(2009/01) January 2009 MTBs


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cjteng: Agree with Emq. My girl can throw and catch ball. She loves ball of all sizes, particularly mini-soccerball, and balloons. We have so many balls at home, from super large beach balls, to medium size ones to mini soccerballs and even sqoosh balls.. all she also like. Her fave word of the month: Ball-ball

Now her favourite song is old macdonalds. when i sing old macdonalds has a farm, she will complete it with her fav: E-I-E-I-O

amd when i ask her how does barney sing the song, she will do the I love you action and Sing I... and when she is playing by her self, I can her her humming: up a-bove the world so high...

haha, my gal can sing! so amazing! *proud* and *haolian*


Hi ladies,
Sorry to interrupt.

I'm looking for mummies who can co-share the bulk purchase of Gain IQ3 with me. Need to get at least 24 tins, then will have $25 each. Still need abt 10 tins now. Self collect at my place at Khatib/Yishun.

Pls Pm me if keen, thanks.


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Fun for tots is at which location? Do they offer trials? I'm looking for a playgroup to bring my boy...think he's bored staying at home everyday with my helper. Your girl can sing liao? Very clever! *Clap hands* My boy sings or rather tries to sing...but I cant tell what song!

My kids love to play with spoons, cups and watering cans in the water.


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Fun for tots is a reading program for tots, 1-3 years old, organised by NLB. U can check out their websites for the session near your home. its $2 per session.

*curtsy* thanks. Her pronounciation is not very clear. But somehow I can make out the tune and lyrics of twinkle twinkle. E-I-E-I-O is very very clear. haha...

mummies!! somthing to share with you all : http://www.huggies.com.sg/email/20100722/index.html?WT.mc_id=2010072201

happy er... shopping???


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Janjan:wow..your girl is cute and clever la.. so envy u!

My Jovan baby also like to play lego..but when he play until too high liao then he will start to throw here and there...anyway is good for his moto skill ba..kekek now he will start his to say "AIYO" when he play with my iphone.. and there is a application cal talking Tom..as it is a cat will follow repeat what we told him..u can poke him, sayang him..v v cute cat i can say.. Jovan love to play with him..

Good news I been wk for this company for 6 month and get my pay increase lioa..kekek..that really tel that my hardwork really pay off.


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any mommies put their child in childcare centre??
i am thinking of putting my gal in childacre next year jan when she turn 2.
my sis giving birth and my mum cant look after 2 kids.so i have to put her in childcare.
heard that kid gets sick easily there...if ntuc myfirstskool good?


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Hi all.... Juz to share my joy w u all.... I hv popped this morning n my girl weighs 2885g

hope this brightens up the thread here


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suika!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! hope all's well and good for you. can enjoy tai-tai (moo-moo) life for 16 weeks :D

She's heavier than shyan's birthweight by 5g :D


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thanks jan!

this marks the start of my moo moo days again....hopefully i can BF longer this time

shyan's weight is 2880? heehee

actually thinking back for mi it's lucky i induce....my labour is pretty short...dun wana ends up delivering in the car...heehee

here's the recall of my birth story this time (memories of ur toddlers birth flowing back???)

admit 11pm but i'm late...rch ard 11.30pm then woody broke waterbag, instruct nurse to put mi on drip @3am

3am on drip
3.30am felt slight cramp at the bottom...the suan suan feeling

by 4am....contraction interval already v near...every 5mins

4.20am nurse check dilation again...5cm

4.40am dilated 7cm....called woody to wake up from his dreamland

4.55am he's here...hooked up s fishmonger again n starts pushing n my dear PRINCESS is out shortly after 5.....

this time woody no even bothers to ask me take epi or gas or anything coz he noes i wun give in to needles....juz sat dwn n ask me to start pushing


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suika, congrats. Enjoy ur ML. I really enjoyed mine last time when we have our gathering every now n then...those were the good old days.


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<font color="0000ff">Collect Sgp Coins Minted in 2009:</font> Hey mommies - I'm Apr 09 mom. Dunno if u noticed bt Sgp Mint has released for circulation e 10, 20, 50-cent &amp; $1 coins minted in 2009. I've collected 2 add 2 my boy's memory box. I also collected for my gal those minted in her yr of birth (2007) -- tho in dat yr I tink dint hv 50-cent coins. Anyway, thot I share &amp; c if any other mom wanna collect 4 ur own bb. Bt I'm nt sure if ovr e yrs e shininess wl tarnish... My B1's 2007 set stl ok so far


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sperzz: ya....keep going out during ML w bb....so nice

janjan: coz hv to go back work this time....i worried if i take 4full mths i go back later lose my job how wor....cannot take the risk ley....so this means i'll b pumping longer inside ofc toilet again....haizzz


suika : so envy u la! im still in waiting stage. 2 weeks more to EDD. but bb still no sign of coming out. so sian... feel like induce her out...


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xpink: 37wks liao rite...u wan can induce liao mah

janjan: i worry like that oso lor....worst they no get temp girl to cover me...if temp mi not so worried....they got another girl who's on contract to cover me...later they convert her to perm n ask mi no come back then how wor


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bbstarlet: Thanks! Ok, I've saved it in my phone. Will go for it the next time round. Will get Lee Wee Otah still... thanks!


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Sperzz: I din know Citysatay has chicken wings, etc. I always get their satay only. Ok, so I can try that too... thanks.
Anyone keen with GUG Trial class for 18mths bb 1.5hrs at new branch Mountbatten 50% off, orignal $50, now $25.

Call 6242 6992 Rose for registration.

Only left 8 places

Apologies for posting in your thread.. but am..

1. Urgently in search of many tins of Enfapro A+..

If you've any to sell, pls pm me.. Budget's ard $10+- for the 400g tins..

2. Haenim Play Yard 6 panels (usu'd have 2 activity panels, 1 door, 3 plains with connectors) and ok with 4 panels too..

Budget's ard $100+- for the 6 panels

3. Steriliser
Looking for Pigeon Rapid Steam Steriliser

Budget's ard $20 to $30.. hopefully no rust..

4. Safety Gate needed to fit doorway of at least 118 cm..

Budget's $30++

5. Twin Stroller, just need one tt works, so on v tight budget constraint..

Pls pm me if you've any of the above tt ya letting go..

Thanks v much in advance! =)


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Hi Mummies,

I'm from Dec 09 thread &amp; am looking for a gd condition exersaucer/Jumperoo. If u have any to let go, pls PM me pic + price. thanks!


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<font color="119911">dear mummies, sorry to interrude, im lookin for ergo/manduca carrier for my sil, pls PM me if u are sellin one. tks! </font>


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those babes using Huggies Pull Up pants, CK is selling one pack for only #13.95 per pack. offer till 15 Sep. Faster cheong there and buy!!! But i must say first, those at the CK in clementi got no stickers, i duno about other branches though :D


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Anyone went to the mother n baby babycare fair at novena? Worth going? Hb going comex tomorrow so thinking of place to go.