very good condition 9/10 infant carseat for sale at S$50

Suitable from new born to 12mo/13kg

Can be used as a rocker too

No stain, no tear, come from a smoke-free and pet-free family

Used less then 5 times

Pickup location can be arranged [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]




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hi mummies, sorry to disturb..

I have a brand new in box Avent Electric Sterilizer for sale at $100. Warranty is valid until Apr 2012.

Please PM me if interested.. Thanks..



Hi, I'm a Dec mummy. I have many packs of EBM (dated Jan to Feb) to give away as my chest freezer is running out of space. Just need to give a token for the milkbags.

PM me if you want them. Collection at Pasir Panjang. Please bring along your cooler bag.



Mommies, milk powder *FM* for sale [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Similac Stage 1 - 400g(below 6 months) $15 exp 2012

Frisgo Stage 2 - 900g (above 6 months) $25 expirt 2012

pelase drop me an email crystalyong@gmail.com if interested.



Dear mummies,

I have the followings to let go cheap. Over-stocked.

All Brand New.

1) Medela Tender Care Lanolin, 2.0 oz tube -- $16

2) NUK Premium Choice Anti-Colic Wide Neck Teat, size 1, S (thin liquids), 0-6mths -- $6/pair, $10/2 pairs

3) NUK Class Anti-Colic Teat, size 1, S (thin liquids), 0-6mths -- $5/pair (throwing in another brand new teat, cos the 2nd card, i only used 1).

4) NUK Teat cleaning sponge -- $4

Can give further discount if purchase all.

Self collection at Choa Chu Kang Street 62.

Kindly PM if keen.




MTB > I got a Similac Stage 1 (below 6 months) 400g tin to sell. $10 - Retail Price $20+. brought it becos my baby doesn't seem to like the current brand but after brought it she drinks normally with her initial brand so totally didn't open this tin. Brand new. Please sms me if interested 97907481. Funds would be donated to ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs).



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Good morning mummies,

I have a $50 TMC parentcraft voucher to let go at $40. It can be used for their services. It expires in Jun 2011. Pls PM me if interested. Thanks!