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Suika/Dazed/Mercs: Start a topic rolling & more will start to contribute... I'm sure many others are popping in now & then, just that since there isn't any on-going discussions, no one post anything..

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Hi Mummies,

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Pls pm me if you are interested.
My girl born on 15 Jan 09. May I know has any of your kids start to talk properly? Doc said my girl should able to say certain words like car, bird etc at 18 mths. We tried to teach her, but all she do is keep quiet and smile at us. Just wonder whether is it normal for her?
bbstarlet, hi hi, can help u to keep if u want, but at the moment, i dun hv empty ones...

Ling76, i guess all kids develop at different pace but if u r really worried, no harm gg 4 a hearing test to ascertain everything is ok with her hearing...
Hi Ann01jan,
I think she can hear ok. Cos when I'm making her milk in the kitchen, she will run from the living room to the kitchen once she hear the stirring sound

Just want to find out how's the development of our Jan'09 babies here, so that i can gauge
Ling76: I think you can voice your concerns to your pd or bring your girl to the polyclinic. They will do referrals to see a specialist. One of the mummies here did that. She voiced out her concerns when she brought her daughter to polyclinic for her booster. Then the polyclinic referred her to a specialist in KK hospital.
Ling76: Monitor your girl. Is it a case of can't speak or is it a case of don't want to speak? My 2nd born did not speak till much later. She can remain quiet for the entire day in the company of 'strangers'. But when she decided to start talking, her vocabulary was way beyond my 1st born's at the same stage. At 3+ now, she's a fairly quiet child.

Also check your environment. Do you have people talking to your girl all the time? My 3rd born is very vocal, to the extend, she sometimes verbalise her actions. I think this could be due to the fact that she has many people to talk to.

If still concern, good to get PD/ specialist to check. If necessary, early intervention will put the child in good stead.
Hi Kelly Koh & EmQ :
Thanks. PD is monitoring her case, review next month. She can said meee (for mummy), dee (for daddy), goigoi and jiejie. But she will not said others things. Guess she's abit late developer bah
My MIL said girl normally speaks slower than boy. And once they speak, there is no stopping

May I know what kind of words can your kids said now?
Ling76: It does not matter who master language earlier, fast or slow, so long as they are eventually able to do it. Good that PD is monitoring. But if she can use consistent terms for mum, dad, brother & sister, think she should be ok ba. My 2nd born also did not want to speak until later. & when she did, her vocabulary wows.

Yen can speak in phrases & sentences now. Words would include, car, go, where, want, eat, give, me, and, wait, slow down, come here, you, grandma, mama (cantonese grandma), mummy, daddy, yeye (cantonese grandpa), grandpa, jie jie, gor gor, mei mei, di di, dress, shirt, pants, sweet, shoes, help, no, baby, cry, drink, milk, diaper, change, poo poo, bath, swim, run, naughty, pretty, angry, etc.

Yesterday, she was so hilarious. We were watching some Taiwanese entertainment programme & a girl was doing some acrobatic moves. Yen declared, 'I can do that!' We were so shocked & stared at her. She repeated the phrase and added, 'I want (to) do that.' We burst out laughing.

& at dinner today, she commanded her sister to come to the dining table! She called out, 'You come here, sit down!' We laughed & she pointed at her sister again & repeated her phrase.

But Yen is special in the sense that she is 3rd born, so has 2 older siblings to engage her ma. I think if 1st born & no other kids to engage them, maybe slower. I feel my 2nd & 3rd born benefit a lot from the modelling they observe from the older siblings.
ling76, i think so long as everything is normal, it's ok. jh also doesn't say words that he cannot pronounce. but suddenly some other day he'll suddenly sprout the word out. like he took a long long time to learn "po po" even though he could say "gong gong" and others. he would just smile sheepishly whenever he's asked to call "po po". one fine day the words just came out... i guess he just doesn't want to say it when he can't pronounce it properly.
EmQ: Wow, that is a lot of words
My girl is 2nd born, that is why PD thinks it's weird when she don't speak fast enough.

Despite goigoi talks so much to her, she rather scream loudly than talk. Sometimes, both HB and I have headaches after hearing both kids talking and screaming the whole day. Does that happen to you?

dazed: That's what my HB think too. He said our girl has a sharp tongue and he believe once she's able to speaks properly, we might not be able to handle her
sperzz, is your gal also 2nd born? Think if 1st born still ok lah. PD only worry bcos she is 2nd born and so she should speaks faster since there is an elder one to follow.

My PD even said my gal should be able to drink from cup. Suggested maybe I'm abit lazy now and didn't train her. Ask me to put in more effort.
Hello sperzz and Ling 76, sounds like my boy is a talkative one, cos he is first born and he talks a lot... almost non-stop, but in his language... and sometimes just parrot us... is normal rite ?
Hello ann01jan, guess talk more is better than talk less bah
I am thinking of letting her attend playgroup next year. Hopefully by attending school will encourage her to speak more words
Are you enrolling your boy to any school next year?
hello, yes i am starting him this Nov although still quite half-hearted... cos can't decide to put him near home or near work... haiz

btw, any todds rejecting milk and porridge ? Leon is super cranky last weekend and dun really want to drink his milk and eat his porridge ! how ??? !!! Should i bring him to the doctor ?
Ling, my gal also 2nd born. gorgor been talking to her juz that she refuse to pick up. She can drink from cup been training her since young.

juz got to wait that she got "mood" to talk...
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Leon cranky n slight fever since last friday, really tough to handle, 3am wake up say want to drink water, eat cake n daytime refuse to drink milk n eat porridge... now no more fever..

emq - oh that's great ! thanks for info.
Hi All,

I'm back to work liao....yest PC dwn n finally juz got it all fixed up oni

no nid to worry abt speech....u check if ur girl understands your instructions anot....i've asked PD n GPs....all saying speech development depends in individuals....my boy oni recently then started calling n juz last few days then started with his baby talk
PD told me that some can b as late as 3yrs old then starts talking....so long they do understands our instructions then shd b on the safe side but if u're worried, can always get referral to bring bb dwn for assessments....i noe healthway grp got a promo of $50 voucher discount for 1st timer visit....u can check w them
Look like I am not alone. my only gal is 20mths, also dun know how to talk yet. Only know how to call mama, papa, jiejie, gorgor, yeye, nainai(granfather & mother in cantonese). While my sis's gal already can talk in sentences. I get super stress when my relative start to compare my girl & their grandson(who is older than her by 3mths)..haiz
ann01jan, sound very siong. Hope he recover from his crankiness soon. Sometimes my gal also like that, and sometime she will be 'guai guai'. Hubby and I think her mood swings worst than adult.

suika, thanks for the information. Your information makes me feel better. My PD's words make me feel stress. Maybe she has high standard

sperzz, mine is ard 3 yrs diff. Gorgor born Nov05 and meimei Jan09. Will your son dote on your gal? Mine always said want to sell meimei to gana guni or exchange for other meimei. But when my gal is not around, he will ask where is she? Headaches...
Catherine, me also same same situation. My husband's grandmother suggests my gal eat some rice from those "gor tai" actress food. Said will help to speed up the talking process. My HB said better not cos he said later my gal talks non-stop more headache.
Ling, ur son is so cute. Gorgor quite dote on his sis. Whenever she cried, he will hug her. but then when my gal spoilt his toys, he will said hate her.....kidz r juz kidz...
sperzz, haha... agreed with you. kids... Btw, have your gal went for hair cut? My nanny said my gal hair is long and messy, need haircut. She is not able to trim her hair cos my gal moves her head alot. 2 months ago, we brought her to QB cut to test water. Inital she still willing to sit on the chair. But when the hairdresser put cover on her, she immediately push the hairdresser away and cry. Wonder whether will she sit still if we bring her for haircut this weekend?
ya ya.. forget to mention that my gal's longest word is same as yr boy..

Ling, then u let yr gal eat the rice lor..if really work then I can try too...haha
Btw, I normally trim my gal's hair myself. Is not easy to trim cos she also move her head alot.
As I know she sure to cry if I bring her to the hairdresser.
The last round I took her to have her photo taken(for passport).
She already cried until so loud liao. So I can't imagine if I bring her to the hairdresser..
Hi Mummies,

I understand from my mom that my little sister didn't start talking till she was 2 and a half years old too. Despite she has two elder sisters talking to her, still she didn't show the slightest interest in talk until much later.

She grown up to be a smart girl,NUS degree student with no problem with her communications at all. So mummies, don't worry.
try using sweets to tempt her to quiet down...it works for my boy....he cried damn loud till outside oso can hear but when he sees the sweet he shuts up

fully agrees...actually so long they do speak then no nid to worry how much words or sentences they tok....PD told me till 3yrs old then able to do a good assessment on this....anything earlier might not be accurate coz some kids opens their 'golden' mouth much later

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Suika, my gal belong to those special "species" who dun really like sweet stuff. I tried to offer sweet before but she dun like it at all. Maybe I dun really introduce sweet stuffs to her. So now, she seem like dun like it.

Ashley,hopefully like what you said. I dun really expect her to be a very smart gal. So long she is normal & healthy, I will be very happy.
Ling, my gal nvr like to cut her hair. Whenever near to the saloon, she will cry n scream like nobody biz. After every trim, her hair will nvr b same length bec moves her head
Catherine, I want to try lei, but HB said no. He scared of opposite effects. Scared she talks more than she should
Anyway, it's also hard to find 'gor tai' nowadays. It's especially rare at Punggol area.

sperzz, thinks it's harder to cut little girl hair than boy hor. Last time we just hug our boy tightly and let him moves his head around while screaming. The hairdresser can still cut his hair cos using electric razor and go over and round his head