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Hi mummies,

I am from the June 2010 thread.

I am now doing my 3rd batch spree for Sophie & other brands, the products can be seen on www.sophie.sg. The discount is 20% off price listed on the site.

To order, please send me a PM directly (I will not be referring to the thread postings). I will close orders on 17 April at 3pm. On 18 April, I will contact all mummies to confirm the orders and ask for payment to be transferred before 19 April 11am. Stocks will be available for collection from 20 April onwards at Pinnacle@Duxton or Tanjong Pagar MRT.



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Hi mummies

Sorry for gate crashing. But I have a really great deal to offer.

I have a Medela Swing (Singapore set) bgt last year. Currently still under warranty till Nov 2011. Used less than 5 times as I plan to use this whn I m outside. Bt in the end I didn't really use it cos my supply wasn't really fantastic. Letting go full set with original packaging at just $210. As gd as new, can't even tell it has bn used b4. To make the deal even more attractive and worthwhile for MTB, I will b throwing in a brand new pk of Huggies NB diapers at my own expense.

Grab it b4 its gone! PM mi for the unbeatable offer.



NUK Teats for Sale

- NUK Wide Silicon teats (M) 0-6 months $5

- NUK Normal Silicon teats (M) 0-6 months $5

RP: $8.70 (Robinson)

intersted please Sms 97907481 - pick up: Orchard



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Hi Mommies, i'm from the Dec'10 MTB thread. We did a bulk purchase for Sacred Tea (organic tea for nursing moms that helps to increase breastmilk suppy) and I just received mine. Realise my oversight. There's fenugreek as one of the ingredients. All this while i've avoided taking fenugreek pills to try to increase my milk supply cause i have asthma, and fenugreek is known to have possible effects of triggering attacks in asthmatics. So I'm selling it off. Totally brand new and unopened, just received yesterday. We got it at a cheaper rate cause of our bulk purchase, at $32.60 per packet. Retails at $38 per packet from shops. If anyone is interested pls PM me k.. Here's the link if you want to read more




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Hi all,i'm from the feb 2011 thread. i do have a medela swing single pump letting go at $200. (bought it at $299)

-electric/battery for daily use

-rarely used

-warranty is valid till feb 2012

anyone interested can email me: yvonne777@ymail.com



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sorry to interrupt

i have a Pre-Loved to let out..

Infantino-style rider (3.6-12.7kg)

condition 9/10

selling $15

interested pls sms 90283209




Hi I'm from MArch 2011 thread...

I've extra Drypers M56s to sell off..

$11.50/pack or

$22 for two packets

Deal at Seng KAng/Punggol MRT or can self collect at my place at Punggol...

Sms 98460422 for fast deal...




I'm from July 2010 thread.

Previously i have signed up a photoshot package with Sean Lau in Baby fair at $198 for classic Baby package (UP: $258).

But i'm not able to make it after 9th May (all the slots are fully booked till 9th May)

By the time i'm free to take leave, i think my baby is too old to take classic baby photoshot.

So for those mommy who keen to take over the package, pls kindly pm me.




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Hi Zenie

as far as i know, the package cannot be transfer unless a valid reason as due to health condition

I want to take over but called up the manager and she told me not possible unless there is a valid reqason?

hi ladies, i have a qns regarding confinement lady. i heard some confinement lady will lock the door at night during sleeptime. then baby is also inside, making new mummy/daddy worried. did ur confinement lady do tt?



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came to join the group, BUT i see that the thread is now more of WTS one ;> maybe Feb 2011 mummies are too busy with the babies??



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Hi !!!! Mommies... Where have our discussion n chit chat gone??? How come soooo many WTS??? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] well... How r u guys? I gt a news to break to u guys... I'm PREGGY again! Really headache... Now still busy w my bb , get preggy again... Any advise?



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En Xuan u are preggy again? U still Breast feeding ma> how u discovered de? My mensus never come yet since i am still breast feeding,



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I not bf since baby full mth. Cos I went out one whole afternoon nv pump and supply was gone the next day. Den first menses came late April till early may. Den this mth , late a day or two & felt very nausea... Worse then first time, my instinct told me I'm preggy again. Den I went to check.. Currently 3 weeks plus... Dunno how... Very mentally n physically tired as I'm taking care of #1 myself..  Haix..



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hi any feb mums staying in the west? I'm from Yew tee. Near CCK.

My son's born 14/2/11,

interested in making more friends for both him and me.



Oh my god! En Xuan, you are pregnant again? Most of us feb mommies use Facebook instead coz this thread looks like a WTS thread.



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Hi, Dolphingal & Fang Fang!

was so busy as my #1 gt UTI & High Fever! admitted to KKH for abt a week. Now, at home le...

We decided to keep #2 & went for a gynae checkup already. Currently, #2 is abt coming 3 mths!

Still dunno gender yet... but i hoping for a girl but hubby still hopin for a son... =( NVM, boy or girl still love as our own flesh n blood =)

Any idea when earliest can know the gender???

Btw, mommies... how to add u guys in FB ????

do pm me !!! =)



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Hi, Mommies.

Currently, a Feb 2011 mommy here & am unexpectedly expecting #2. Due next year Feb.

This #2 was not planned as it will cause a financial strain on us as only hubby is working.

My #1 boy is 5 months now and #2 will be due when he is abt 1 yr old.

Am sincerely looking for maternity clothes and baby / toddler clothes as i have already given out most of my NB & maternity stuff.

Pls email / pm me if u have any to give away for free / tokens. Thanks!




Hi EnXuan, what is your size? I might have some NB clothing to give you as well as maternity. Let me check n get back to you.



@En Xuan: Congrats to you! ;)

Can't help you on the maternity clothes as I had already given mine to my sil. Where are you staying? Maybe I can pass you some of my NB clothings but mostly are pink in colour. Do you mind if you're expecting another boy?



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@ FangFang, Zantarina, Charmaine: Thanks so much for ur offer =) am so tired w Darling #1 as he was down with running nose n cough. He's so naughty n having such difficulty feeding him all the medicine =(

Plus he cant sleep well with the running nose... sleep abt half an hr later wake up & cry n scream... was wondering why he know how to scream.... was shocked!!!

hmmm, btw i dun mind pink colour cos baby young nvm wan la.... =) plus i hopin for a bb girl!! =)

i stayin with my mum currently as our flat nt ready yet... living at joo chiat. If u dun mind i can do self collect on hubby off days! =)

i think i shd be able to fit into S - M size as im 1.54cm and 54 kg currently =D

Mommies, hw r ur babies now??? anyone still BF ???



Rell Li : I am feb mum and my daughter birthday same as yr boy. I am staying at west coast.Where u delivered yr bb?

En xuan: congrat! Sorry unable to give u anything. As I am planning for no 2 soon.

Heloo I m a feb mummy too [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] hw to add myself in fb? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Congrats En xuan ! blessing to have #2



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@ ru: No worries. i understand ... u planin on girl or boy?? =)im hopin for a girl ...

@ glimmerhope: Tks for ur blessing!!! Hmmm, pm us ur email on fb???

@ charmaine: Tks so much!!! i can meet u near mrt? At least no trouble u from travelling... Now my tummy still small small ... still can travel =) hee~~~ where u working? =)



Hi, boy or girl is fine. But hope this time can get a boy[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Hi en Xuan

My boy also kana UTI 2 months back and he stay in kk for 10days also ...

He needs to be on antibodies till the MCU check even though he is well and active now. Doc worry Urine reflux . You still feeding yr boy with Antibodic?



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Hi En Xuan,

Congrad for your no 2!!

I think it will be very challenging in having two very close in terms of ages.

I can pass you NB clothes if no more "news" happen to me before your baby born =) good luck!

Anybody can add me to the fb?



En Xuan if ur financial very tight have u thought of relactating as the milk powder makes a big part.. My son is one next month and I'm still breastfeeding

Btw I passed u the Two bags of baby clothes and one maternity shirt enough?



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@ Joanne Tan (joan1981)

glad to hear ur boy is getting well... hmmm, im still feeding him his medicine. However, it seems to get better a while ago. But, it somehow deterior again... im considering bringing him to see doc again though his appt is 17 Aug...

@jessyy (jessyy)

Hi Jessy. Thank U ! Anyway, u can pm me and i can add u to FB ??? Ya, having 2 kids close age gap is definately very challenging... we did not plan for this though... but anyway, im already in my 2nd trimester. Too late to think of abortion...

@Linda Ho (linda0o)

Hi, ya.. tks for those clothes =) anyway,wad u mean by relactating ? I already stop bf since son is full month... i auto no milk supply... i also prefer to continue bf if possible as they are better in nutrients.. =) Btw, my son is already wean off milk these few days if u see my fb wall? he stop drinking milk totally n i have to feed him poridge everyday... =(



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Hi Feb mommies,

My baby is currently nine months and on semi-solid food. However, she's not taking well on solid food and I would end up having to give her formula milk instead. How could I make her appreciate solid food, would like your advise, thanks!



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Hi mums,

My 15mo gal is still taking blended or pureed porridge meals. She will eat and chew biscuits, plain white rice, bread and even french fries, but refuses to chew or swallow non pureed meals. She already has 8 incisors, 2 canines and first molars already emerged.

Any mums facing same issue and managed to coax your little one to accept normal food?




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Dear Mummies

need recommendation for enrichment class for my son of 15 months. Have bring him to Bibi Nots and Growing up Gifted. Any other recommendations? pref in the west pls