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@preciousbabi: I told her last Friday le. Cos the pain has been here for quite some time already. She said could be ligament stretch. And last week I was in my 25 weeks and she already asked me to monitor baby movement in every 3-4 hours. During lunch and dinner time.



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yah the one i bought is around $16 but the similar one mumindulgence is selling at $29!

i like the quality - soft and comfy. individually packaged quite nicely too. the brand is autumnz or something.

i actually still have a few nursing bras from first pregnancy, but some cannot make it, got fur balls already. so just buying a couple to replace. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

mami B

hang in there! you and lovely baby will be alright!

Val: She didn't prescribe any painkillers? Better let her know if it gets worse..

Huh.. My gynae haven't ask me to monitor leh.. Different one meh.. Thought they should ask us to start monitoring at certain weeks.. Alamak.. The reason I'm asking is bcoz I feel less and softer movements from bb nowadays.. Then my appt still long way, 19th Nov.. Can brief me how to monitor? 3-4 hours must feel their movement how many times? And you know whether it's normal for their movement to be soft?



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Pinkyval: we need to monitor movements so fast? i had an episode last week. i realised that my girl was moving v gently for 1-2days. then on the 3rd day, i can hardly feel her movements. I was trying the whole night to make her move. Shaking my tummy, on music for her, talk to her etc. No movements or response from her at all. So i got very worried. Cried all night. So when my hubby came back, i told him abt it n he sent me to kkh ard 11pm. When i reached the A&E, they asked me which week im in, i said 24weeks, so they immediately sent me to the delivery suite. I smsed my hubby to tell him tt im gg to delivery suite as he went to park his car. He got a big shock, thought im gg to deliver or anything happened to my bb. The registration at the delivery suite was v fast n the nurses was v nice. they told me they will put me on CTG monitoring n also monitor my contractions as well. It will take ard 1hr for them to see the pattern and after tt the gynae on duty will attend to me.

So i went into the room alone ( hubby not allowed to go in), they started to stripe me on the CTG monitor. They make me lie side way cos its the best way to monitor heartbeat. It was so uncomfy for me. But luckily they managed to find the hearbeat and can hear bb movements in my tummy. Throughout the 1hr plus monitoring, my girl move umpteen times. I felt so relieved. I dont know y she doesnt want to move at home. So after an hr, the gynae came n tell me that my bb is doing v well and i had no contractions at all. i was told to go home after tt. Bill only came up to $80+. I reached hm ard 1am tt night. Phew...

@Choc: Oh ya, I tried the anti-stretch mark cream last night.. Smells not bad and not too oily.. Hehe.. Sotong me.. If you didn't ask me, I think I will leave it in the bag until after birth lor.. LOL!! Thanks!



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trinket...yaaaa...so must see which nursing bra cheap then go buy from who lor..ehhee..thats why u see i only buy from the clearance corner.. hahaaa... cheaper mah...

later will go order the one u posted... sweee! ehhehee

this one looks nice!


i get one to try first

my bra from #1 pregnancy all cannot make it liao lor...so must change... hehee...

oh ya...need to stock up on the maternity pads for afterbirth soon... I tink i got mine from Kiddy palace... and those disposable panties.. LOL..coz can be messy so use n throw better



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@preciousbabi: Never leh. Seems like it's normal to her..

She never say how many times. She only said baby must move. But then on Monday I also can hardly feel my baby move. Usually his movement is very obvious. But on that day even if he move also very soft and mild. I was a bit worried but I told myself since I felt him move a bit also consider as move. Then I was thinking maybe my baby was too tired. Cos I slept very late on Saturday night. I only slept at around 5 plus in the morning and Sunday also hardly take naps. But on Tuesday my baby started to move very vigourously, especially at night when me & my hubby was playing with him. He was literally throwing punches and kicks at the same time. Hehe..

@Mi mi: Woahhh.. You and your hubby must be super scared & worried. But glad everything is well. Maybe your girl was sleeping? I read somewhere that babies slept for 20 hours when in our tummy. So maybe on that day your girl was sleeping very soundly without turning her body. Did the gynae say how come her movement from soft became hardly can be felt?

Mami B,

Is there a reason you are not going to wait till your BB is 40weeks and full term before doing a C-section? 37 weeks seems a little early...



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@bigflamingo & Mami: I heard from my hubby's friend's wife that C-sec has to be done 2 weeks before the edd. Cos they scared later too late, then baby will come out naturally..



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pinkyval: gynae din say much regarding y i cant feel much movements. she juz told me everything is ok n the monitor showed alot of bb movements. Its juz that sometimes we cant feel it. She said its call fluttering at this stage and we will b able to feel more definite movements when we enter 3rd tri.

But since that episode, my girl has been moving alot n her movements are quite strong. Maybe she knew that mommy was scared stiff by her. haha..



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Btw, anyone intends to cater for confinement? Any recommendations for catering? I heard that natal essentials is quite good. So i think i will go for trial meal b4 i sign up.

@Val: Thanks! I will disturb bb more to make sure he moves.. Haha..

@MiMi: You must be scared stiff.. Good to hear that your girl is doing well and more active now.. Hopefully by 3rd tri, we will be able to feel their movements more easily..

Anyone taking maternal milk now? My gynae told me no need but my gfs all ask me to drink.. Say if not bb may not like milk in future.. True?? And what brand to recommend?


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Mami B: Your bleeding episode sounds soo.. scary.. i would have freaked out...

Leg cramps: Me too.. But I usually experience in when sleeping.. Nowadays seldom liaoz.. My husband says, cover your feet when you sleep. Could be too cold, so leg cramp.. I find leg cramps even more painful than childbirth.. hahaa..



hi ladies,

just back fr check-up. Dr Ang advised that I better not go back to M'sia for CNY celebration.[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

my baby weight is only 600+g @ 24wks.

@cnicole: can help me to order 1 infant car seat?



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HI moomoo73

Thanks for sharing !

I will go this Fri and will share with u all what's offer there. I am staying very near that area




@Amazing Miracle: My next appt is 29th Nov, 4pm.

@Su: When are you changing your appt to?

@Val: For your case maybe it's really your bb pressing on you as your pain fade away when you are not in a lying position. For my case, it hurts more when I wake up and walk to the toilet. When peeing, I cannot exert too much force too. It will only go away after afew minutes of rest on the bed. It felt like something v heavy is pressing/hanging in my tummy.

Hubby & I have not even start to think of a name.. That time wanted to borrow baby name books from the library but we forgot to bring our ICs along so can't borrow. Then Sun Plaza's library got no books on baby names..

@PreciousBabi: I feel my girl's movement more than kicks nowadays and her kicks are softer/lighter as compared to last time. Sometimes I can't even feel her kicks/movements if I don't put my hand on my tummy. But sometimes I can feel her head/buttock (I assume bcoz the area is big and round) stroke against my tummy. The feeling is v weird but I kind of enjoy it. Haha..

My hubby also said I never drink milk later bb come out don't like to drink milk. Haha.. But I started to take calcium tablets from Brand's so not sure if I can skip my milk or not. Hehe.. Btw, I tried the sample from Anmum, both chocolate and vanilla flavour and I like their chocolate maternal milk. It's retailing at $20.20 near my place. And I got a tin of Similac mum which I have yet to try. Any comments on Similac maternal milk?

@Mi Mi: I'm glad that your bb is doing well. But the nurse took quite sometime to find your bb's heartbeat huh.. My gynae always find my bb's heartbeat v fast le.

@Eviangal: Sure or not? That means if I can tahan the leg cramps, I can tahan the labour pain? Haha..

@Joanne: Would be glad if you can tell us if the fair is worth going or not bcoz I'm staying so far away from the venue.


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zanta: thats provide if you opt for epidural horz.. Cos after epidural.. I got no more labour pains liaoz.. All the way till the time my bb pops. It was only after the stitching did I feel pain again.. I felt pain at the abdomen area. The nurse told me thats bcos my uterus is shrinking..

Soo.. if u didnt opt for epidural.. child birth of cos more painful la..

And one thing is the contractions are intermittent. Come and stop.. Whilst leg cramps is pain all the way till it goes away ma..



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Hi mums,

I just walked to Suntec for Sephora sale ..

And the pain came back again ..

I guess I cannot walk for too long ..

I had to keep rubbing the area and my actions looked awkward ..

Hi Mimi,

Sometimes I hardly feel my gal's movements too ..

But she is more active at nite, espy after my dinner ..

I asked my gynae before on why my bb movements are so little and slight ..

Her answer is that gals are less active than boys ..

And it is alright .. so dont worry so much ..

My gal is always sleeping when i went for scans lately so me and my hubby always get to see her yawn ..

PreciousBabi & Zanta:

I've been drinking the maternal milk since 1st tri ..

It started off from the free tin of Similac mum when I signed up with FBI membership ..

The taste is not so bad ..



preciousbabi,Zanta, and unicorn

i've been drinking maternal milk right after my morning sickness gone. but i found that i gained weight very fast. 1 wk gain 1 kg. i am very scared that i will b overweight. so i am drinking HL daily now. for my 1st and 2nd pregnancy i will not gain so much weight per month as i didn't drink maternal milk at all. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

@cnicole: Can you still take order for the infant car seat or already exceeded 10pcs? I would like to get one too (Black/Orange).. I can meet you at Hypermart when you are there to collect so you don’t need to bring so many home.. Let me know [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

@Zanta: Ya lor, don’t know why the movements getting softer.. Will remember to check with gynae at next visit.. Makes me worried sometimes.. I tried Anmum Vanilla flavour, didn’t like it.. Haven’t try the Chocolate flavour yet.. And also Dumex Mamil Mama Vanilla - I like but cannot find in NTUC leh!

@SLim: That's what my gynae say lor.. Will put on weight very fast, so ask me not to drink.. But my gfs say cannot don't take milk at all leh.. Contradicting.. Haiz.. Better drink abit, if not bb next time don't like milk I die!! Can use HL milk to replace maternal milk ah?



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re maternal milk

I tried friso and similar before and like friso a lot.

it is manufactured in netherlands btw. similac too sweet for me.

i dont think it really cause weight gain la. cos i drank daily my last pregnancy but overall pregnancy only put on less than 10kg.

anyway, altho instruction say must use XX scoop to how much water i will use less powder.. hubby complained milk powder expensive..

Preciousbabi, maternal milk powder store at the place they put chicken essence or medicine. not with the infant formula.

By the way, if bf need to buy formula to store also ah? Which brand to recommend please? And is it until we decided to stop bf or no more bm than change over to formula? Paiseh ah.. First time alot of things don't understand leh..



@preciousbabi, actually i prefer the taste of HL compare to Mamil. But ppl said can not pregnant woman can not drink cold milk and blah blah blah..... so, i bought 1 tin of Mamil.

@ah ching, maybe i shd not follow exactly the number of scoops recommend on the tin. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



@preciousbabi, i will buy formula to store. i like enfa series. so for newborn will be enfalac A+. both of my elder kids drinking enfa series. first few days, i think i may not hv sufficient bm for bb(case by case), so need fm to top up. last confinement, my CL will make fm for my baby as she dun want to wake me up during midnight. HTHs



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regarding formula milk for newborn.. i think personal preference lei.

last time round i wasnt successful in bfg in the hospital then need to give my baby formula.. cos he was dehydrated.

then when go home, my baby still cant latch very well, so i express into bottle..

but sometimes must give formula when no time to express, or ebm very little..

i stopped the formula only when my baby can latch properly and my supply enuf for him.

but overall i used less than 1/2 a tin of the milk powder.

some mummies will supplement ebm with formula cos not enuf supply.

some mummies just give formula cos they dont want to breastfeed or not successful..

so it depends.

but no matter what must have at least 1 tin to standby!

I gave my son Friso cos I got 1 free tin from some promoter at Dr ang's clinic.

But my son developed ezcema as he is allergic to cow's milk..

I didnt know until my PD advised me to stop giving him formula.

if not wrong, Dr ang usually recommend Mamil..

but the most popular is similac.

some who dont mind paying more will choose Enfa cos got a lot of DHA.

So i bf him until 14mths. Now he is taking soy formula.



@PreciousBabi: Should be can coz my gynae said not necessary to drink maternal milk, normal fresh milk will do.

@Ah Ching, @Unicorn: Is similac sweet like HL milk? I hate milk which are sweet like HL, it makes me wanna puke. I love milk which taste like Meiji or Daisy Hi Low.

@SLim: My friend drink 2 glasses of Anlene milk during her pregnancy and her weight really shoot up v v fast so she advise me not to drink too much maternal milk.

@Eviangal: I am thinking of trying natural birth w/o epidural but dunno if I can tahan or not.. Haha..

@Cnicole: Safety Fits is the brand. Ok, I'll get back to you ASAP. Btw, the car seat can be covered is it?



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I hope that I can meet some milk promoter again at Dr Ang's clinic.. hee.. then no need to buy.

I so cheapo..

if not lucky, I'll probably buy similac as my boy taking Isomil so I can accumulate points for the Abbott products.



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Zanta: i think if u use less powder then the taste not so sweet.. cos diluted.

similac is quite sweet. Friso is more natural tasting in my opinion.

I used to drink a glass of low fat fresh milk in morning and 1 cup maternal milk at night but this pregnancy I didnt..

I like taste of PURA milk.. cos it is tasteless..



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Hi Zanta,

I think Similac mum is slightly sweet so I always add around 2 tablespoons to half a glass of hot water and add in half a glass of Daisy HL milk ..

I oni drink once a day, usually before sleep ..

But I will always drink a glass of Daisy HL in the morning in the office ..



@zantarina, first time i opt for epidural, 2nd i was like u, want to try natural birth w/o epidural. but when i pain until can not tahan, the doctor dun wan to give me the epidural. if u wan to hv it, must make up your mind earlier. this time, i will opt for epidural for sure. bcos last time experience until now i still can not forget. think twice...

@ah ching, milk promoter? i never meet any before. yes. the milk powder is really expensive. wow... how u manage to bfing 14 mths? what is the brand of breastpump u are using?

@cnicole, can i order 2 car seat from you. i can collect fr hypermart as well. Thanks for ur help.



@Ah Ching: That day I saw similac selling at $70+ for 1.5kg I think at guardian le. Is it consider cheap? I hope I can meet some promoter at Dr Ang's clinic too.. Haha..

@SLim & Ching: Thanks for explaining! Sotongs like me won't know if I don't ask.. End up my bb no milk to drink.. Haha.. I will standby 1 tin just in case.. Still hope I'll have enough bm for bb..

@Zanta: Your gynae told you any milk also can ah.. Guess what my gynae says.. He said human’s milk is for human and cow’s milk is for cow *faint*!!

@Ching: That’s not being cheapo.. It’s can save, save mah..

@SLim: Don’t scare us here leh!! I’m also gonna go without epi too..



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SLim, my boy was on TBF from 2nd months onward after we discovered his cow milk allergy.

I wasnt working ma.. then returned to work when he is 11 months.

By then he taking solids, so I just ebm for his cereal and latch him at night.

I used Medela pump last time. Luckily got pump.. then i can build up supply until my milk will leak if I dont latch every 2-3 hourly.



everyone, pls help me! i've been having this aching pain on my left leg and butt only for the past 3 days, it subsides at night when i can put my leg up but kicks in ard 12nn everyday at work when I am sitting down on my chair. i try to avoid putting pressure etc on my left slide but its dosnt help! and its super frustrating and aching! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]



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zanta: i not sure abt cost of milk powder cos I never buy milk powder before.

but buy a small tin first, like those 400g type.. cos not sure what is baby's preference.

sometimes must try a few brands.

cos some brand will make baby constipate.

some will cause wind.

some cause diarrheoa

but each baby react to different brand differently..



@car seat@

I called hyperstore and told them i paid deposit for 2 car seat but according to the sales person at kkh , he said i can change my request for up to 10 units. all 4 colours are available. They said i will have to speak to the sale manager at hyperstore again when i am there else can only buy 2 units.

so ladies i cant 100% confirm if i can buy up to 10 units at the moment. Will double check again.

1. cnicole

2. cnicole

3. Idaarshad

4. Zantarina

5. PreciousBabi



well even if i cant get the 10 pieces the sale should be at kkh again on 27 nov. but stock collection is at hyperstore .



zantarina : i dont think the car seat cushion is coeveredunder warranty since it is washable and can be subject to wear and tear.



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Cnicole.. Thanks... I will cnfrm color later... Wanna pm hp no for easier contact??

U are gonna have bb boys are u?? Add me in fb lah... Many cutey rompers for boys also... Heeee... I should knw where u stay.. So shld be ok

Evian... Ok.. Must include me in.. In midst of sorting orders

I havent drink milk.. So much i want to bt like lazy.. My earlier forum mummies.. A lot didnt like similac.. So all donate to me.. I ws lucky

Abt bb milk... I swear by similac since bb no 1 n soon wait i go find all numbers so tat u mummies cn get free samples of stage 2 6mnths abv milk tins coz they dun promote stage 1 milk as want bbs tobl b breastfed.... Tmc will ask u wat milk u want to gv unlike kk...so u cn decide.. My opinion.. No harm in similac whilw trying to establish milk supply



@Cnicole: Oh I mean the car seat has got a cover which can be open and close is it? Like shield the baby from sunlight.

@Ah Ching: Any idea if TMC gives a free tin of FM upon discharge?

@PreciousBabi: LOL.. Your gynae is 1 funny guy le. Ya lor, my gynae said fresh milk also ok. If possible, drink 2 glasses a day.

I also headache on which FM to buy for my bb. I intend to alternate both BM & FM.


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Idaar: I left only about US$20, how much are you buying? If alot, I see if can open 1 more batch.

Zanta: Can ask for fm samples. But they give you small bottles only.



RE: Maternal Milk

I tried MamilMama, EnfaMama, Anmum and Friso before and found that Anmum taste suit me most. Mamil and Enfa are both more sweet compare to Anmum, and I don't like the Friso taste. So currently I m drinking a cup of Anmum every morning. I have a tin of free Similac from FBI card but have yet to try it, so can't comment.

Actually I like fresh milk as well, but then peoples say don't drink too much cold drink, if not baby easy to get caugh and sick after born. So i cut down fresh milk and take maternal milk lor.



@Ah Ching: We don't need to bring our own FM to TMC right? The 5 bottles you mentioned are to be used during our stay in hospital or for us to bring back upon discharge?



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Cnicole, can I join in the purchase of the bb seat? I went to hyperstore they said the carseat promotion at Kkh is without warranty that's why cost for 49.90. The hyperstore selling at 89.90. How do I transfer u the money n I will like to have the orange colour car seat. =)